TOP 40 methods and poses for male masturbation: how to choose the best?

A selection of methods and poses for male masturbation.

Masturbation is a form of sexual stimulation, but by independent influence on the genitals and erogenous zones without sexual intercourse and penetration. Recently, such a lesson has been recognized not only as a normal and natural, but also a useful process for physical and mental health. What poses for male masturbation are suitable for any man, how to masturbate in each of them, is it possible to combine such methods of male masturbation with sex toys? More details about everything will be described in the article further.

, TOP 40 methods and poses for male masturbation: how to choose the best?

The best poses and methods of male masturbation

Despite the fact that the hare posts are a purely individual choice for everyone who is looking for new interesting options and techniques. Even such a lesson requires a variety and imagination to give new sensations every time.

We offer to get acquainted with the 43 best postures and methods:

  • Fist. This is the best way to masturbate, according to most experienced men. The member clasps the hand of the hand so that the fingers completely wrapping around his trunk. Then the fist moves back and forth, changing the intensity of the girth as excited. In this way, you can create maximum contact between the hand and the entire area of the penis.
  • Three fingers. If the size of the penis is relatively small, for example, a teenager’s guy, this method will be more than ever. The barrel of the penis is taken as if a pencil or a handle with three fingers. Delicate sensations will be achieved if you move your fingers from the base to the head and back. Not so close and intensive contact will allow to extend the time of masturbation.
  • Four fingers. Two index and thumbs on both hands take part in the case. Pillows with your finger need to delicately stroke the penis up and down. Pleasant sensations should be obtained not by compression, but by the speed of movements.
  • Five fingers. The hand must be placed in such a way that four fingers are placed on top of the barrel, and the thumb is from below. Moving your hand from the root to the head of the penis, you can change the strength of the girth and contact.
  • Inside out. In this case, the girth will be, as in the “fist” technique, but in the reverse location and left hand. You need to take a member so that the four fingers of the left hand cover its upper side, and the thumb was from below. At the same time, the phallus deviates slightly to the right while stimulating backwards. The sensations will first be unusual and not very convenient, but this is a great alternative to a bored “fist”.
  • Anus. The guy lies on his side, squeezes his cock with his hand, after which he turns so that the hand with a member rests on the bed. Now you need to force the member with force in the palm of your hand, and then pull it out. The stronger the girth, the more the action will resemble anal penetration. It is important to try to make the hips move, and not holding a hand. In parallel with this, you can caress the scrotum with the other hand and sort out the testicles.
  • Deep anus. The right hand folds into a fist and is located near the head of the penis. After that, the man begins to push the penis, and the codes will come out through the fist, with the second hand you can continue the tunnel. Thanks to this method, an imitation of deep penetration will be obtained, and the stronger the girth will be, the brighter the sensation and closer orgasm.
  • Shallow anus. The hand of the penis wrapps around the hand, while the fingers are located along the barrel along it. The thumb should be located on top, the middle and ring -free ones cover the “crown” of the head, the little finger and the index remain on the sides. The girth provides a collision of the head with a palm, as if a guy was trying to get into a very tight anus. With your free hand during shocks, you can caress the scrotum and testicles.
  • Milking. First you need to apply as much lubricant as possible to the index and thumb of the hand, after which grab the root of the penis with a ring. Further, the ring with a small degree of compression is drawn forward to the head, and as soon as the final point is reached, the same manipulations are carried out with a ring of the second hand. It is important that such a “milking” is performed only forward.
  • Reverse milking. In exactly the same way as in the previous technique, the guy moves the letter “C” from the fingers, but only in the opposite direction from the head to the base. You can do this alternately with two hands at once, you can do this with both the inner and outer side of the palms. As the movements accelerates, the orgasm will approach.

, TOP 40 methods and poses for male masturbation: how to choose the best?

  • Near the head. A man performs a standard method of masturbation with a fist of one hand, but in parallel with this index finger of the second hand strokes around the head of the penis.
  • A delicate palm. The lubricant is applied to the palm of his hand, after which the guy begins to rub the top of the phallus head on her until the orgasm is overtaken. Such a technique is appropriate when the guy is excited as possible, the orgasm will be powerful and not the same as in most cases.
  • Head on the stomach. First you need to apply a lubricant to the head of the phallus and the lower abdomen, then press on the bridle with your finger so that the member rests on the stomach. In this position, you should drive on the right and right in the opposite direction. Thanks to the friction of the head, new pleasant sensations will be obtained.
  • The skin. This technique is suitable for those who did not go circumcision. It is necessary to find a place of omission of the foreskin, and then drive there a pillow of the index finger until an orgasm overtakes. Such a technique gives delicate sensations and violent ejaculation.
  • Five. You need to squeeze out a little lubricant on the palm of your hand, then grind and spread all 5 fingers to the sides. After that, these fingers without girth should be moved along the head, supporting the member with the second hand.
  • The reverse method. If a man is right -handed, he will need to masturbate a member with the same hand, but in the reverse location. Hands need to be crossed together so that the left wrist is located on top of the right, they need to grab the scrotum on the right side, and the member is clasped with the other hand and also in the opposite position. As a result, crossed hands and stimulation from another direction gives the feeling that someone else does it. You can strengthen sensations if you stroke the “inguinal grooves” with your fingers (they are located between the scrotum and the inside of the hips).

, TOP 40 methods and poses for male masturbation: how to choose the best?

  • Victoria. The impact will be performed by the partition between the index and middle finger, for this you need to make the letter “V”. Fingers and penis are abundantly lubricated with a lubricant, then it fits between the fingers, moving forward and forth. At the same time, you can massage the testicles with the second hand.
  • Mermaid. The guy needs to sit on folded legs so that the pose resembles a mermaid from Copenhagen. Having tilted the body slightly forward, the erect organ is placed in the pit between the caviar of the left leg and hips, after which it is, as it were, slightly pressed the thigh of the right leg. Straightening, there will be a member of a member forward with the effect of pulling down. Leaning, he will slide in the opposite position. You can strengthen pleasant sensations if you rub the organ with the thigh of the right leg, and clutching and relaxing the left leg, you can massage the scrotum as it were.
  • Butterfly. Having taken the position of lying on the back, the legs are bent at the knees, they are divorced as much as possible in different directions. At the same time, the feet touch each other, and the man stimulates the penis with his hands. And as soon as the orgasm begins to approach, you need to let the member out of the hands and chat in different directions, swaying your hips, reducing and spreading alternately knees. Such movements must be done during ejaculation.
  • Drummer. In an erect state, you need to put on tight tightening swimming trunks, and then lightly tap on the penis and head with your fingers or other improvised objects.
  • One holds The other moves. One hand wraves the phallus in the middle, pulling it gradually to the base and down to the testicles. The other hand strokes the top-down on top, reaching the head first, then the root.
  • Warm. The palm of one hand must be pressed an excited penis to the stomach, and then move up and down, enjoying the warmth of its own body.

, TOP 40 methods and poses for male masturbation: how to choose the best?

  • Big and index. From the index finger you need to make something like a hook, then grab the back edge of the head. Performing massive and stroking movements, the same must be done with a thumb on the head. This is the fastest way to achieve orgasm.
  • One finger. With the help of a finger alone, you need to make rubbing movements 2-3 cm below from the location of the bridle, where the head goes into the barrel.
  • Rider. Gathering water into the bathroom, a man can apply a lubricant to the penis, sit on the edge of the bath so that one leg is inside the bath, the other outside. The edge of the bath itself, on which it sits, must also be lubricated either with a lubricant or soap water. As soon as the member becomes erected, you need to take your legs back, moving body weight to the groin. Moving back and forth, you can experience pleasant sensations from contact with a cool bathroom, then it changes the degree of pressure, leans forward, resting with his hands on the bath.
  • Applause. The palms of the hands are placed one along the barrel of the phallus, the other across it. The fingers of the transverse hand bend so that the phallus is between both palms that will clap each other. Moving both palms and hips, the sensations will be incredible.
  • Forearm. The erect organ is lubricated with a lubricant, the product is applied to the lower abdomen and skin, which is located from the inside of the forearm. The forearm is pressed to the stomach, imitating frictions with the movements of the hips.
  • Double -haired. One palm is located on top of the penis, the second on top of it, but so that it holds the base of the organ, and the other – the head. Now movements up and down are performed at the same time or palms can move in the opposite direction.

, TOP 40 methods and poses for male masturbation: how to choose the best?

  • Suntan lotion. A man lies on his back, at this time he applies a lubricant to a penis and stomach. Now with one hand he presses the organ to his stomach, stroking it as if it rubs the lotion for tanning. Friction in hand and on the stomach will give a double effect.
  • Alien hand. For this method, one hand is necessary to be numb. After that, with this hand you need to start masturbating when the member was already erected. Without feeling a hand, it seems that someone else does it.
  • Birch. The guy gets into the birch rack, leaning on the wall. In this position, you can begin to masturbate, the outflow of blood and mild numbness will lead to unusual sensations and a strong orgasm.
  • Juicer. A lubricant is applied to the penis, the skin is pulled, stroking movements in the groove between the barrel and the head are made with a free hand. With your fingers you need to move on the left and right with rotational movements, constantly changing the degree of pressing.
  • Prayer. The palms of the hands are squeezed among themselves, like the hands of a praying person. The phallus is located and compressed between them, after which frictions are imitated. Contact at once on both sides will give an unforgettable sensation.
  • Accordion. One hand wraps over the top of the penis, the other is the bottom. The right hand moves down, the left – up. With such a movement, the hand going up goes over the one that goes down. Repeating from time to time, you can get skills and finish.
  • Warming up. Hands fold, as in the “Prayer” technique, but the guy moves his hands in different directions, as if rubbing his organ. In this case, the palms should be located parallel to the phallus.
  • Bend. For such masturbation, a thick lubricant is used, they lubricate the head and where it goes into the barrel. A man slowly rubs this area with a stretched area of the skin, which is located between the index and thumb. In this case, the movements are made up and down by the protrusion.
  • Leg to the leg. The lubricant is applied to the phallus and the inside of the legs, where the ankles are located. Next, the man sits on the floor, pulling the connected feet to him. Now the testicles are pulled a little back, and the member is located between the heels and the ankles. Based on your hands and gender in front of you, you need to move the member back and forth, changing the compression density.

, TOP 40 methods and poses for male masturbation: how to choose the best?

  • Wrists. Having lubricated the area of wrists with a lubricant, they need to rub the head of the penis until the orgasm is achieved.
  • A stroke for the navel. Masturbating with one hand, the fingers of the other hand must be pressed on the area just below the navel. Moving to the base of the penis, you still need to hold a finger even at the time of the onset of an orgasm.
  • Sticks in the wheels. With one hand you need to wrap the base of the penis, spread your fingers to the sides on the other hand and move them from above. In this case, the head will seem to hit the fingers, like bicycle knitting needles in wheels.
  • Screwdriver. The man pulls the skin of the penis so that it remains motionless. With the other hand, you need to “unscrew” the head, making rotational movements, as if the bottle lid opens.
  • Rotation. The hands of the hands are wrapped around the member and begin to make quick rotational movements, as if they simply wash their hands. In such a case, you may not even need a lubricant.
  • Unilateral masturbation. A man stimulates only the side where the bridle is located. As soon as the approximation of orgasm is felt, the member is tightly compressed by a fist, which will only enhance the sensation.

Toys for men

Masturbation (handjob, jerking, masturbation) can be performed manually or using special toys. Today you can find several types of devices for men on sale:

  • water pump – Initially, such a pump was intended to increase the penis, but now the pumps are used during masturbation, stimulating the penis with a reverse pressure tube;
  • Vagins – imitation of a female vagina in the form of just a hole or female hips with a vagina, as a rule, such toys are made of rubber, silicone and other flexible materials;
  • rings – help to strengthen the erection, and also imitate the entrance to the vagina of a woman, allowing you to make frictions of a member;
  • Vaginal balls – they are introduced into the vagina in order to act on the prostate in parallel with masturbation, and this is several times enhances the intensity of orgasm;
  • sexDolls – a realistic inflatable imitation of a woman with all holes for different types of sex (oral, anal, vaginal sex);
  • Electrical stimulator – a toy from the category of BDSM, which is attached to the penis in order to experience the generations of weak current impulses;
  • vibrator – such toys are used by both girls and guys, since the impact of vibrations gives an unforgettable sensations.

, TOP 40 methods and poses for male masturbation: how to choose the best?

In fact, this is far from the entire list of possible toys for masturbation. You can masturbate even with homemade and improvised means, it remains only to turn on the imagination.

Precautionary measures

Only a correct and adequate approach to such a lesson guarantees a man maximum pleasure with minimal risks. What safety measures should be taken into account:

  • Before the procedures and after that, the genital organ itself and everything that will in contact with it must be washed with soap;
  • It is necessary to apply lubrication, special lubricant, massage oil or fat cream so that masturbation is not dry;
  • When interacting with toys, it is important to follow the instructions from the manufacturer;
  • If alternative improvised means for masturbation are involved (fruits, vegetables, etc.), it is better to put on a condom;
  • There should be no pain and unpleasant sensations during stimulation, so it is important to control the intensity and degree of exposure.

It is extremely important that a man resort to such methods of sexual satisfaction periodically, but not systematically.

The main source of pleasure should be traditional sexual intercourse. The line between the practices of masturbation and the dependence is very thin. Otherwise, one cannot avoid compulsive disorder of sexual behavior, and this is already dianosis that requires therapy.

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