How to excite a woman in bed? Simple tips, effective techniques, useful accessories | Questions about orgasm

How to excite a woman in bed? Simple tips, effective techniques, useful accessories.

, How to excite a woman in bed? Simple tips, effective techniques, useful accessories | Questions about orgasm
The excitation of a woman begins long before getting into bed. Flirting, flirting is necessary for it to relax and experience a desire. But how to excite a woman in bed, how to bring her to maximum excitement leading to orgasms, precisely during the prelude and sex?

What excites women?

Excitation is a reaction to external actions. In bed – this is a response to kisses, hugs, touch, words. If it came to close contact, if she has already agreed, you need to find the right movements. What excites women?

  • Admiring and approving views. Especially at the time of undressing. You can admire the girl at any time, and she will like it.
  • Compliments. They are whispering in the ear or exclaiming at the moments of preludes and intimacy. It is important to do sincerely without replaying.
  • Kisses. But every girl likes her movements with her lips. And it is important that you can kiss in different parts of the body.
  • Embrace. Close contact even before intercourse is very important, it should be comfortable and pleasant.
  • Touch. Stroking, squeezing, studying the hands of the body – this is very interesting.

Sometimes a girl does not even understand what moves a man makes, she perceives everything comprehensively, and this causes a strong desire.

How to find out what excites a certain woman?

All people are very individual, and the fact that one likes is not liked by the other lady. And it is important in behavior to be able to understand what needs to be repeated and what is not. How to do it? Follow the reaction.

If she begins to blush, breathe hard or even moan – this is the right action. An excited woman enjoys, her eyes are often closed, and her mouth is ajar, red cheeks, and gets wet in the crotch. If suddenly she calms down, stops answering, then something is wrong. And at this moment it is necessary to change behavior, find another action that causes a greater response.

It turns out that every woman has his own approach, and you will have to find a special way to arouse this particular person. To do this, you should figure out how she likes to kiss, how to hug, what movements she is waiting for. And it is important to understand what cannot be done so as not to cause a weakening of lust., How to excite a woman in bed? Simple tips, effective techniques, useful accessories | Questions about orgasm

Types of erogenous zones

The right path to its maximum excitement is the study of erogenous zones and ways to influence them. The points are always individual, and the preferences are formed, but it is unlikely that it will reveal to you a secret – how to caress it. Often girls prompt or show, but not at the first sex. Therefore, you have to look for yourself.

Conditionally, all erogenous zones can be divided into 3 types of response. It is recommended to move gradually from one to another, enhancing the sensation.

  • Light sensitivity zones. These include the back, scalp, ears, palms and feet. The prelude begins with the caresses of these sites to “include” the lady in sensory perception. You can quietly start touching it before getting into bed.
  • Areas with an average number of nerve response. Give much more sensations. Chest, neck, dimple between the shoulder blades, buttocks. Touches become more intimate, it “lights up” it more.
  • Very sensitive zones. Stimulation of these areas causes orgasms. These are clitoris, vaginal walls, labia, entrance to the bosom, area around the anus. At the final stage, it is worth devoting more time to these parts of the body to give it the greatest pleasure.

At the beginning of caresses, it is worth starting with zones with minimal sensitivity, and then move to the fact that they are responsible for bliss. But sometimes the main points are strange places – a dimple under the knee, a point on the foot, the border of the hair area on the neck. You can search and open erogenous zones even after many years of marriage, this is an interesting process.

Ways to influence erogenous zones for its excitement

How can you stimulate the necessary areas? There are several methods that give a good result:

  • Kisses. The effects of the lips are single or often repeated. You can kiss her lips, arms, knees, stomach. Appropriate for any part of the body.
  • Stroking. The most common method of exposure. The touches themselves respond, and light compression, re -conducting with your hand enhances the effect. Erotic massage is a manifestation of this method.
  • Flip flops. Light pops are not always appropriate, not all women appreciate them. And it is important to control the power of the impact. For prelude, they are rarely used, but can complement the moment of penetration and active frictions.
  • Tricking, tickling. It turns strongly someone, annoying others. It is important to understand whether this is appropriate for a certain person. Perfect for the legs, torso, buttocks.
  • Cold or hot touch. A piece of ice on heated skin can work miracles, but it is appropriate in a warm room or in the heat. Warm wax or oil also give bliss. But such a technique requires training.
  • Licking. Used during oral caresses. And during the prelude, you can lick your ears or fingers. The range of movements with the tongue is huge, it should be used.
  • Sucking and biting. Relevant for papillae, clitoris. But here it is important not to cause pain, so it is necessary to control each movement.
  • Vibration. Gives a powerful response, can almost instantly cause an orgasm. It is caused by sex toys.

Not all these methods are suitable for the first sex, some should try pairs that have long been together and are looking for new impressions. And it is not necessary to study this, most techniques already know, they themselves are “turned on”, because if you like the partner, you want to hug him, kiss and touch him.

Accessories to increase excitation

Sometimes only ordinary influences are not enough, I want something new and unusual. This can be implemented using additional accessories:

  • Exciting lubricants for women. A special composition causes a rush of blood to the genitals. This activates many nerve endings, and then each touch seems more intense. Some compositions even give the effect of “vibrations”, and this leads to a strong response.
  • Eye mask. It is worth closing his eyes to a person, how his attention becomes more acute to touches. Amazing, but an ordinary mask can completely transform intimacy. This is a simple life hack that allows you to discover a new world of sensations.
  • Cooling lubricants. Light chill on the skin is very nice. And if after applying the product to blow on the skin, it will be entertaining. The lubricant acts on both, increases the experiences of both men and women.
  • Warming lubricants. Hot touching very exciting. Creams and gels stimulate blood circulation, improve sensations. Everything seems completely different, although actions do not change. A simple way to diversify intimate without unnecessary costs.

Exciting lubricants for women are applied to the genitals. They begin to act 1-10 after application. The process of rubbing can be turned into an erotic game. The effect of drugs lasts 30-40 minutes, and then you can use it again. Most of the compositions are compatible with condoms.

How to enhance sensations during sex

Sometimes a woman is excited, “gets wet” strongly and is ready for intercourse, but the orgasm does not occur. And here we need stimulation not for excitement, but for maximum sensations. What can be done when the process is in full swing?

  • Clital stimulation. More than 70% of women receive orgasms precisely from the stimulation of the clitoris, but in many poses of the touch of this area do not occur. If you start caressing with your hands or sex toy, this organ, the probability of orgasm will increase significantly. And you can also entrust the vibrator to her so that it regulates speed and intensity, such a symbiosis is even more useful.
  • Legs of nipples. During intercourse, you can pay more attention to the chest. In some poses, for example, sitting when a woman on top, you can touch the nipples with your hands or lips, which also enhances the sensation.
  • Anal exposure. Some girls like it when they caress the ass. It can be an external impact or penetration. Sometimes it is enough to immerse a finger so that it quickly finishes.

Connection of another or more zones helps to bring it to orgasm. But it does not always work out to reach, so toys come to the rescue. The vibrator-butter can be fixed on the body with belts, it will caress the clitoris, and it does not need to be supported by hand.

Vibrators for steam are inserted between bodies. They massage different zones of partners, without interfering with ordinary frictions. The well -thought -out design is very convenient, suitable for everyone.

Sex toys for female excitement

To give her maximum excitation, it is worth using sex toys. They do not replace a man in bed, they help both get the greatest pleasure. Many intimate goods are created for steam to diversify intimacy, to make it brighter.

  • Cliter stimulants. With the help of vibration, they massage any zones, although they are created for the clitoris. Outings of different intensity. You can often touch a large area or point. Easily fit in your palms, look harmless. They are also used to arouse a man in bed.
  • Vacuum pump for nipples and clitoris. This is a special design in which the pressure changes. If you attach to the body and pump out air, there will be activated blood circulation and light “swelling” of the region. And then everything will be felt very interesting. Excitement from the pump is bright, intense.
  • Wave stimulants. Only for women. Special waves even activate those nerve endings that are hidden inside the body. Orgasm can be very intense, comes quickly. It is perfect to combine the effects of sex toy and vaginal or anal contact.
  • Massagers for intimacy. Universal sex toys that can caress any external erogenous zones. Suitable for the chest, inner surface of the hips, abdomen, perineum. The appearance is neutral, so you can buy in a house where there are children.
  • Anal traffic jams with vibration. If a girl loves the stimulation of the anus, she exactly likes such a thing. Outings in the area of the anus will spread to the entire crotch, and if there is also penetration, orgasms will happen very interesting.

Any vibrator in bed will be appropriate to excite a woman. Vibrations are very exciting, touching will definitely like. And sometimes it is more useful to give her the device herself, so that at the same time there is a massage of several zones at once: she plays with a vibrator, and he is engaged in other areas.

Erotic games for its excitement

Erotic games and experiments cause additional excitement. They increase the length of the prelude, make elements of surprise, and also cause new experiences. What can you try to make sex brighter?

  • Bondage. Binding allows you to feel helpless. The feeling of ropes on the body gives ecstasy. You can only fix your hands with handcuffs, but it is more interesting to learn beautiful strands or even suspensions.
  • Punishment. Subordination and dominance is the implementation of fantasies. What role to use, the steam is determined in advance. Sometimes only moral pressure and threats are used, but sometimes it is possible to tear out a naughty person, thereby giving him a sense of relaxation. The transfer of control even for several minutes can relieve voltage collected by Odam.
  • Reincarnation. Clothing helps to try on a new image and style of behavior. You can turn into a nurse, cat, snow -white or plumbing. Role games are suitable for those who want to open new facets of sensations.
  • Electrical stimulation. A special effect on the body with current. Sensations from light tickling to tangible blows. This is not dangerous, but very exciting. You can use for any parts of the body, but special attributes will be required.

Questions about the intimate excitation of a woman

Sex starts in my head. And if she is not tuned, no drops will help her. Drugs enhance desire, but do not cause it. If she already wants sex, then the tablet will make her reactions brighter. But no drug will force a certain man to “want”, here it is necessary to arouse its interest, and this is not a chemical process.There is no single answer. It can be touching too intense, causing pain, and then it is important to do it more accurately. Perhaps she has hypersensitive nipples, and then she is always unpleasant for such sensations. We need to ask why such a reaction, and find out the real reasons.A difficult question that has hundreds of answers. Maximum excitation occurs in the presence of feelings. Love makes any contacts magical. The excitement is still enhanced during ovulation, biologically programmed so that at that moment the girl is more located to sex, her sensations are more acute. Affects stress, fatigue, environment, mood.Yes, they work. If the girl has already tuned in sex, and suddenly drinks the drug, everything will seem more interesting to her. Its sensitive endings are activated, the probability of orgasm will increase. But if she does not want sex, if she does not like a man, then no drops will cause her interest. Without attraction that is born in the head, the effect will not be.First, find out the cause of cooling. Sometimes resentment, claims, discontent completely blocks pleasant sensations. Fatigue, stress or complex circumstances can also be influenced, a woman in the process does not think about pleasure, but about something else, and this does not allow her to be excited. There may also be medical reasons. It is necessary to figure out what is not so as to change what is happening.

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