A couple of words about oral sex

A couple of words about oral sex.

, A couple of words about oral sex

Oh, how many questions and disputes among women are caused by oral sex… Some say they say, «I looked around in perverted videos and now also wanted to, like in porn, but how is it possible at all!», Others doubt whether it is possible to have oral sex without a condom, and even with it, suddenly terrible diseases are transmitted through the yell…

Well, someone just does it because he clearly understands – for men oral sex, especially if the lady owns the technique on «Great», Well, or although on «Fine», delivers a lot of physical, aesthetic and moral pleasure. In this article, we will not cite the lessons of oral sex (follow the releases of our heading and «Catch» Useful sexual advice). Let’s look at the terminology, because, it turns out, oral sex – This is not only a blowjob.

, A couple of words about oral sex

Blow job

Blow job – The most common name for practice when the penis caresses with tongue, mouth, throat. Translated from French Faire des minettes means just «caress», «tickle». In Russian, this word has been used for a long time, for example, in the 90s of the XIX century, the term was used «Blowjob». By the way, an interesting fact: in the diaries of Harms, Kunnilingus is also called Minet (the 20-30s of the last century).


Irrumation – Already a brand new word, is it not true? It came from Latin IR- «inside» + Ruma «nipple». This is the name of the practice when the partner himself makes progressive movements in the oral cavity of the partner. By the way, oral sex technique «Deep Throat», which can often be watched in porn, is considered one of the types of irremacy, only frictions occur already in the throat.

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