Is it possible to swallow sperm: the benefits and harm for a woman, how to persuade a blowjob with an ending

Is it possible to swallow sperm: the benefits and harm for a woman, how to persuade a blowjob with an ending.

, Is it possible to swallow sperm: the benefits and harm for a woman, how to persuade a blowjob with an ending

Do you know, dear women, that male sperm is not just ejaculates that can fertilize the eggs of fertile women. Seed fluid is a product of a full life of every adult man. Sperm is produced by a prostate and merchants, but we are not interested in this. We will consider male sperm exclusively from a sexual point of view, namely, we will try to deal with the most common problem of oral sex and answer the question, Is it possible to swallow sperm, Is it useful or harmful to a woman, and what to do with her at all if you don’t want to taste it at all.

Indeed, all women for whom intimate life is not limited to vaginal sex in the missionary position, once face such a spicy moment. Making a man blowjob, any girl understands that his logical conclusion will be the ejaculation. But how to be with it, swallow or not? Of course, men like it when a woman sucks and swallows sperm – this sometimes excites them even more than the blowjob itself. Question: Girls swallow sperm with pleasure or to please their partners?

, Is it possible to swallow sperm: the benefits and harm for a woman, how to persuade a blowjob with an ending

A woman swallows sperm, is it possible

Many women swallow sperm so as not to spoil the overall impression of oral sex. As a rule, girls think about this in advance, t.e. Long before the blowjob, the partner knows whether she will swallow a white fluid filled with sperm, or will pre -warn the man to finish he had begun outside her mouth. Sometimes girls are ready to take a seed and swallow it, but they are afraid to seem too dissolved to the partner. And yet, what to do with sperm, solve only a woman. One thing can be said for sure: swallowing ejaculation, a woman shows the highest degree of trust in her partner, which conquers him.

The taste of sperm or why the woman does not swallow

A woman shows a categorical refusal to swallow male sperm in several cases:

  • She did not like the taste (bitter, sour, salty);
  • Its smell is unpleasant-yes, male ejaculate has a smell in some cases;
  • Someone is purely psychologically unpleasant to its warmth-associations with the natural discharge of the body (urine, sweat, feces) are possible;
  • Aversion causes a viscous consistency – many have the feeling that it is glued, jelly -like, and simply gets stuck in the throat;
  • For a specific girl, swallowing sperm can be perceived as a moral and physical humiliation of her human dignity.

We lower some psychological obstacles in this matter and discuss an important factor – taste and smell. As we have already said, the seed can be neutral and tasteless, without any smell. In this case, swallow even pleasant. But to smear the salty or bitter viscous liquid in the mouth of no desire.

The taste of sperm depends solely on the nutrition and lifestyle of its owner. If a man smokes, drinks, does not play sports, eats incorrectly, sperm will have an unpleasant taste, most likely, bitter or sour. In this case, you need to be a menu, not frown at the end of the blowjob!

Fruits, unsweetened yogurts, vegetables, a large amount of greens, natural juices and a decrease in the meat diet will make the partner ejaculate sweet or neutral in taste. Use natural cinnamon more and drink green tea. Do not eat a lot of cabbage, as it affects the smell. Quit smoking and drink regularly – it plays almost the same role as food. If the nasty taste and smell remain, your friend is time for a urologist and venereologist. He is clearly not everything in order with sexual health. If the taste is obsessively sweet, send the guy to the endocrinologist – suddenly, diabetes.

, Is it possible to swallow sperm: the benefits and harm for a woman, how to persuade a blowjob with an ending

The benefits of sperm, is it possible to swallow

It is not surprising that women worry about this, doubting whether male sperm is useful, whether there will be any violations in the body, if you swallow it regularly. It turns out that the seed fluid is rich in valuable trace elements necessary for the full life of the body.

In our sex shop there is everything for high-quality oral sex! Pay attention to the section “Preparations and cosmetics”: lubricants, exciting gels, fruit lubricants, prolongants and much more! Go to the “BDSM” section, suddenly you will want to buy a gag and “cram” your baby in the mouth with the subsequent end in the throat?

Myths and reality

Myth 1. The presence of zinc and calcium required to strengthen dental enamel and healing the gums, prevent the development of caries.

Reality. These are just urban legends, because even when swallowing 1-2 times a day it is impossible to gain so much calcium and zinc from several teaspoons. But we will believe that there will definitely not be harmful.

Myth 2. The content of prostaglandins. Hormones that stimulate the active production of female estrogen are the cause of a feminine figure and volumetric breast, excellent condition of hair, nails and skin.

Reality. The probability that this is true is, as well as the likelihood that it is a complete button accordion. To what volume you need to swallow, think! And how they fall into the body: through the stomach and intestines? Moreover, here is the endocrine system?

Myth 3. Gives more chances for successful fertilization and gestation. Without hesitation, a woman needs to swallow male sperm if the couple thinks about continuing the genus. The mother body should get used to a foreign protein in advance so that the fetal egg without complications is attached to the uterine wall.

Reality. Yes, that only men will not come up with to get sexual pleasure. A woman becomes pregnant through a vagina, so the intake of sperm through her mouth and stomach will not introduce the female vagina with her. But to boys 5 points for fantasy!

Myth 4. The presence of antioxidants in the ejaculate allows you to effectively use it in the fight against age -related wrinkles. As a regular face mask, male sperm is used to pull the contours and prevent premature aging.

Reality. This has a share of common sense. But there is one moment – your physiognomy can sprinkle with allergies, because natural protein is not taken by every skin cover.

Myth 5. Seed fluid is the strongest antidepressant, since it is enriched with the so -called hormones of happiness: serotonin, melatonin and prolactin.

Reality. In general, this statement is a perfect truth, but only regarding a vaginal hit, when ending is absorbed into the walls of the vagina. At least depressed blowjobs and gays, which became sharply and irrevocably happy with the regular sucking of a member, we did not meet.

And we also heard stories about the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease with the help of constant swallowing sperm, gorgeous weight loss and prevention of obesity. Malakhov and Malyshev do not remind you with their propaganda urinotherapy? If not, then you have the right to experiment with swallowing seed fluid at any time! Be sure to unsubscribe to us about your results!

The main thing is to fall asleep the simple truth! Nothing will happen to you if you swallow the sperm of your beloved man at your own request! You will not green, do not get fat, do not turn into a mother prostitute and do not even become pregnant (we foresee that young people have such a question from time to time)!

What is the danger of sperm if you swallow

We have already talked about conditional benefits for women from sperm. In principle, this excitation product is completely safe. But as always, there are exceptions from the rules.

You can’t swallow sperm in the following cases:

  • The man is sick with STD, HIV, is a carrier of different household infections and simply not an adherent of sexual hygiene;
  • You have a tendency to skin and food allergic reactions (why do we need Quincke’s edema, though?);
  • You have a weak gastrointestinal tract – the appearance of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (“white friend” is waiting for you).

We make a simple conclusion – we do not swallow the first person oncoming, but the proven and beloved – please. This is so nice when the wife swallows her husband’s sperm! Also keep in mind that a swallowed foreign protein can cause a small disorder for the first time. After repeating such oral experience, the body adapts.

, Is it possible to swallow sperm: the benefits and harm for a woman, how to persuade a blowjob with an ending

The girl swallows sperm, whether men like

Rarely which man does not like that the girl swallows sperm. And then, in this attitude to the process, some internal attitudes are involved, and not a physical disgust. Most men just bastard when the blowjob ends with the descent into the mouth! Two factors are involved in this: it is pleasant to the partner that the beloved accepts him entirely, and also like the dominance through ejaculation in the female mouth. But what to do if she refuses you to such pleasure?

How to persuade the girl to swallow sperm

First of all, tell her about The benefits for youth and figure – These are probably the most convincing factors for the beautiful half. Some of them will swallow anything, and even even more so! Just to be young and beautiful. As an option – to smear the face – free mask!

You can say with a smart look that, swallowing sperm, she prepares for future motherhood. If the girl is not burdened with intelligence, then you are lucky!

Try it Buy mint sweets, which will drown out the specific taste of sperm. In sex shops, fruit gels for oral sex are sold. If there is no aversion to artificial lubricants, then invite Virgo to suck With some strawberry gel.

Teach your beloved to make a throat blowjob, then be in the throat – There are no taste receptors, and it will not feel anything.

Dimmer Penis with jam, syrup, something else sweet-thus a blowjob with an ending in her mouth will become more pleasant for her.

Prepare a glass of water or juice – Let him drink And the taste of “gluten” will break through the taste.

Try to remove reflexes from her head together (more often disgust and vomit are associated precisely with focusing on unpleasant experience or thoughts). Let imagine that this is yogurt, For example.

If the girl is not very experienced, do not let her first portion into her mouth. There are a lot of sperm – choke. Dright her on the tip of her tongue, when will be the second call or the third.

First, choose poses where the sperm will pour on top-down-so the gag reflex is not so obvious. Knight pose Before the man is perfect.

Before the drain, let it play less with the tongue, but simply sucks. So she Close taste receptors.

, Is it possible to swallow sperm: the benefits and harm for a woman, how to persuade a blowjob with an ending

Girls love esoteric tales, so tell her about the special energies of qi. There are so many of them in male sperm that it is a sin to drain such a valuable product in a fist. Share your strength with your beloved, do not make meanness, leaving it without a “mayonnaise spit”.

But be that as it may, swallow sperm or not, the girl is in the right to solve herself. In any case, if a man prefers to engage in unprotected oral sex, he should take care that the taste of seed with the ejaculation likes the taste. What ideal male sperm should be unequivocally said, but you can definitely report: it should not have unpleasant odors and a sharp taste. It is advisable for guys to abandon alcohol and smoking, coffee and too fat dishes that can negatively affect the taste of sperm. It is better to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Girls, you swallow sperm or spit? Let it finish in your mouth? Men, your women love a blowjob with an end in their mouths? Tell us what turns you when the girl sucks and swallows? We are waiting for passionate and interesting comments!

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