How to learn to get a vaginal orgasm

How to learn to get a vaginal orgasm.

Vaginal orgasm in women arises from the internal stimulation of the vagina and its individual erogenous zones, which we will consider below. Very often, at the first stages of sexual life, girls do not experience it, but are content only with clitoral. But over time, as these erogenous zones wake up in the vagina, it begins to experience a vaginal orgasm. Also very often women begin to test him after they give birth to a child (but not through cesarean section). This is due to the fact that after passing the child’s head across the canal, the re -exposure of the nervous tissue occurs and the woman in the future begins to experience this type of orgasm. Not everyone happens, but for many.

Why a woman vaginal orgasm:

Vaginal orgasm is a need for any woman. A girl who receives an orgasm during sex will always have good hair, nails, skin, lack of problems with gynecology, great mood and satisfaction with life. Orgasms help to produce enough female hormones for that .so that the girl always went to happiness and everything was fine with her.

Secrets of female orgasm: the whole truth about female orgasm

, How to learn to get a vaginal orgasm

Anorgasmia is the inability to achieve any orgasm, including vaginal. Most often this problem is observed in women. Moreover, it is customary to distinguish the primary, secondary and situational anorgasmia. The diagnosis of primary anorgasmia is made if a woman does not know what an orgasm is. If earlier a woman experienced an orgasm, but recently stopped enjoying, this is called secondary anorgasmia. Situational anorgasmia is the impossibility of obtaining an orgasm in certain conditions, for example, in some individual poses. In any case, the lack of orgasm affects the state of the woman, as well as on her relationship with a partner who is probably worried about why his wife does not want her husband.

In fact, everything is fixable. You can cure anorgasmia, and the sooner you turn to specialists, the more chances, then the question of how to surprise a man in bed will disappear by itself – Everything will turn out easily and naturally, and you can easily reach a vaginal orgasm, and your beloved to give this pleasure to you.

How to get a vaginal orgasm

Many women are even clitoral orgasm, Moreover, what is vaginal orgasm. Vaginal orgasm is an important phenomenon in the life of any woman. The treatment of anorgasmia should be selected strictly on an individual basis. Depending on the causes that cause the lack of orgasm, treatment can be either drug and non -drug. It is better to start treatment in advance And be sure that it is possible to experience a vaginal orgasm!

Drug treatment often consists in the treatment of the underlying disease, the result of which was anorgasmia. Hormonal drugs are often prescribed. Estrogen -based preparations have the greatest effect. It can be tablets, patch or gel. Progesterone can also add to estrogen. If these hormones do not help, a woman can prescribe drugs with testosterone – male hormone, the lack of which in the body can also cause sexual disorders.

Non -drug treatment methods include physiotherapy, which affects the pelvis. Also in a non -drug method include psychotherapy and change in lifestyle. Sometimes it’s enough to just start eating right, get enough sleep and play sports. Sometimes Kegel’s exercises may be required, the result will delight you and your sexual partner. Trained pelvic muscles are able to give men an incomparable pleasure. Then such a problem as “my husband does not want me” will disappear once and for all.

5 steps to obtain vaginal orgasm

, How to learn to get a vaginal orgasm

1. Training of intimate muscles. Weak intimate muscles are one of the main reasons why you cannot get a vaginal orgasm. During sex, your vagina cannot fully grab a partner’s member, so there is no sufficient stimulation to get orgasm. In addition, blood flow to the muscles of the pelvic floor is insufficient so that you can fully be excited to experience a vaginal orgasm.

2. Awakening of erogenous zones. Masturbation. In order to get a vaginal orgasm, it is necessary to increase the sensitivity of the nerve endings. Your body should receive quite strong sensations from the touch of a partner or erotic toys. Masturbate, help your body understand what he likes and what not.

3. Correct breathing. There is a special breathing technique before orgasm that will set you up to the required wave. This technique will also not allow you to reduce the level of excitement during an orgasm approaching.

4. Relaxation, the ability to fantasize. Take a bath, light candles, free your head from unnecessary thoughts, think about what excites you, remember your most secret fantasies – the more you will be relaxed, the higher your level of excitement, which is necessary to obtain the treasured vaginal orgasm.

5. Anal sex. During anal sex, a special hormone is released "testosterone", which is responsible for our sexuality. Sometimes it is missing in the body, and this is one of the reasons. Why does a woman not get a vaginal orgasm.

Why is there no vaginal orgasm in a woman

Treatment of anorgazmia begins with identifying the causes of its caused. It can be both real diseases and psychological disorders, therefore it is worth starting with a complete examination. If the survey of the body has not identified any serious problems, a sexologist consultation will be required.

At the reception, the sexologist can ask a lot of personal questions, you need to be prepared for this. Among the main questions will be the following:

  • When under what circumstances was your first sexual experience?
  • Whether you experienced an orgasm earlier and under what circumstances?
  • Do you feel pain and discomfort with sexual contact?
  • How long have you stopped experiencing an orgasm?
  • Are you satisfied with your sexual partner?
  • What methods of contraception do you use?
  • What diseases in the intimate sphere were transferred?
  • Were you a victim of sexual violence?

A psychologist-sexologist can ask many other questions. It must be borne in mind that you need to answer them as frankly as possible, only in this case the specialist will be able to understand what is the matter and make adequate purposes. It may be necessary to involve communication with the psychologist and your partner.You can also ask a sexologist questions about what an orgasm is and how to determine it.

What is the difference between vaginal orgasm and clitoral

, How to learn to get a vaginal orgasm

According to many women, the sensations are completely different. Vaginal orgasm rises from the inside, from below, at first it becomes very hot, and then the orgasm itself begins, with such deep shocks, it lasts longer, it lasts more, it exhausts more. Clitoral – fast as a flash, superficial, begins on top, This feeling of pleasure is quickly erased.

How to test a clitoral orgasm

To obtain a clitoral orgasm, it is necessary Clital irritation. Women who are characterized by clitoral orgasm can hardly receive it at the usual, most common position in Europe. At the same time, the clitoris during frictions remains outside the field of irritation. You can massage your fingers with circular clitoris movements yourself during sex or choose a pose in which there will be the maximum contact of the penis of the man and your clitoris.

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