How to get an orgasm as a woman and how a man will help

How to get an orgasm as a woman and how a man will help.

, How to get an orgasm as a woman and how a man will help

Dear readers, most likely, is no secret to you that even the easiest clitoral orgasm many women simulate? Such a performance, with moans, an apology and scratching the back of a loved one, arrange a third of the women of the whole globe. Millions, Karl, millions! For them, sex becomes an act of copulation and respect for a man – a married duty. Not by pleasure and pleasure, but with a tedious duty!

Why a woman does not experience an orgasm is a multifaceted and complex question. But she simulates in most cases in order not to offend the partner and not seem in his eyes frigid, flawed and insensitive. The men are not to blame for the fact that some girls do not end, but the share of responsibility belongs to them. So many partners, inexperienced and inept, consider the female orgasm to a natural, logical completion of sexual intercourse. They are not aware that they have this option automatically in response to excitement, and the partner, unfortunately, is different in a different way.

To get an orgasm during sex, The girl will have to make a lot of effort herself, and then teach her man how to bring her to the climax. Today we will configure the sexual sphere and solve your intimate problems, so that, finally, all the virgins are satisfied in bed with the chosen one, and the orgasms cover them several times for sexual intercourse.

, How to get an orgasm as a woman and how a man will help

How to get an orgasm for a woman during sex, overcoming barriers

As already mentioned, female orgasm is a subtle business. Men, and women themselves, sometimes do not attach the proper meaning to him, because in the absence of this, the ability to conception does not disappear. Anorgasmic acts of love may well be fruitful. And so the ladies deprive themselves of pleasure, spoil relations with their loved ones and even ruin successful prosperous marriages.

The main problem is why a girl never experiences an orgasm is an inability to relax and listen to the signals of her body. If you overcome these two main barriers, reaching the peak of pleasure will be easier!

How to learn to experience an orgasm

Girls do not know their body well, have a lot of complexes about appearance and their sexuality, do not know how to relax and surrender to the process entirely. How to deal with it? Orgasm is a reaction to long -term sexual stimulations that contribute to the accumulation of pleasant sensations and the maximum excitation. With psychological barriers and rejection, the girl will not be able to feel stimulation, therefore, the excitement will not be obtained to the right extent. Is it possible to get an orgasm in this state? No!

Accepting oneself and your sexuality

No need to focus on the shortcomings of appearance and figure (often taken from the ceiling). The fact that the girl herself considers a flaw (tidy priest, chubby cheeks, neat breasts), men in most cases take as a spicy feature of a partner, which greatly excites in bed. Live less on other people’s pages in social networks, where everything is fine and glamorous. This is a deception and photoshop. All installations in life look worse than ordinary women.

If a man has sex with you, and not the first time, then he likes everything in you. In addition to the figure and face, dozens of factors affect the processes of excitation and the occurrence of an erection. Throw out all the prejudices from your head. Love yourself and feel the desired. All the negative exclusively in our own thoughts.

We are looking for erogenous points

Simply put, we learn to define points on the body with a quick response using masturbation. Every woman is located very individually, so it is difficult for men to bring a common line under all ladies.

In a pleasant environment, caress your chest and nipples, stroke the labia, try to caress the clitoris with your fingers. Remember what makes you test the craving in the lower abdomen when a man touches your body. The following zones are responsive to delicate stimulations: the neck, the entire neckline, interspace, bending the lower back, the inner thighs, wrists.

Experiment with adult toys to arouse your sensuality. Take the vibrator and run them on the nipples, around the labia, on the lips themselves, slightly tape the clitoris. You can use dildo – At your discretion. Gently caress the entrance to the vagina with a little call inside. If you like such a game with your own body, enter an artificial phallus to the whole depth and move it in a comfortable rhythm. With one hand, continue to caress the clitoris, nipples, anus, etc.D.

Learning to respond correctly to excitement

If during masturbation you managed to quickly get an orgasm or at least be very excited, try to take these reactions correctly. Do not be shy, do not clamp, but just enjoy the process.

When a girl receives an orgasm from masturbation, she should remember the way to achieve it. Write down in memory all the incentives that the body reacted to, thoughts that contribute to the strengthening of desire, some fantasies.

Additional incentives

When you felt for your erogenous points and tracked the thoughts that promoted you to a bright orgasm, try to find photos, pictures or porn visions corresponding to your sexual fantasies. Visual incentives can play a decisive role in the question of how to experience an orgasm. Do not hesitate to ask a man with a man to reproduce the situation with caresses, viewing rollers, etc.D.

, How to get an orgasm as a woman and how a man will help

We switch to a man

To get an orgasm in bed with a man, you will need another skill. The fact is that girls ending with masturbation sometimes cannot orgasm with a real partner. Just don’t know how to switch! How to do it?

During masturbation, when the peak of pleasure is close, try to include in your fantasies a particular man with whom you regularly sleep. Let him be the main character in your imagination. Enjoy yourself to think about him! In the beginning we do this at the time of orgasm, then, as we get used to it, in the process of independent prelude and throughout the process. If it turns out to turn on the partner in his thoughts, then it will also be possible to finish with him with real sexual intercourse.

We get rid of concentration

Games with a vibrator and other intimate goods will be useful to you not only during masturbation. Many girls cannot get an orgasm due to their concentration on the final result. They do not relax, do not surrender to mutual caresses with their whole body, because the pulsating thought of “cumshot-finish” sits in their heads.

How to get an orgasm quickly? Less think about him. And less concentrate on thoughts about the actions of the partner. Sex toys will help to dilute the sensations, turn off the internal monologue, and also give the opportunity to listen to instincts.

Do not chase the ideal

In the heads of many women there is a certain mythical ideal of how to get an orgasm, how it should be achieved. Where does it come from, it is not clear. Films, talk shows, stupid articles of stupid copywriters or something else, but one result-these ladies strive for an ideal orgasm.

Remember, there are no perfect orgasms! One ends with the affection of the nipples, the second loves Cooney, the third loves to dig into the buttocks of a man and strain the lower abdomen, others shudder in erotic convulsions from contemplation of how the beloved jerks off. There is no single scheme or plan to get a vaginal or clitoral orgasm!

We are not afraid to offend a partner

Do not be afraid to openly tell a man that you do not reach an orgasm with him. If there were no problems with this before his bed, then the matter is in techniques that depend not only on a woman. No need to amuse male pride, fear for his offended feelings – why such sacrifices? First of all, learn to love yourself and respect your desires. Sex without pleasure akin to violence.

You can always make tactfully on the items, which interferes specifically in your case to achieve an orgasm. Perhaps he should do a cooney in a different way or caress the clitoris with his hands in a different rhythm. Adequate men are able to understand the requests of women and will even be grateful to you for sincerity. You enrich his intimate knowledge of female physiology, which he will successfully use with others if something does not work out with you.

We select a pose and rhythm

The sensations of a woman depend on the pose and the selected rhythm is greater than that of a man. The vaginal orgasm is not available to everyone, but about how to achieve it, a separate article is written, so we will consider the issue of choosing positions from the clitoral orgasm. You will achieve it only when stimulating the clitoris and labia.

A woman will never receive a clitoral orgasm if vaginal penetration is not supported by stimulation of the clitoris and other crotch zones. The best postures for this will be those where the pubis or body of the partner fit tightly to the indicated erogenous areas.

Pay attention to a slightly modernized classic pose in which the girl’s legs are thrown on the shoulders. The clitoris is open to stimulation. Try to lie on a partner in such a way as to touch him with a pubic during movements.

, How to get an orgasm as a woman and how a man will help

Want a woman from above? Then the classic “rider” or sit in a chair. Plus sex in an armchair – the girl places her legs as she is comfortable. In addition, this is a very reliable support. Just press her pelvis as close as possible to yourself. In this position, let it move not up and down, sitting on a member, but in a circle or back or forth, so that the clitoris rubbed about your crotch.

, How to get an orgasm as a woman and how a man will help

You should not take more complex poses at once. Stop on these. If you practice options in which there is no stimulation directly with the pubic partner, use your hands or special sex toys. It can be recommended that the girl herself tugs the clitoris during sex, but many do not experience the pleasure that is available from a man’s affection.

We train the muscles of the vagina

If after childbirth the muscles stretched out and the girth of the penis is not so strong, you will have to do Kegel’s exercises. The so -called wumbling helps to restore all skills in a short time. First, try to compress the vaginal muscles during vaginal sex when the penis enters and leaves. Firstly, you will be pleased, and secondly, a man will become even better than you.

Bad habits

To say that smoking is directly related to orgasm is stupid. Many smoke and regularly end with different partners. There is an opinion that alcohol greatly affects the girl’s ability to experience an orgasm. It is not entirely correct to assert this on a common basis, but particular cases have a place to be. If a woman drank a decent dose of alcohol, the sensitivity is dulled throughout the body. Any alcohol acts as an anesthetic substance. With existing problems with receiving pleasure, he will only aggravate the situation.

Correct breathing

It is important to provide the body with a sufficient surge of oxygen, thanks to which muscle contractions will be much brighter and more intense. Nothing special needs to be done: just relax and breathe deeply evenly.


Talking with a man about sexual sensations is difficult, but you need. And not only after the act of love, but also in the process. Direct his actions, voice your desires – be open. This will remove the load of discontent. Of course, it is necessary to establish household relations. There are very often situations where the wife stops receiving an orgasm from intimacy with her husband for the reason that they constantly swear, from which resentments have accumulated. It’s easier for a man to throw them back at the moment of intimacy, a woman is not. She lives with emotions, internal dialogs that continue continuously, so resentment prevents her from relaxing.

And again, a vicious circle is obtained: we are silent about our desires in bed – we are offended by dissatisfaction, we are silent and hide dissatisfaction with household moments – we get a bunch of negativity accumulated from such little things that sometimes do not cost a missed egg. And the wall of misunderstanding has grown in all areas! Learn to conduct a dialogue with a partner in a simple and accessible language. Not in an ultimatic tone, but compromise offers.

, How to get an orgasm as a woman and how a man will help

How to get an orgasm, man help

Dear men, a woman’s orgasm at some points depends on you. We just wrote about trust and the ability to find a compromise in a respectful dialogue. We will not repeat ourselves. Just take note that not only a woman should concede and understand you because she is a woman. Slavery has long been canceled, the central points of the support in the relationship of the couple have long shifted. We have equal rights between people in everything.

If you want to relax after work, then the woman has the same right for the same right. In the second shift, she does not have to plow at all. Want borsch and cutlet? Do all together. Or bring more money so that a woman has the opportunity to work less. The driven horse in a female form in the evening wants to sleep what kind of orgasms? And you suffer from this – lack of sex, refusal for refusal … Compromising, comrades, compromise!

Correct affection

Learn to find the bliss zones from every new partner. No need to act with all girls according to one scheme. Although no man has yet damaged the ability to make high -quality cunnilingus as a prelude! In addition, sexual excitement can increase to maximum not only the stimulation of the clitoris, but also other sensory zones on the body. For example, some representatives of the fair sex are the chest and neck, others have earlobes and wrists.

Stimulation of the G and Jet orgasm point

But there is one secret place in the ladies’ body, when exposed to a vaginal orgasm in almost 99% of cases – point G. Another type of orgasm that can be learned to experience when stimulating this erogenous zone is called jet zone. It is possible only in some ladies, and is a plentiful ejaculation of the liquid from the urethra.

To achieve a squirt, and this is what it is called, it is possible, stimulating the point G with both hands and a penis, where success and chances of the inkjet orgasm largely predetermines the choice of a pose. The search for the most suitable position sometimes takes a long time. Couples must experiment and fantasize without stopping at the achieved. Look for your rhythm: slowly and smoothly, or rudely and quickly – all these are individual points that are usually discussed in a couple.

Suitable atmosphere

For the girl to receive an orgasm, she needs an appropriate atmosphere. Dear men, consider this! If she is scared at the slightest rustle during sex, fearing that someone will go into the room (children, mother-in-law, mother-in-law, etc.D.), it’s stupid to count on a bright orgasm in a cinema or park. This will end only in an intimate atmosphere, where only she and her man. A woman excited from acute changes in emotions, light affairs and sex in an unusual environment, on the contrary, will experience an orgasm in brighter non -standard conditions.

Sincere feelings

Unfortunately, some women do not know how to relax and receive orgasms with men who sleep with them only for health. Girls want feelings, emotions, at least their good half. If you hit just like that, but you don’t have love for her, what she knows about, sex will be fresh. Do not waste your time – she can’t see orgasms, and you will not be able to put another checkmark in the victory diary. Bummer. Look for the one that divides sex and feelings into two different components.

So, we discussed how to get an orgasm, and what should be done to both partners for this. If all attempts are unsuccessful, it is necessary to openly talk frankly. Only trust in pairs and discussion of all intimate points will help to conduct “work on mistakes”. Any girl can learn how to experience an orgasm, the main thing is to be able to listen to herself and not be shy about talking about it with a partner.

Dear men and women, you met girls who do not experience orgasm? What did you do to solve the problem? And you get an orgasm from each sexual intercourse? In what ways? Write, comment and open your secrets!

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