Vsexshop_ replaces: Is masturbation safe?

Vsexshop_ replaces: Is masturbation safe?.

"I recently found that if you change the settings of a shower watering can so that the pressure of the water is stronger and faster, it is great for masturbation. My question is whether there is a risk to health with such masturbation and when using running water? I am most concerned about the ingress of water into the vagina… Can this cause problems? Thank you very much!"

Shower watering can as a tool for masturbation is an excellent discovery, and stimulating with water your external genitalia is normal! But you are right that the ingress of a jet of water in the vagina may be associated with several possible risks. The direction of the stream of the soul in the vagina can imitate douching, which, by general recognition, is harmful to the health of the vagina. Water inside the vagina can wash away beneficial bacteria and other organisms that are naturally in the vagina, and violate it slightly acidic environment. In turn, this increases the risk of problems such as bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

Regular douching either before or after sex can also increase the risk of infection with sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. These infections use the absence of regular vaginal microflora to appear and settle in the vagina. It can also cause irritation of the vaginal tissues, which can make you more susceptible to STPP. Moreover, a contaminated sprint or shower watering can make new infections and potentially lead to an inflammatory disease of the pelvic organs – a state that can cause a decrease in fertility, infertility and an ectopic pregnancy.

In addition, another possible, but extremely rare risk associated with the spraying of water inside the vagina, is that you can run air inside your body and cause air embolism. Airy embolism is an air bubble that enters the bloodstream. If the air bubble enters the heart, light or brain, this can lead to irreversible damage or even death. Although it is necessary to conduct additional studies to determine whether the spraying of water inside the vagina can cause air embolism, this is still an excellent reason to use the mental watering can to stimulate external zones, such as labia, clitoris, nipples or any other erogenouszones that you like.

, Vsexshop_ replaces: Is masturbation safe?

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