6 myths about the jet orgasm

6 myths about the jet orgasm.

, 6 myths about the jet orgasm

Squirt or jet orgasm — This is a special condition that not many have seen. But it is often demonstrated in porn, so there are many myths and legends associated with this process. We decided to dispel the most popular of them.

1. Jet orgasm does not exist

Someone believes that in porn they show installation or just urinating that this has nothing to do with orgasm. And in the film it is There can really be a fake, for a beautiful frame. But in life, some women also experience a squirt, a stream of liquid splashes during the peak of pleasure, and it can be a lot.

It is important to understand what sometimes happens getting wet without a stream, But this is also a squirt. The amount of secretion from a few drops to 200 ml.

, 6 myths about the jet orgasm

2. Squirt — This is an innate ability

Say myth or not — impossible. There are no full-fledged studies that can say something about the frequency of squirt and the causes of its occurrence. Theories are different, their truthfulness must be proved.

Someone says that all women are capable of squirt, if proper stimulation occurs. Others claim that this ability is characteristic of units. AND True not yet clarified.

3. Discharge — This is urine

What splashes during a squirt? This is a colorless liquid that is not urine. It has no pungent odor, leaves no traces on clothes. But the place of its accumulation is not clear.

In all respects it differs from urine. But someone claims to be «Primary urine», which has not yet mixed up with the bladder with life products that are prepared to remove from the body.

, 6 myths about the jet orgasm

4. If you have learned, it will not pass

There are a lot of courses teaching squirt. And it is believed that this skill cannot disappear over the years. But this is not so. In order for such manifestations to happen, the right emotions, a rested body and the desired level of excitement are needed. If a woman is in stress, there is little rest, It is very difficult for her to experience something like.

If she has learned, this skill can be activated again. But this does not mean at all that every sex will happen just like that. After all, ordinary orgasms do not happen every time, but for this it takes more time and effort.

5. Men really like squirt

When the couple strives for such an orgasm and reaches it — This is a delight. Long training that give the result — This is great. But only then it maybe not so fun. After all, after you need to change bedding or even dry the mattress, it is difficult to make love to guests, it is impossible to give a quick sex.

The first such manifestation can surprise a man if he did not encounter him before, he might think that a girl «Described». And this causes embarrassment, and sometimes misunderstanding.

, 6 myths about the jet orgasm

6. Squirt cooler than any orgasm

Squirt — This is the release of liquid. Sometimes it occurs at the time of orgasm, sometimes before it or after it. No woman says that these are the best sensations in her life, since every sex is unique. And sometimes this is really a holiday, and sometimes something is not quite intelligible.

The desire for squirt is associated with fashion and curiosity. But ordinary vaginal or Cliter orgasms can be no less pleasant And useful.

To achieve squirt, you need to stimulate the point g. Make it fingers or special sex toys. And if after myths the desire to achieve a jet orgasm did not disappear, choose the right devices to bring its offensive.

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