How to bring a girl to squirt or jet orgasm

How to bring a girl to squirt or jet orgasm.

Many men do not know what a real female orgasm is. The truth is that, unfortunately, many men do not know how to deliver an orgasm to the girl and this often causes female dissatisfaction and even, in some cases, can lead to a break in relations. Only a small percentage of representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can confidently say that they have repeatedly experienced an orgasm. Orgasm carries bright, peculiar and for a long time memorable emotions and sensations.

The summary of the article
  • What types of female orgasm exist
  • What is a clitoral orgasm
  • How to achieve a vaginal orgasm
  • The secret of the jet orgasm
  • How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm video
  • How to make a squirt

What types of female orgasm exist

The following types of orgasm exist:

  • Cliter.
  • Uterine.
  • Vaginal.
  • Inkjet (squirt).
  • Anal
  • From the chest
  • Multiple or looped

Each of them gives a woman unforgettable sensations. Let us consider in more detail each of the above species of female orgasms.

Clital orgasm

This type of female orgasm as clitoral is the most common. Clital orgasm is achieved using masturbation with a finger, cunnilingus, or during intercourse. It is not difficult to achieve it and this type of orgasm does not require special knowledge. The main thing is what the girl should do is to relax as much as possible.

Uterine orgasm

, How to bring a girl to squirt or jet orgasm

This type of female orgasm requires a partner to have a certain size member. It can only be achieved if the dimensions of the phallus allow you to reach the uterus during intercourse. Frequent contact of the penis head with the eve of the cervix causes reduction of the latter and indescribable sensations. The uterine orgasm is achieved with stimulation of the zone A, which is located on the front wall of the vagina in the eve of the cervix, it is also called the deep point, it is the man should stimulate it. You can increase the number of orgasms to 4-5, caressing the clitoris with your finger at the same time as the rhythmic movements of the penis. Watch the video tutorial "Uterine orgasm and fisting technique", He will clarify all the necessary actions to you.

Vaginal orgasm

It is the vaginal orgasm that indicates the climax, that the partner is completely satisfied. Vaginal orgasm is achieved using quick movements of the penis during intercourse and stimulation of point G. All that is required from a woman is complete relaxation.

Watch the video tutorial "Vaginal orgasm – 100% guarantee", which will help you do everything as it should.

Inkjet orgasm

This type of orgasm gives the most powerful sensations, but not every girl experienced it at least once in her life. This is due to the fact that the partner should be thoroughly aware of the Squirt technique and have appropriate experience. Only in this case he can give his woman to bring a woman to a jet orgasm.

How to bring a girl to a jet orgasm video

, How to bring a girl to squirt or jet orgasm

So, how to bring the girl to orgasm and competently perform squirt? In terms of brightness of sensations in 1 place, it is precisely a jet orgasm, or as it is also called – squirt. It is worth noting that the jet orgasm is a completely new sensations that cannot be conveyed in words. By the way, the inkjet orgasm in women is rare, only because of their not knowledge of their partners of classical techniques for their implementation, even men who have not known in marriage how to bring their wife to Squirt. At the same time, many women do not all know what a jet orgasm is and how to bring themselves to Squirt. In this article we will tell you how to achieve a squirt and tell about the existing techniques for its achievement. Squirt is sexual intercourse, which ends in the finale with a splash from a woman’s vagina of a powerful jet of specific fluid. And the most effective way to bring the girl to a jet orgasm is to watch a video tutorial on our website "Technology of jet orgasm", where the instructions are clearly given, how to do it and how.

How to make a squirt

You can get an inkjet orgasm with the help of active stimulation of the point G, caresses of the whole body, as well as stroking the clitoris. The most important thing is that the partner should first make to bring the woman to Squirt is to pay enough attention to preliminary caresses. Only after them can you start Squirt techniques – directly to stimulating points G. Inkjet orgasm can be achieved, both with the introduction of a penis into the vagina of a partner, and without it. When choosing a posture for the introduction of a member, it is best for a woman to choose a position on her knees in which a man is located behind. Such a sexual pose makes it possible to ensure a more dense contact of the penis with the area in which point G is located. In this case, rhythmic and strong movements of a member should be performed up to orgasm. Its occurrence is evidenced by the release of specific fluid from the vagina. In addition, it is necessary to stimulate the point U, which is located in the eve of the urethra.

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