Oral sex

Oral sex.

, Oral sex
Oral sex, t. e. Contacts in positions of the face – the penis, the face – the vagina or the face – the buttocks – this is an exceptionally intimate type of intimacy in the physical and often emotional sense. This can be part of the prelude before demolition or a separate sexual effect, leading to orgasm, without intercourse as such.

Strictly speaking, oral sex is a sexual effect with a mouth. Many men use oral genital caresses to arouse women or bring to orgasm before sexual intercourse. In other cases, men do this for mutual pleasure by oral sex without sexual intercourse in general, in abundance, drawing these caresses to their beloved. As well as men, one women blowjob gives special pleasure (waffol), and others just like it, and they are in the mood to do it to a man.

While for some oral affection is just a passionate, exciting, funny and erotic effect, for others, close oral-genital contact is much greater intimate value than sexual intercourse. Oral sex can play a significant role in emotional and intimate contact, in which partners are tuned to each other through subtle wordless hints, while feeling a special unity and mutual desire to give and receive.

Who is the first and why

Many couples who want to mutually enjoy oral sex are believed to be the first to do this to a woman. There is a simple explanation for this. If a man ends the first, his sexual excitement passes and the body goes into a postorgasmal state (in the scientific language, the state of non -wableness). It is most likely that a man will make cunnilingus best when he is in a state of excitement, with an erect member and in anticipation of orgasm.

His activity, the desire to enjoy and get excited from your sexual sounds and reactions is much higher if he has not yet ejaculated. After her first orgasm, a woman can be in a state of excitement and the ability to subsequent orgasms within an hour, therefore, proceeding to the oral caresses of a man after her first orgasm, she is still excited, moist and wishes to intercourse. Of course, a man who is really (really!) wants to deliver oral caresses to a woman, will do it perfectly even after his orgasm, and the lack of reactions of his body does not mean at all that he does not like a woman.


When considering posters for oral sex, there are two main questions: access and convenience. If you want to do this for a long time, convenience plays an important role. The partner who is delivered caressed should be convenient so that he can relax and not be distracted by trifles (and not say: “What is it under my left shoulder?”Or” This floor is so cold!”). The partner delusing, convenience is necessary so that he can concentrate and do it exquisitely and for a long time. If you are inconvenient, you cannot do it cool (both with your mouth, however, by your hands).

Conversations during oral sex

Whispering all sorts of sweet fables, “dirty” stories, moans, shouting his/her name, “Oh, yes, yes, yes …” – all these are good forms of emotional contact, but in the case of oral sex they are useless. If you can’t do something, just talk! If you want to know if your actions really need what you need, ask. Right now, the moment has come to determine the middle ground to which you are a partner who is able to get anyone, and after which is a completely indifferent and uninitiated partner. Random, brief or periodic “control” questions are allowed by views or words. Often helps discussing the problem before or after sex, which makes it possible to find out what your partner likes. Every half -minute to interrupt caresses to ask: “So?”Or” How about this?” – a bad way.

Also, it is no good if a man stops every ten seconds and asks: “Here?”Or” What about it like this?”. This is not a time for discussion. This will end that you will want to scream: “Well, let’s already quickly!»The compromise lies somewhere between the” exit “and the complete silence. Just give a little time to questions and answers, and the rest of the time will remain for you for oral caresses. And remember: your conversations should not be reduced only to questions and answers. Usually men hate such conversations.

With oral caresses of genitals for a man, “dirty” conversations play an important role. Men like to listen to what you think about his dick and why do you love him so much in your mouth. And women love to listen to how beautiful they are and how it starts it when he looks at their “pussy” and sees how everything is blushing and moistening.
If a man gives you oral affection, you can talk a little longer: after all, your mouth is now free (except, of course, the position “69”). In addition to erotic sounds, help your partner with prompts. If he understood you correctly and you do not want to stop him, let him know about it before he changes movement or place. Well, if you want, for example, he moved a little to the left, then how can he know about it if you do not tell him?

Another method of communication with oral sex is body language. Hips and facial expression give you right away. Some men and women, taking oral affection, like to lie on their backs with an impassive stone face, others tremble in ecstasy. Learn to understand the meaning of the movements and gestures of the partner. As a rule, if a woman wags her hips towards a man or rhythmically moves them up and down, then he does everything right. And if a man tries to advance his cock forward or moves his basin towards a woman, this means that he was bored with your “small” affection and he wants to deeper. Watch your partner and follow these hints, and you will find out what he asks you for and what he reacts to both words and without words.


Oral sex is a relatively safe type of sex regarding the risk of pregnancy, however, in this case, there is the possibility of transmitting or obtaining sexually transmitted diseases (STD). In order for oral sex to be safe, a blowjob should be done in a condom, and use oral napkins or rubber shawls placed on Vulva for cunnilingus (see. “Oral condoms”) . It’s no secret that most of us do not do this even with random and erratic contacts. Well, if you prefer to neglect caution and do it without rubber, try to at least avoid the following troubles.

  • If you have or in her mouth or lips you notice an ulcer, fever or anything suspicious, do not allow it (her) to your belt below the belt. Herpes can be transmitted to genitals.
  • If you recently had a dentist or your mouth has ulcers or gums bleed, avoid a sperm or menstrual blood in your mouth, since HIV transmission is possible in this way.

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