Expanders for the mouth: Oral sex cannot be avoided

Expanders for the mouth: Oral sex cannot be avoided.

, Expanders for the mouth: Oral sex cannot be avoided

Expand for the mouth is a BDSM toy that allows you to constantly keep the mouth of a slave (submissive) open

Expand for the mouth-a very interesting intimate-toy BDSM. In principle, its design is more than simple and does not allow the subordinate partner to close his mouth. This is convenient for both partners. The submissive does not get his mouth tired, and the master can enjoy the blowjob for a long time. In addition, the slave loses the opportunity to speak, he can only moan or mumble, which will certainly give a special pleasure.

Your partner does not see what you are doing or plan to do. And since a partner with the expander is in a subordinate state, you have the right to give him pleasure in various ways, for example, putting your cock in your mouth and getting an excellent blowjob.

The rings of the mouth expander are fixed with a special strap. This intimate toy goes perfectly with the collar and mask. Buy other BDSM toys, for example, whip, handcuffing, clamps for nipples and so on.

Variety of expanders for the mouth

Application of expanders for the mouth

It is worth noting that in adult goods stores you can find a huge number of different models of the extensor for the mouth, as well as other BDSM toys and BDSM of clothing.

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