TOP 15 unusual methods of masturbation for men: with improvised means, at home

Unusual methods of masturbation for men that can be tried at home?.

The most affordable and easy way to obtain sexual satisfaction is masturbation. These are independent effects on the penis and erogenous zones with hands and various improvised means. To diversify sexual life, you can try not only classic techniques, but also unusual ways of masturbation for men. The article will give the TOP-15 ideas with instructions and a memo according to the rules of safe masturbation.

, TOP 15 unusual methods of masturbation for men: with improvised means, at home

TOP 15 ways of male masturbation by improvised means

The best assistant during masturbation is special toys, vibrators, massagers. But not every person has them, hence the question of what to masturbate at home in order to deliver a maximum of pleasure. Experienced experimenters shared the best ideas, after which the list of TOP-15 appeared.

Rubber glove

You can make an artificial masturbator from a rubber medical glove. To do this, pour the grease inside, then wrap it outside with a towel, and pull the edges out and fix it. After that, the lubricant is applied to the penis and try to introduce it inside the gloves. Imitation of frictions will be as believable as possible, since the member will be included in a narrow, wet and warm space, similar to the female vagina.

, TOP 15 unusual methods of masturbation for men: with improvised means, at home


For this method, use an old toothbrush with vibration function. Further, the man involves lubrication, fat cream or massage oil, applies the brush and his anus to the handle, and then gradually inserts inside to the prostate gland. If you do everything right, not be rude with a prostate, and also use vibration, in parallel with this to stimulate a member with the second hand, you can experience a powerful orgasm.


If the house has a leather chair with armrests and a back, you can use the design features in your sexual fantasies and experiments. To do this, lubricant is applied to the penis and the gap in the corner between the back and the seat of the chair, after which you need to put your childcard organ there. The more abundant the lubricant, the more pleasant the shocks in the chair. It feels like it will be as similar as possible to elastic penetration into a girl.


Many interesting methods of masturbation have been invented using a sneakers. The easiest thing will be to put a member towards the toe of the shoes, and place a scrotum with testicles in the heel area. After this sneakers, you need to clamp with your hands and perform tremors, as if a man enters the vagina. Or to squeeze the erect penis between the feet of two sneakers, move them in parallel or alternately, thereby jerking off a member. Unusual sensations can be tested if you slip the penis under the laces and move the shoes, gradually increasing the pace and pressure.

Toilet paper

With the help of soft and delicate toilet paper, you can also engage in sexual delights. To do this, use the cone from toilet paper, first lubricate the phallus, then put a tube on top and begin to move inside it. The higher the excitement will grow, the more pleasant it will be compressed by the penis of the tube, which means that orgasm is not far off.

An empty shampoo bottle

If the diameter of the bottle of shampoo or shower gel is slightly wider than that of the penis, you can try such a improvised tool for masturbation. To do this, the penis and neck of the vessel are abundantly lubricated, after which the man brings himself to an erection and enters the penis into the hole. Well, if it is tight, but acceptable, without pain and unpleasant sensations.

Banana peel

For this method, you need to choose a banana of a suitable size, cut off the top from it and squeeze out the contents from it. In this case, you need to try to maintain the integrity of the skin. Now you can enter a member inside, supporting the peel with the palms of the hands so that it does not burst. This technique does not need lubrication, frictions will be wet and slippery, and even with a pleasant aroma.


A pleasant way to masturbate will be the penetration inside the orange. His texture and juiciness will give the guy incredible sensations. For this, a hole of the desired diameter is made in the orange, after which a member is inserted there. Holding the fruit in your hands, you can seem to push the penis inward, moving your hips, and pull out and continue with your hands during the approximation of the orgasm. A good idea will be a combination of such a masturbation with a blowjob, an orange aroma and taste will appeal to a partner.


Juicy and soft watermelon will become a source of incredible sensations if you make a hole in it with diameter. Part of the pulp is pulled out of there, and the rest can be masturbated with a member. It is very important to find a ripened watermelon so that its texture is soft, also the place of the cut should not scratch the skin of the penis. Otherwise, a juicy and soft berry will be the best alternative to any sex toy.

In the shower with different water temperatures

Another source of pleasant sensations from touching the penis is water. Male masturbation by the shower is performed in two ways:

  • lie in a bath with warm water so that the groin area is below the tap, turn it on and direct it to the member, changing the temperature of the water and its pressure;
  • use a shower with a nozzle, direct spray to the penis in the zone of the bridle, changing the temperature and power of water supply until the orgasm is overtaken.

During water exposure, you can soap your hands and iron your whole body, paying more attention to erogenous and sensitive zones. You can also caress the anus and even enter the soap finger inward, stimulating the prostate.

With filled water condom

The guy needs to take a couple of condoms, fill them with warm water to the state of the balls and tie it on a knot. Now between two balls to place a member and imagine that this is a warm female breast. Moving the hips, you need to push the member forward, and at this time gradually increase the degree of compression of condoms among themselves. You can get even more pleasure if you do it in the bathroom under water.

Using a fur thing to stimulate

If you want new ones that are not similar to other sensations, you can try to masturbate with fur collars or other such a thing. For this, the fabric is applied to the member and begin to move it as if they wash their back with a washcloth, but in this case the phallus. As a result, contact with such a texture will give delicate, tickling sensations that bring to orgasm.

Runned carcass carcass

An extreme way, since for masturbation you need to find large squids and boil them in boiling water for several minutes. Then try to shove the penis into a gutted and slippery carcass, slowly move a member inside, holding everything with your hands. This method requires a certain dexterity, but those who have already tested it share enthusiastic reviews.

, TOP 15 unusual methods of masturbation for men: with improvised means, at home

Foam sponge

For such a practice, you need to use a bathing spice, and the tougher it is, the nicer the sensations will be. Then the man climbs into the bathroom, bathes, then puts the sponge at the bottom and sits on top of the booty. You can at the same time jerk off the phallus and move the hips, stimulating the anus with a sponge. Or you can twist the sponge with a roll, grease the dick and squeeze the sponge, push your organ inside.

Stuffed Toys

Any soft toy, the texture of its fabric and the soft basis can experiment to experiment to a man every time in a new way in a new way. You can stroke the trunk and the head of the penis to the toy, push it to the toy, as if trying to get inside, make a hill and lie down from it, resting a member and moving the hips, as is done during sex with a woman.

The pleasure of masturbation should not lead to dependence, otherwise a man can suffer from sexual disorders and a compulsive form of masturbation. The main part of the sexual life should be occupied by traditional sexual intercourse with a woman, and not by improvised objects.

Safe masturbation memo

So that the practices of masturbation are not harmful to the male body and health, it is important to adhere to several rules:

  • do this in the most comfortable conditions;
  • observe the hygiene of the genitals and improvised means before masturbation and after it;
  • always use lubrication, apply it in his arms, organ and improvised means;
  • Do not use sharp, stitching and cutting objects;
  • avoid sharp and hasty movements so as not to injure a member;
  • monitor the sensations so that there is no pain and discomfort;
  • Before masturbation, excited so that stimulation brings pleasure.

Contraindication to such experiments can be any disease of the genitourinary system and sexual disorders. In any business, sober reason and moderation are important, despite the most daring fantasies, you need to think about risks and possible consequences in advance. The described techniques are suitable for those who are looking for interesting ways, how to masturbate unusually and productively.

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