Allergies to latex and oral sex

Allergies to latex and oral sex.

“I am allergic to latex, but I would like to have safer oral sex. Are lubricants harmful on condoms without latex when swallowing? I can’t find condoms without latex and lubrication anywhere."

There are several types of condoms for safer sex that are made without latex, but these options are often difficult to find without a lubricant. Although they can be tasteless, lubricants are usually not considered harmful if they enter the body in small quantities contained in condoms. If you have specific allergies or sensitivity to glycerin or silicone (which are found in some lubricants), be sure to check the label on the package.

Before you go shopping, you need to know A few details:

Condoms without latex are compatible with additional lubricants on oil, silicone and water -based (it is worth noting that this does not apply to latex condoms, since oil -based lubricants destroy latex and reduce their effectiveness).

To use condoms for oral sex on a larger area, cut the tip of the condom, and then cut it vertically, forming a square (in shape resembling a latex cloth).

Sheepskin condoms: these condoms are made from the bag in the intestines of the lamb. It is important to note that although condoms from sheep skins are effective to prevent pregnancy, they do not provide equal protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Polyurethane condoms: this option without the use of latex is available in most pharmacies. This synthetic material provides greater flexibility when it comes to additional lubrication – it is compatible with lubricants on oil, silicone and water -based. This is also good: these condoms are slightly thinner than latex, but they are not so flexible, so it is strongly recommended to apply additional lubrication when using them.

Polyizoprene condoms. Another version of barrier material for people who are allergic or sensitive to latex or polyurethane is polyizoprene. These condoms can be slightly thicker than polyurethane, but they are softer and more elastic.

Women’s condoms: Female condoms are made of synthetic rubber material called nitrile. They have a large circle, which makes them better to cover the entire perineum if you have oral sex on the vagina, clitoris or anus. The use of female condoms can be combined with a small number of lubricants, which will give additional sliding.

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