High heels – enemies of orgasm

High heels – enemies of orgasm.

, High heels – enemies of orgasm

Sweeter stilettos – An integral attribute of a modern female toilet and each charming man certainly takes into account this when creating her style. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that these slender things have a negative effect not only on the legs. The fact that wearing high -heeled shoes is quite burdensome for most women are known to many. And about the consequences for the ankle and joints – Same. Beauty demanded this victim for a long time.

But the fact that adherents of such shoes are much more likely to experience difficulties with achieving orgasm, and, consequently, and pleasure in bed, it has recently been known. Italian urologists, having studied the data obtained from women for whom such shoes are an indispensable accessory, and on the basis of additional studies made very gloomy conclusions.

They believe that only low -heeled shoes can positively affect the female body. Such shoes make the legs more flexible, and the muscles of the pelvis are strengthened. This is directly due to the fact that a woman is worried in the bedroom. Researchers have found that women whose legs are at an angle of 15 degrees in relation to the floor (for those who have a heeled shoes no higher than 6 centimeters), the pelvis is in the most optimal position to increase the probability of orgasm and increase its intensity.

, High heels – enemies of orgasm

And what doctors say?

Not in favor of the studs and the opinions of doctors who are engaged in diseases of the back and spine. For several years, they note the fact that constant walking in high heels does not affect the correct posture, and in the future – becomes the main cause of many diseases. After all, at the moment when you stand on a high heel, your legs begin to experience unnatural loads. The center of gravity of the body shifts forward, and a characteristic line "S" The spine is deformed and causes constant back pain.

The more often walk in heels, the higher the risk of getting to an appointment with an orthopedist. The most common problems include deformation of the shape of the foot, the constant reduction of the tendon of Achilles and the ingrown nails. Even your knees can suffer due to high heels. Statistics confirm that the diseases of the knee joints in women are two times more likely than in men.

Studs – Enemies of the female figure

While wearing such shoes, without additional regular gymnastics, weakening the muscles of the pelvis and the lower abdomen quickly, where there is a non -aesthetic «ball».

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