Urethral masturbation: Sowning Instructions

Saunding or Cock Sounding: All about Urethral Masturbation.

Masturbation is a rather scrupulous theme, which is increasingly affected by sexologists and ordinary people. Today, the process of self -satisfaction does not mean anything shameful, on the contrary, is considered a worthy alternative to traditional sex. The most sensitive zone that promises a strong orgasm is the urethra in both men and women, and its stimulation is called urethral masturbation or sauning. But before starting practice, you should get acquainted with safety rules, techniques and toys, without which urethral masturbation is impossible.

, Urethral masturbation: Sowning Instructions

Safety regulations

Masturbation of urethra is stimulation that implies the effect on the inner wall of the urethra. We are talking about the most sensitive and delicate area of the skin, from the touch of which you can experience incredible sensations. But for this, proper preparation is important, including compliance with safety rules.

What is important to know at the preparation stage:

  • It is forbidden to introduce objects that are not intended for this type of masturbation (spoke, paste from the handle and other characteristic objects);
  • Silicone toys, flexible and soft, were specially designed for urethral masturbation for this action;
  • Toys made of glass or metal are intended for those who are already quite experienced in such a case;
  • Before using special massagers for urethra, they are treated with chlorhexidine or miramistin, they are treated with the same disinfector, the penis, so as not to bring infection and pathogenic flora;
  • It is permissible to use sterile lubricants, they can be purchased in pharmacies, while it is advisable to choose water -based products;
  • You need to use a lubricant with several approaches, applying to the toy, introduced by 1 cm, and then pulled out and repeated the procedure again, but already deeper;
  • It is important to move objects in the urethral hole extremely delicately and slowly, so as not to injure delicate skin and mucous membranes.

, Urethral masturbation: Sowning Instructions

It is important to know that the urethral channel can be 4-7 mm in width, but it has the ability to stretch. Inaccurate actions easily lead to injuries, and the wounds lead to infection. Therefore, safety precautions and the correct execution of stimulation are important.

Urethral masturbation techniques

Urethral masturbation for men is not just an unusual method of masturbation, but rather an extreme look. To experience incredible sensations, a special sex toy is introduced into the urethra, it can be a urethral catheter or plag. During the process, a special catheter is introduced into the urethra. Then a person through experiments searches for the most sensitive zone.

What methods are practiced:

  1. Progressive movements by slow immersion in the urethra of the subject. They can be introduced at a variable speed, move in different directions.
  2. Vibration when a special massager with vibration function is used. It is neatly inserted into the hole, and after the optimal vibration mode is selected with the desired speed. It is not necessary to drive such a toy on the mucosa, which protects against the risks of injury.
  3. Electrical stimulation when the current is affected by the urethra. A massager is inserted into the hole, after which small discharges of the electricity are supplied. The sensations will alternate from tickling to tingling, as a result of such irritation, an orgasm certainly occurs.

, Urethral masturbation: Sowning Instructions

First time

In order not to encounter injuries and unpleasant consequences of urethral masturbation, a man needs to follow the simple rules of the first practice, namely:

  • A catheter or another device of the optimal diameter of soft and flexible silicone is selected;
  • A lubricant is applied to the tube, after which the massager is inserted 1-2 cm deep;
  • Next, the tube is protruded and the lubricant is applied again, inserted into the urethra a little deeper than the first time;
  • Repeat the procedure several times until the most erogenous sensitive area is found;
  • For the brightness of sensations with the other hand, you can massage the barrel of the penis and the scrotum.

The first sensations may be accompanied by tingling and light burning. The same man will experience when he urinates after masturbation. Over time, the intensity of such sensations will decrease as it gets used to it. To avoid such consequences, it is important to observe safety measures, do not regret the lubricant, before the procedure and immediately after it use the disinfector.

Devices and toys for sauning

In order for urethral masturbation to be as pleasant and safe as possible, it is important for a man to choose the right sex toy correctly. There are several devices for sauning:

Sport FUCKER ULTRA SOUND stimulator – silicone device for neatly effect on the mucous membrane. A double -sided device can be used from any side, at the end a ball with a diameter of 1.5 cm is provided for additional exposure. On the other hand, the diameter of the device is 0.8 cm. The surface changes thickness, but does not have protrusions or sharp edges. Length – 18.5 cm.

, Urethral masturbation: Sowning Instructions

Vibrator Dilator Vibe – Silicone vibrator from mild pleasant to the touch of the material. The diameter of the part that is introduced into the urethra is 0.6 cm, after introducing to the desired depth, it is not moved, but only activated vibration. 7 stimulation modes with different speeds are provided.

, Urethral masturbation: Sowning Instructions

Thin Finn myostimulator – a metal device made of aluminum with the most smooth surface. You can use in different ways, but the most acute sensations are given by stimulation by current. As you get used to it, you can experiment with different intensity of exposure.

, Urethral masturbation: Sowning Instructions

For beginners, it is worth trying the first version of the toy, as the safest and most delicate look. On it you can hone experience and skill, gradually stretch the urethra for more serious stimulation. As you get used to it, you can cross vibrators and myostimulants, they are intended for advanced men in this matter.


Urethral masturbation gives indescribable sensations and pleasure, which can not compare the vaginal and other type of sex. There are many nerve endings in the urethra, due to which you can immerse yourself in a state of nirvana. But for this you need to know the rules of safety, techniques and methods of selecting sex toys.

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