How to postpone orgasm to a man? Effective exercises and training rules | Practices

How to postpone orgasm to a man? Effective exercises and training rules.

, How to postpone orgasm to a man? Effective exercises and training rules | Practices
Masturbation is not only the process of gaining pleasure. With its help, you can learn to control the duration of sexual intercourse. Simple exercises help to pull or bring the moment of ejaculation and orgasm in pairs.

How to train during masturbation

If the process of self-satisfaction does not pass “quickly” somewhere in the shower, if there is time for it, then you can do in the process of training. And it is regular actions that will help Take out endurance, which is useful in paired sex.

For the exercises to give the result, they need to be carried out regularly. At the same time, devoting the time to this. Of course, the pleasure in the process will still remain, but you will have to devote several minutes to control of what is happening, focusing on sensations.

The ability to restrain himself during sex, switching attention and reducing excitement is very useful. But learning this with a woman is more difficult than alone with you. Even if it will not work out at the first time, no one will know about it.

Effective slowing methods

Ways to postpone ejaculation set. And every man chooses optimal for himself. But it is important to test all of them. It is with the masturbator that this is easiest to do. But it is important to understand what needs to be tried several times, and not one in order to add your opinion.

What techniques should try during masturbation?

  • Changing the speed of movement. Closer to the finale, the speed increases, but it is worth slowing it to get the opposite effect. It is important to find the moment when to do this, so that it is not too late. And it is training that will allow you to find this time.
  • Stop. The full stop is also effective. At this time, partners usually change the pose. Only 10-15 seconds are enough to get distracted and move away the moment of the finals.
  • Breathing adjustment. With excitation, the heartbeat and breathing intensify. And if one of the processes slow down, sensations will become weaker. You can control the breath.
  • Pulling the scrotum. If you pull the testicles a little down, the process of sex accelerates. To do this, they are wrapped at the base and pull a little to the ground. The effect is instant. But it is important not to pull too much so that the pain and a complete “fall” of the penis does not occur.
  • Squeezing the head. In the area of the trunk and head connection is a very sensual site. It is worth putting pressure on it, and the excitement will decrease. Not at all, but it will become less. But it is important to calculate the force of exposure.
  • Point in the perineum. If you press the area between the scrotum and the anus in front of the orgasm, sex will last a few seconds longer.

., How to postpone orgasm to a man? Effective exercises and training rules | Practices
All these techniques work. But it is important to correctly calculate the start time, understand when it is already possible to act, and when it is early. It is necessary to clearly understand the power of pressure, and this is also determined only by experimentally. Therefore, to work out each technique, you need to masturbate several times to understand how this is realized in a particular person.

How to improve training results

Masturbation with the help of a hand does not simulate sexual intercourse in full. Therefore, training is performed with a masturbator. He gives other sensations, they are some kind of sex with another person. Which model is better to choose?

  • Mouth. Helps to try oral affection with loneliness. Often allows you to regulate the pressure inside, so that there is a feeling of suction.
  • Ass. Very narrow passage, the most strongly massaging penis. Imitation of anal sex.
  • Vagina. The texture inside the masturbator resembles a female bosom. Tender, but ribbed and very pleasant when touching.
  • Model with unusual relief. With her, the process does not look like sex, everything is completely different, and this is interesting.

Models without a motor are used for training. Moreover, they can be small and large. The form does not have a meaning, you can experiment and learn endurance even with Sex doll.

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