The stomach hurts after masturbation: the reasons for guys and girls, a solution to problems

The stomach hurts after masturbation – what to do?.

Masturbation (masturbation, ipsation, malakia) is an affordable way of sexual self -satisfaction by LAS genital. Previously, it was considered something shameful, and today many sexologists approve and even recommend as a way of discharge and normalize the work of the genitourinary system. But what to do if the stomach hurts after masturbation in a girl/guy? The reasons and ways of the solution, as well as recommendations on proper masturbation will be proposed below.

, The stomach hurts after masturbation: the reasons for guys and girls, a solution to problems

Why, after masturbation, the stomach hurts in girls

Most often, the pain after masturbation is little related to the effect itself, most likely we are talking about indirect symptoms of other disorders and problems in the body. Girls are more faced with a similar problem, especially those who use toys during sexual stimulation.

So that the toys are safe and do not cause unpleasant sensations, pay attention to several criteria:

  • Diameter and length – excessively large devices can injure the mucous membrane of the genitals;
  • Form and ergonomics – unusual toys are also fraught with injuries and unpleasant sensations after masturbation, a straight direct form without sharp protrusions and exotic structures will be much safer;
  • Materials -Many of them can provoke allergies due to intolerance to the body, due to which a number of unpleasant symptoms may occur.

Also, the anal hole without the desired preparation often leads to pain. In addition to high -quality lubrication and the right choice of toy, it is important to observe the degree, hygiene, and masturbation technique. Otherwise, the risks of cracks, cramps, rupture of the rectum increase several times.

If unpleasant sensations last more than 3 hours in a row after masturbation, a woman should consult a gynecologist. The reason for anxiety can be considered the following manifestations:

  1. Painful sensations accompany a woman after each orgasm during masturbation and traditional sexual intercourse.
  2. Specific discharge began to appear from the genital tract, differing in consistency, flowers, smell and volume.
  3. Discomfort after masturbation not only does not pass, but gradually increases the intensity of manifestation. Pain is observed for 3 hours or more even if a passive position.

Pain after masturbation in a woman is always secondary in nature. That is, caresses in no way harm health, and the cause of anxious symptoms may be illness or violation in the body.

, The stomach hurts after masturbation: the reasons for guys and girls, a solution to problems

It hurts to masturbate

If the pain does not occur after masturbation, but directly during the process, there may be several reasons for this:

  • dryness – the absence or lack of lubrication leads to irritation of the mucous membrane and skin of the genitals, microcracks and more serious injuries;
  • non -compliance with hygiene and safety – sharp long nails on the hands, dirt and the hit of pathogenic microflora, the use of inappropriate devices, all this can cause injuries, infections;
  • The overexcitation of the nerve endings -This can be provoked by techniques of excessively strong masturbation, for example, with high vibrator mode, due to which touch becomes painful;
  • infections and inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system – against the background of thrush, other fungal infections, sexually transmitted infections, dryness and increased irritability of the mucosa can be observed;
  • Too frequent masturbation -the body is overwork with constant stimulation, which is why the nerve endings give pain, hinting at the need for rest;
  • muscle spasm – During caresses and orgasm, a muscle group in the area of the pelvis and vagina is strained, too intense practices and frequent repetitions can provoke the occurrence of spasm.

It is also worth abandoning unverified lubricants, exotic devices for caresses and radical masturbation techniques. With repeating pain, you should immediately contact a gynecologist, undergo an examination and prevent (if you detect treated) diseases of the genitourinary system.

Pain after masturbation in guys

Unpleasant sensations after masturbation can be observed among the male population, although much less often. What can contribute to this:

  • masturbation 2-3 times a day and more often -against the backdrop of the spastic reduction of the smooth muscles of the vasation of the ducts, pain of a pulling nature on different sides of the penis, which gives to the testicles (the symptom disappears 30-60 minutes after caresses);
  • prostatitis – against the background of inflammation of the prostate, the pain literally affects the entire area of the genitourinary system, it violates the urination process, sexual intercourse and even self -satisfaction;
  • BPH – pathologically enlarged iron even more swells against the background of sexual stimulation, excitement and orgasm, crushing on neighboring tissues and organs;
  • Vesiculite -inflammation in seminal vesicles, due to which the process of ejaculation will be difficult and painful;
  • Anal stimulation – The wrong choice of size, material and forms of toys, illiterate execution of stimulation technique can lead to tissue rupture, cracks, inflammation.

, The stomach hurts after masturbation: the reasons for guys and girls, a solution to problems

If unpleasant sensations arise regularly with any type of sexual stimulation, continue for a long time even in a calm state, you should contact a urologist and undergo an examination.

Painful sensations in the process of masturbation

What to do to a man if it hurts not after masturbation, but during this? First of all, it is necessary to determine the provoking causes, and only then eliminate them or consult a medical specialist. The cause of painful masturbation may be:

  • dryness – without lubrication, any touch to the penis can be not only unpleasant, but even painful, so it is important to apply a good and hypoallergenic lubricant;
  • Long stimulation -a sex marathon a length of an hour or longer and increased stimulation of the head can lead to irritation of nerve endings and soreness even from the slightest touch, so you need to give yourself a rest and caress different parts of the genitals;
  • Excessive grip – tightness can be either pleasant and traumatic, violates blood circulation and tissue elasticity, therefore it is important to observe the scope of moderation;
  • Exotic sex toys – when choosing vibrators, vagina imitators, anal toys, it is important to choose the right size, shape, materials of manufacture, otherwise you can damage the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • Radical masturbation – It can be urethral masturbation, anal stimulation of the prostate, where experience, dexterity and accurate observance of technology are needed, otherwise you can injure;
  • Inflammation of the foreskin – against the background of infections, fungal infections, soreness of the head can occur in any touch, in this case, the appropriate treatment is necessary;
  • prostatitis and other inflammatory processes – Against the background of such diseases, any contact with the genitals will also cause pain until medical assistance is provided.

, The stomach hurts after masturbation: the reasons for guys and girls, a solution to problems

The causes that cause pain in masturbation may accurately determine the urologist when examining and diagnostics. It is advisable to contact the clinic with repeated incidents of a similar nature.


In order for masturbation to always be safe and painless, women and men need to listen to the basic rules:

  • Lubrication – before stimulating the penis and arms (toys), a lubricant, lubricant or massage oil is applied to the skin (toys);
  • clean hands – Before the procedure, you need to wash with soap, genitals and all the devices that will be involved;
  • excitation – Before the start of caresses, you need to create an atmosphere in order to get excited, turn off your head from thoughts, see videos, pictures of an exciting nature;
  • relaxation – Before starting, you need to tune in the desired way, retire, relax, so that nothing prevents you from enjoying the process;
  • Other affection – Do not get hung up only on the penis, you can iron testicles and scrotum, touch the anal hole, this will enhance excitement and pleasure from stimulation;
  • Psychological comfort – In order not to provoke the development of the reflex of rapid ejaculation, masturbation should be perceived as the norm, not to be afraid of being exposed, not ashamed of this;
  • The optimal level of exposure – the degree of pressing, squeezing and girth is important to start with a minimum and increase, otherwise you can injure the skin and mucous membrane;
  • Compliance with techniques – There are many instructions on how to masturbate with your hands or improvised means, to which it is advisable to listen to;
  • lack of contraindications – In the presence of diseases and dysfunctions of the genitourinary system, masturbation should temporarily refuse to complete recovery.

A competent approach and perception of masturbation is the key to successful stimulation without pain and other unpleasant consequences. Both girls and guys should monitor their health, timely respond to any manifestations of violations, visit a doctor for consultation.

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