How to bring a girl to orgasm. Secrets of stimulation that give the result

How to bring a girl to orgasm. Secrets of stimulation that give the result.

, How to bring a girl to orgasm. Secrets of stimulation that give the result

There are several simple actions that increase the chance of her orgasm. You can use each separately, but the maximum effect gives their combination. Everyone will manage to master the technique of bringing to orgasm, but they all need to devote time to all of them, it can work out not the first time.

What the female orgasm depends on

A woman is excited from many things, not only touch is important to her, but also an emotional state. Sex begins in her head, And this always needs to be taken into account. So that they experience an orgasm, it is worth creating a special environment. And these are not only candles and flowers.

If you are just meeting, arrange a perfect date for her. A beautiful place, an interesting conversation, an abundance of compliments – All this will help her tune in. It is important to exclude vulgar jokes or hints, leading to sex should be neat and not causing.

If you have been living together for a long time, try to free it from part of your homework. It is a rested woman who is more prone to intimate experiments.

, How to bring a girl to orgasm. Secrets of stimulation that give the result

Remember the prelude

The perfect prelude lasts at least half an hour. This is the time for hugs, kisses, slow undressing. This is a period of studying the body of a partner, time for warming up. And it is precisely such actions — This is the main step in its excitement. Scientists have proved that toa quality prelude increases the chance of an orgasm by 50%.

A joint bath, erotic massage is suitable as a prelude. Such things help her switch, distract from the outside world and forget about problems. Unlike men, a woman needs more time to prepare for sex.

Oral sex is not a prelude, it is already a full -fledged proximity that cannot be considered preparation.

Cunnilingus to achieve orgasm

Many women experience an orgasm from caressing genitals with their lips and tongue. Such movements can be more pleasant than vaginal penetration. But before the execution, you need to remember several rules:

  • Time. Ideal cunnilingus lasts 15-40 minutes. And if there is no patience for such a marathon, no need to start. Two kisses are not enough for her orgasm, its achievement is a long process.

  • Well -groomed nails. Hands are also connected during Kuni. And it is important that they are prepared: the nails are trimmed, the skin is delicate. It is enough to use the hand cream regularly so that there are no hard calluses and burrs.

  • Lack of bristles. Pleasant unshaven can lead to severe irritation. Therefore, the face should be either smoothly shaven, or the hairs should be overgrown, such do not prick.

There are hundreds of recommendations on the technique of performing oral caresses, you can try everything. But you need to follow what excites the girl. It is her reaction that will tell the shortest way to her orgasm.

, How to bring a girl to orgasm. Secrets of stimulation that give the result

Stimulation of point G for its orgasm

Point G is located on the front wall of the vagina. She is responsible for multiple and jet orgasms. But only this area is not activated by all women. To bring it to orgasm, you need to make a lot of efforts at the first experiments, but then everything will turn out much faster.

Massage of dots G is made with fingers or sex toy. How to stimulate her hands?

  • Find the desired point. This is not quite a point, but an area that differs to the touch. It is located at a depth of 2-5 cm on the front wall of the vagina. It is she who needs to be massaged.

  • Start moving. It is better to do it with two fingers, bending them slightly and extending them. The pillows should lie on the erogenous zone and slightly press.

  • The lubricant will help. The lubricant will slide smoothly and pleasant, but it is needed only if there is not enough natural secret.

  • Time. Caresses can be engaged from 3 to 15 minutes. Purpose at the beginning of the experiments — cause excitement or strengthen it. At the first experiments and this is enough. If the point is active, then an orgasm will occur during stimulation. And if the finals are obtained, you can achieve jet orgasms with this effect.

  • Stimulation of neighboring zones. At the first experiments, the sensation for the girl is incomprehensible, so it is better to combine them with other caresses: kisses, stimulation of the clitoris, etc. The process should be relaxed, and not turn into «Establishing orgasm at all costs».

Time takes to activate the point G. But if the area «awoke», then she will always give pleasure.

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