How to get a jet orgasm

How to get a jet orgasm?.

, How to get a jet orgasmEvery woman wants to get new emotions from sex, and a jet orgasm – This is what, having experienced once, you will want to get again and again.

Squirt or jet orgasm – This is one of the varieties of female orgasm, in which a special fluid (secret) is released from the urethra. In terms of intensity, squirt surpasses all other types of pleasure and can be repeated up to 10 in a row, unlike clitoral orgasm.

Many people think that uncontrolled urination occurs with a squirt. A large percentage of women is afraid to experience it so as not to disgrace in front of a man. However, it is not. Fluid that is released with jet orgasm – This is a special secret that forms when stimulating the ji point. It has no taste and color. It smells nice. Usually, the aroma resembles the smell of a female body, which is very exciting men.

The amount of fluid secreted will depend on the quantity and frequency of the squirt. After one jet orgasm, up to 50 ml of secret can be released. With prolonged stimulation, the amount of liquid can reach a whole glass. Sometimes this brings some inconvenience: you need to change bedding, dry the mattress, etc.D. But, believe me, the emotions that you get are worth it.

Why not all girls can achieve squirt

The secret to obtaining jet pleasure lies in intensive effects on the ji zone. During sex, a male member only casually touches this place. That is why the ji point must be stimulated separately and purposefully. This can be done with fingers, but the result will not be immediately. For a more effective effect, we recommend that you purchase special sex toys for the erogenous zone g. After a few days of regular training, sensitivity will become higher, and, accordingly, the probability of squirt will increase. Take your time and do not be angry, if it does not work out right away. Everything needs time.

Everything is clear with physiology, but the main question remains open:

How to experience the very jet orgasm

For the first time to achieve pleasure may not be easy. As mentioned above: Regular stimulation of the sensitive area will increase the likelihood. Therefore, before starting the process, stock up with a lubricant and a special stimulant.

You must be excited as possible. The ji point will have to massage from 5 to 15 minutes in a row, gradually reducing and increasing the pace. The intensity can also be different. You need to follow your feelings. For the first time, when the squirt is close, you will feel a desire to go to the toilet. It is deceptive, do not ask your partner to stop. Otherwise, all the sensations will subside and you will have to start again. Puff this feeling, relax and let yourself have fun.

From the first jet orgasm you should not wait for a huge amount of liquid. There will be very little it. But if you continue to stimulate immediately after that, the orgasm will be repeated. One of the advantages of squirt is just that it can be repeated up to 10 times in a row, unlike vaginal and clitoral orgasm.

By the way, if you «Wake up» The sensitivity of the ji point with the help of a toy, then in the future, you can receive regular vaginal orgasms and a jet orgasm during sex. The only thing you will need to choose a suitable pose so that a member of a man concerned this particular zone.

, How to get a jet orgasm

What if orgasm does not occur

Do not stop! Every woman can achieve jet pleasure. And by itself, the process of obtaining squirt – Very pleasant. Thus you study yourself, your body and your sensations.

But if you have already tried the entire range of sex shop, and getting what you want will not come out try to strengthen the muscles of the vagina. This will help you with a special set of exercises compiled and. Kegel and simulators for intimate muscles. It includes a number of training that will increase the elasticity of the vaginal muscles and bring them in tone.

Still, during the stimulation of the ji zone, you can simultaneously affect other sensitive areas: clitoris, nipples, anus. Such an experiment will deliver several times more pleasure and make the probability of jet pleasure above.

In order for the squirt to be regular, we recommend ordering special sex stimulators in our online store. We have a large selection of erotic devices that will help to diversify the intimate life and make it even brighter and more saturated.

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