How to bring a wife to orgasm: an action plan

How to bring his wife to orgasm and reach a new level?.

No matter how strange it sounds, but sometimes bringing a wife to an orgasm can be much more difficult than a girl with whom you meet not so long ago. It would seem that the wife is the person you know for a very long time. Accordingly, and all the preferences in sex have long been learned. But it is these factors that affect the result.

, How to bring a wife to orgasm: an action plan

Why do wives with orgasm have problems more often than mistresses?

, How to bring a wife to orgasm: an action plan6 reasons because of which a woman does not experience orgasm

You can live with your wife for several years. Over the years, she will learn absolutely everything about you, like you about her. There will no longer be a certain mystery and sparks in a relationship. All movements have already bored and are painfully familiar, and there is not a single mole or freckle on the body that the partner does not know about.

All this creates the impression of everyday life. If the wife cannot experience an orgasm with you, then it’s time to radically change the plan of their actions. You need to try to do everything possible so that every sex has stunning and unexpected. There are a lot of ways to diversify sexual life. They are limited only by your imagination. No need to be afraid to experiment and try something new and unusual. Sometimes only this approach will allow the wife to bring to a very strong orgasm.

The mistress, in turn, is something forbidden, but as you know, the “forbidden fruit is sweet”. Therefore, if a man found a mistress for himself, then he will spend most of his time and male forces exactly on her.

How to bring a wife to orgasm: we work according to plan

Quickly does not mean correctly. It is this rule that you need to learn so that the wife receives the most violent orgasms every night. Otherwise, you should prepare and act according to a certain scheme, which is recommended by experienced sexologists.

Wife is also a girl

Many men do crazy acts and commit real feats in order to conquer the girl’s heart. But as soon as the goal was achieved, and she became a wife, the ardor in the eyes begins to gradually fade away. The wife no longer needs to seek and do everything only in order to pay attention to you.

It is this trend that is observed in most modern families. She turns family life into boring everyday life. Men begin to look at other girls not understanding that a loving wife is always there. Need to delight her with orgasms. Believe me, this will bring you a great pleasure yourself.

It is best to start studying the articles: “What is female orgasm” and “All types of female orgasm” is to understand what exactly in sexual life should be paid attention to and what has long been needed to improve. After all, still, the wife is also a girl.

More attention to details

To establish sexual relations with your wife, you need to try to pay as much attention as possible to the smallest details. Try to remember what she doesn’t like in you most. It can be anything:

  • Do not take off socks during sex;
  • Fall asleep immediately after sex;
  • So tightly dinner that sex lasts only a few minutes.

Try to fix your small shortcomings. Believe me, the wife will be completely delighted with your actions. For you this is a real trifle, and For your wife, it will look as if you killed a dragon for her sake.

 Even the most insignificant little things that you do not pay attention to play a very important role in the development of further events.

You can create a romantic environment. Putting a hand on the heart, few married couples make a romantic in the apartment before sex. Surprise your wife and destroy all the stereotypes. If she has gone on business or to work, then your apartment will become a real canvas for creativity. You can do everything that there is enough imagination for:

  • Get hot bathroom with foam and decorate it with aromatic candles;
  • Scatter rose petals From the front door to the bedroom, and on the bed to scatter the most petals;
  • Prepare an easy dinner And throughout the apartment to arrange aromatic candles that will be perfectly combined with calm music.

There are a lot of options. The main thing is not to sit back, but start acting right now.

Flowers are the best aphrodisiac for a woman

Even if your wife says that he does not like flowers, do not pay attention to her words. Perhaps in this way she wants to compensate for your carelessness and the fact that over the years of marital life you gave her large bouquets only a couple of times at the subconscious level.

Every girl loves flowers without exception. Give her a beautiful bouquet. Do not skimp on cheap options. It is better to give one beautiful bouquet about which she will be for a very long time than to please her with field chamomiles, which will already be wilted by morning. After such a bouquet, be sure you will rise in the eyes of your spouse and look at you not as a familiar husband, but as a romantic gentleman who can give her other paradise sensations.

Give the prelude time

No need to immediately pounce on your wife in bed, as is usually customary for married couples. Try to delay sex with constant preludes as much as possible.

  1. Ask your wife how her day went, and what she did. Even if you are not at all interested in her answer, pretend that you are most passionate about her story. A couple of times to smile or laugh for you will not be difficult, and for your wife it will be the best gift from your beloved husband.
  2. Compliment your wife about her figure or hairstyle. Such attention on your part will start it with half a turn.
  3. Start with preliminary caresses and passionate kisses. Few married couples often kiss. Surprise your spouse and make her pleasant.

But the best prelude will be the one that you will settle in the head of your wife in the morning. You can make a thin, but quite understandable hint that in the evening you will definitely have stormy sex. This will push his wife to put himself in order, as if before a first date with a beloved man. All day in her head will be the idea of upcoming sex, which will keep the body in anticipation and excitement.

Change tactics in bed

To make variety to sexual life, you can radically change the usual rules. If you are constantly having sex in the same position, and for several years in a row, then even the most passionate couples in this case will have a breakdown.

You need to constantly change something. If in sex you constantly take everything into your own hands, then give the reins of the reign to your wife. Let it choose poses and sets the rhythm and speed of movements. This will allow her to feel like a powerful woman, which will lead her very strongly.

 The variety of poses in bed always helps. No need to focus on one pose. During sex, you can change positions after almost every minute.

If your spouse constantly commands, then the time has come to show her who is a man in the house. Take the initiative in your own hands. Vering women are actually secret from everyone dreams of surrendering to the will of emotions and feel fragile and defenseless.

But what about cunnilingus?

If you have never made a cunnilingus wife, then it’s time to please her with a tongue. Believe me, such an initiative on your part will delight her. Even if the wife will resist first and say that all this is useless, there is no need to listen to her. Believe me, not a single woman has refused such pleasant caresses.

And he will learn to make magnificent cunnilingus in truth – you can if you are not lazy and study our article “How to bring to orgasm cunnilingus”.


No need to be afraid to experiment during sex. Almost any options are suitable:

  • The use of sex toys that will add acute emotions;
  • You can watch porn videos jointly or even have sex for the movie on;
  • It will not be superfluous to diversify the places for sex. If this is a familiar bedroom and nothing more, then you can have sex in the elevator or in the bathroom. You can in the kitchen at a party and the strangest places that you could not even think about.

Spontaneous sex is the most stormy and pleasant, so be sure that his wife will appreciate him.

Sometimes the shortest way is a heart -to -heart conversation

It will not be superfluous to talk with his wife on the topic of sex. So you can find out what she wants to try. Maybe she dreamed of anal sex for a long time, but hesitated you to offer it. Conversations of this plan will help you find a common language and get closer to sexual terms as possible.

And if it turns out that her desire is anal sex, on our site you will still find all the necessary information.

Remember – women end with brains

Of course, the correct movements during sex and the skill of the partner will play a direct role in orgasm. But first of all, everything needs to be done so that the wife is glad that she has sex with you. It is necessary to morally lead her to the idea that you have a strong family, and violent relationships.

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