Female orgasm day – Pornhub action

Pornhub trolled men on the day of female orgasm.

Users of a popular adult site suddenly faced a problem: the video loses a little less than until the middle and stops. However, Pornhub hastened to explain: the matter is not at all in technical problems and not in the coincidence. It’s just such a “gift” to representatives of the stronger sex on International Women’s Orgasm Day.

In honor of the holiday, the site decided to draw the attention of users to the fact that most of them cannot bring the girls to the climax, after which they have to guess how to make an artificial cock and fuck themselves.

, Female orgasm day – Pornhub action

That’s why the video, popular among male gesesxuals, suddenly hang 40%. That is how many women, according to statistics, have problems with orgasm because of partners who cannot satisfy them.

With his festive action, Pornhub wants not only to pay attention to the problem, but also to make men feel on their place of their ladies when they only got down, but it was already over. The site indicates research data by which only 60% of heterosexual steam reaches simultaneous orgasm. But Quir-params succeed much more often-in 85% of cases.

Pornhub also notes that for a long time the problem of gender inequality in terms of obtaining orgasm has not been raised, which is associated with the existing taboo on the topic of female sexuality. However, times have changed, and men must realize that the gentle sex is also worthy of the right to finish.

And if you came across a good lover, the site offers to thank it with a special certificate. It confirms that the man showed strength, courage and endurance, to give the partner her best orgasm.

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