Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

All about oral sex.

, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

Prelude helps to catch a wave before the start of a sensual game. All parts of the body are used. Partners hug each other. Girls stroke a member, guys gently touch the vagina. The degree of excitation is growing until it reaches a critical mark. What is the most popular type of preliminary caress? The one in which the mouth, lips and tongue are used.

What it is

Oral sex – stimulation of erogenous zones and genitals using the oral cavity, lips and tongue. In some cases, even teeth are included in the process. The term came from the Latin word oris – mouth. People have been engaged in such practices since the heyday of ancient Egypt. At least the written evidence of that era has reached us.

Oral use in love games even volatile foxes. Scientists from the University of Indian Madurai Kamaraj watched a colony. It turned out that males make females pleasantly before penetration. This extends sexual intercourse.

Scandal among scientists

Similar studies of the sex life of bats were conducted by Chinese “naturalists”. Entomologist Min Tang from the institute, which is located in the province of Guangdun, proved that females oral caresses increase the duration of sex.

Scientific work fell into the hands of psychologist Dylan Evans from Irish University Cork. The doctor liked one picture:

, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

Dilan on November 2, 2009 went into the office of his colleague, Rossana Salerino-Cennedi and showed her an “indecent” image, as they say, to neighing together.

But the woman did not appreciate the humor and accused the vulgarity of sexual harassment. True, at first she asked her to give her a copy of the article with the picture.

“I was shocked, offended and humiliated,” the woman explained the motives by which a complaint was filed. – I was very ashamed. And I asked for a copy of the article only to finish our communication.

As a result, Dylan was taken under surveillance for two years with the condition: another harassment – we will fire from the university.

So the tendency of European ladies in everything to see the harassment resulted in the scandal of two scientists Because of the picture c scientific article.

Interest in licking intimate places is observed in monkeys. Especially in the bonobo chimpanze. So, not only people fall through the lips to vagins and members. This phenomenon can be observed in all living nature. It is not for nothing that the ancient Roman philosopher Lucius Seneca said: “which is natural, it is not ugly.”.


Man is an inventive creature. Stormy imagination can create new types of sensual caresses. Take at least trichophilic sex when a man receives an orgasm from friction with a member head about a partner’s hairstyle. So with the oral. There are traditional practices and not very. We will tell you more about them.

Blow job

, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

Blowjob – stimulation of the penis with the help of a partner’s mouth. At the same time, throat, tongue, lips and teeth are used. The main task of practice is to achieve a persistent erection before the start of sex. Auxiliary goal is to force a man to end without penetration into a vagina or anus.

At the present time, the suction has become the norm. Only inveterate moralists inspire their friends that taking in their mouths is indecent. Ladies who want to find a worthy partner, first of all learning a difficult blowing blowjob.

First, girls train on a cleaned banana. Then move on to “live” practice. As the skills improve, they manage to attract more and more status men. Not for nothing, many representatives of the stronger sex see a significant difference between the two options:

  1. High -quality suction.
  2. Sliding between the lips.

In the first case, a woman knows how to make a vacuum, in the second – just rubs with barely squeezed lips on the head. In rare cases, the language is involved in the process. This is worse than vaginal sex, since there is no sense of pressure and penetration.


, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

Kuni – caresses of vagina and clitoris using a tongue. The basis of lesbian games. But in traditional pairs, practice is popular. Active partner licks the labia, penetrates inside, sucks the clitoris.

Girls like it when lovers pay attention to their genitals. Exception – excessively shy ladies. The guys have a dual attitude towards Lanet. On the one hand, many are not averse to touching the beautiful lips, on the other, they are afraid of condemnation and ridicule from friends.

A common phenomenon when a man simply reciprocates his companion, who makes him a blowjob. Especially characteristic of the “equal” posture 69.

In BDSM practices, if the guy is in the role of the lower, and the girl is upper, Cooney becomes an obligatory attribute of sensory practices.


, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

Anusling – licking the anus of a partner. Rimming is made to men and women. In the first case, practice is combined with the “massage” of the testicles, in the second – with the “polishing” of the clitoris. It is not right. So that fecal bacteria do not penetrate the vagina, it is better to refrain from the transition to other parts of the body. Practice includes the following stages:

  • Preparation. The giving side goes to the toilet, rinses the rectum and shaves the hair around the anus.
  • Execution. The receiving partner conducts the tongue in erogenous zones, “draws” the letters, penetrates inside.
  • Safety. Both partners monitor hygiene, rinse their mouths, use a lubricant with an antiseptic.

Anilingus prefer to perform men. They like to influence the most “secluded” point of a woman. Acador’s caresses can become an exciting prelude to anal sex.

Both sexes normally relate to rimming. Only moralists and feminists try to decay people from this sexual practice. The main argument is dangerous, you can catch the infection. But the elementary rules of hygiene nullify all risks.


, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

Feyissitting – oral sex in which a partner sits on his lover’s face. Genitals or anus are in contact with the lips of the receiving side. In traditional pairs, the girl is slightly rubbed against her boyfriend. In the role-playing games “Mistress-Rab”, the upper one in the playing form “strangles” its lower, forcing the vagina licking. Lack of oxygen brings a certain highlight in the process.

Lesbian couples are also not averse to doing facial. Active girl clamps her hips passive and releases only when she finishes. The responsibility of the liability includes the complete licking of all the discharge of the partner.

It excites guys when a girl takes an active role. New sensations appear. The main thing is that the partner has no prejudices like: “He does everything I want, it means weak”. Otherwise, the relationship will spoil.

So that there are no misunderstandings in the process, it is better for partners to talk before the start of active oral sex. Find out each other’s preferences, learn about secret fantasies.


, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

Practice is somewhat reminiscent of a blowjob, but is carried out according to other rules. A man is actively moving in the mouth of a partner, the head of the penis rubs on the tongue and even touches the throat. There is practically no woman’s skills. The main task is to open your mouth and squeeze your lips more.

Guys in the heat of passion can overdo it. In this case, it is important to be able to restrain the gag reflex. Otherwise, oral sex instead of pleasure will become a problem. There are a couple of ways for this:

  1. Glob through the four fingers of the left hand with the thumb, and squeeze the fist with force.
  2. Spray on a soft palate with a spray with benzocaine in the composition. Sensitivity will decrease.

The effectiveness of the first option has doubts. Need to be checked experimentally. And the second will most likely help. After all, benzocaine has the effect of “frost”. Nervous endings will not respond to a foreign object.


, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

This is a self -toss. Available to men with a high level of flexibility. You need to dodge in such a way as to get the member’s head with your mouth. For the successful execution of the procedure, it is important to follow the rules:

  • Not to eat in front. The stuffed stomach will not allow an acrobatic study to perform.
  • Engage in stretching. Go to the goal of slow steps. But the result will be.
  • Move slowly. During autofellement, it is easy to lose stability. You can get an injury.

In any case, only purposeful guys are able to master practice. There are rumors on the forums that the first “contact” should be expected at least two months. At this time, you can have ordinary vaginal sex.

A bag of tea

, Oral sex: what is it and all types with pictures

Very exotic practice for Russian sex lovers. It is performed as follows:

  1. The partner opens his mouth.
  2. A man puts one testicle into him.
  3. Then he stuffs the second.

Here is such an intricate way. Sometimes lovers of “brew tea” put their testiculas on the face of girls. And if they already put the most valuable in the mouth, then they slowly get and “dip” again. Reciprocating movements last for a long time.

To give a man a maximum of pleasure in bed, women keep real, hot tea in their mouths before sex.

We talked about what oral sex is. 7 types of love are related to the stimulation of the genitals with the mouth of the mouth.

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