Dry orgasm in men

Dry orgasm in men.

«Dry orgasm» The concept is not so common among the mass public. Many men, having lived until 75 years old, have never encountered this phrase or this process in life.

What is this?

Dry orgasm – This is an orgasm without ejaculation. The isoacoulat is released (transparent viscous fluid), but not the seed itself. It is extremely rare in everyday sexual life. Independent achievement of such an orgasm is possible when using oriental practices, like tantra.

Dry orgasm can be one of the forms of practice «saved intercourse», the purpose of which to maintain the duration of the sexual process itself.

Characterization of dry orgasm:

1. With dry orgasm, the erection does not disappear. A man does not need time for «Repeated» reloading.

2. Having mastered the technique of dry orgasm, a man can experience multiple orgasms during one sexual intercourse, we will repeat, again without losing an erection.

3. Male libido is satisfied, without prejudice to physical and psycho-emotional health.

4. Dry orgasm is common among adolescents before puberty.

And yet a little criticism:

The old truth says that everything is fine, that in moderation. Dry orgasm gives pleasure, unlimited by anything. There are cases when an uncontrolled amount of sexual contacts with a constant achievement of repeated orgasm depressed the body, even leading a person to mental disorders.

Every man can master the technique of dry orgasm, but not everyone wants to exchange classical «ending» bed scene for this option.

Lack of synchronism, if I may call it, between orgasm and ejaculation can lead to complications for the genitals and for potency, including.

But, in any case, those who like to discover new worlds of pleasure can also look into this.

, Dry orgasm in men

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