How the female orgasm is different from the male | Psychology of relations

How the female orgasm is different from the male.

, How the female orgasm is different from the male | Psychology of relations
Mostly the differences between the orgasm of the girl and the men are a little. The excitement increases, the tension is dumped, endorphins and oxytocin begin to be produced. According to the sexologist, the differences in sexual satisfaction between the woman and the representative of the stronger sex exist in details, which we will consider.

Features of orgasm in men

There are many myths about male orgasm, for example, that they are shorter than female. It is also believed that a man is capable of fewer orgasms than a woman. Is it so? Let’s figure it out.


If girls have sexual pleasure from different caresses, then her lover needs to stimulate a member, his head, bridle.

It will be curious to find out that male ejaculation is not the same thing as an orgasm. These are completely different processes. A lover can deceive his partner, saying that he received an orgasm. Women pretend to be in bed often, trying to reward the efforts of the gentleman. A man can lie because of fear of demonstrating weaknesses in sex.


Unlike female pleasure, the orgasm of her partner is characterized by the reaction of the body. It is expressed in powerful and pleasant impressions, sensations that resemble an explosion of emotions and feelings. Beloved can enjoy intimacy relaxing, and enjoying the affection.

Partners are differently experiencing a climax in intimacy. If girls close their eyes, trying to focus on their own feelings and impressions, then men often look at their partner. The guys’ gaze is foggy, wandering, but they still observe the behavior of the lover, her reaction., How the female orgasm is different from the male | Psychology of relations


Interestingly, the gentlemen are more sensual to the psychological intimate atmosphere, contrary to template opinion. For men, a good mood is important, as well as the lack of stress.

Women can taste intimacy during the prelude, and the guys have everything differently. If a man has a bad mood, he does not get excited, he will not have an erection, which means that sex can not be counted.

The number of simultaneous orgasms

After intimacy, a man needs time to recover. And the girl, having sex, can get several orgasms in a row.

Features of orgasms in women

And what are the orgasms of women? Several species are distinguished at once. But what sensations does a lady experience during them? How they differ from the experiences of a man?

By impressions

Ordinary young lady may experience different types of climax in sex. If the girl is excited, she can come to the peak of pleasure from one passionate kiss in the neck.

Specialists have views on the types of orgasms. According to one version, there is only one type of sexual climax – clitoral. Another theory claims that the type of orgasm will depend on the zone that stimulates.

Sexologists distinguish 4 main types of pleasure:

  • Cliter.
  • Anal orgasm.
  • Myotonic.
  • Vaginal.

Separately, we can talk about multiple orgasm – this is a series of pleasures that follow each other. One peak gradually moves to the next, and their number can reach even a few dozen.

There is also an inkjet orgasm in which a certain amount of fluid is released. Not all girls are predisposed to such an orgasm, and he needs to learn. It is associated with stimulation of point g., How the female orgasm is different from the male | Psychology of relations

Intensity of sensations

All girls are completely different. Some are more sensitive, others less. It all depends on temperament, sexual partner, as well as on the environment.

There are 4 amplitudes of intimate climax, ranging from an almost imperceptible physical condition to behavior resembling convulsion.

  • The fourth degree. The lack of a bright reaction is characteristic. There is excitement, breathing is even, a pleasant languor is felt.
  • The third degree. A pleasant pulsation is felt in the vagina.
  • The second degree. A spasm of the abdomen, as well as the hips and legs, is added to the pulsation. The first degree. The whole body vibrates with pleasure.

Sometimes, the girl’s body almost does not react to sexual pleasure, so a man may not feel the pleasure of a girl. But she enjoys, just the reaction is not expressed. But since the partner is waiting for bright manifestations, the ladies sometimes simulate.


There is an opinion that the environment is important for girls for intimacy. She must trust a man to relax. Guys are convinced that without a delicious dinner, with candles with a pleasant aroma, a bed on which rose petals will be scattered, women do not have a desire to have sex.

But the girls have a curious feature if she does not want intimacy, but the man begins to touch her, trying to get into an erotic game, she can be excited during the prelude and enjoy. Desire arises during the prelude, and dinner and flowers have nothing to do with.

The power of orgasm

Female orgasm is different. And this is not expressed in external manifestations, but in internal experiences. Most often strength is associated with the emotional component. For example, when a woman is in love, her orgasms are more “tasty”.

Sex toys also make orgasms brighter than orgasms. For example, a massager caressing the clitoris can give sensations much more expressive than other partner caresses. Often the combination of sex toys and movements of partners work simply miracles, strengthening

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