The best time for masturbation: in the morning, day or evening?

The best time for masturbation: in the morning, day or evening?.

Masturbation (masturbation, malakia, ipping, jerk off) is an independent stimulation of the genital organs and erogenous zones in order to obtain sexual pleasure. To always get only benefits from such a lesson, it is important to know not only faithful techniques and precautions, but also the perfect time to jerk off. What is the difference between morning masturbation from the one that takes place day or evening, all the pros and cons every time of the day can be found out in the article further.

, The best time for masturbation: in the morning, day or evening?

Morning masturbation

Masturbation in the morning is not always an appropriate activity due to the great employment of a modern person, his rush to work or study. But as many sexologists and other medical specialists say, in the morning such an activity can be more than ever by. The advantages of masturbation are as follows:

  • lack of distracting thoughts in the head;
  • already relaxed, calm condition of the body;
  • obtaining a positive charge in the morning against the background of endorphine’s production;
  • Comfortable conditions for masturbation in a warm bed;
  • For men, ease in achieving an erection, which is already manifested in the morning;
  • good health throughout the day;
  • Quick achievement of orgasm.

There are much less minuses in morning sexual experiments, namely:

  • There is a risk of being late for work or study;
  • laziness and lack of tone after a strong sleep;
  • the need to get up to wash your hands;
  • Sensation of weakness against the background of intense masturbation.

Some men after ejaculation may feel a breakdown, lack of energy and good mood after orgasms, including masturbation on the basis. Therefore, morning practices will not always be appropriate and useful. In most cases, morning masturbation helps to wake up, cheer up, increase tone and performance.

Masturbation during the day

If there is an opportunity to masturbate during the day, what reasons and risks can contradict this? Sexologists do not see anything bad if the increased sexual excitement can be eliminated by independent caresses. There can be many pluses of masturbation during the day, for example:

  • The clarity of consciousness helps to include imagination and imagination for excitement;
  • in a passive state of body, this is a great opportunity to improve blood circulation;
  • orgasm increases tone, improves mood;
  • If stress was previously observed due to any stimuli, masturbation will help to cope with such a state;
  • Sexual experiments of this kind will help to cope with overwork and a sense of anxiety;
  • The analgesic effect of hormones produced after masturbation will eliminate migraines and headaches.

, The best time for masturbation: in the morning, day or evening?

It is difficult to talk about the minuses of masturbation during the day, since everything is subjective and individual. Unless the following situations can be distinguished:

  • It is more difficult to stay alone with yourself during the day, which means that the risks of being noticed during masturbation are too high;
  • If masturbation is intense and often repeated, it can cause a breakdown;
  • Orgasm leads to temporary confusion, which can be reflected negatively in other matters;
  • Not every person can relax and get rid of a sense of shame in daylight.

Practice shows that less often people who regularly masturbate do this in the daytime. This is due to the fact that most adult sexual personalities at this time work or study, that is, they are in public places.

Evening and night

The perfect time to frolic and experience an orgasm – evening and night. Particularly increased sexual activity at this time observe women. In the evening and at night, such experiments are inclined for several reasons:

  • to get rid of the stress and difficulties experienced during the day;
  • to relax after workers’ troubles and responsibilities;
  • to feel the ejection of endorphin and a sense of euphoria;
  • to normalize overall well -being;
  • to cope with neurosis, irritability, overstrain;
  • To compensate for the absence of a sexual partner.

, The best time for masturbation: in the morning, day or evening?

But there can also be several minuses of such manipulations, for example:

  • It is necessary to get up twice so that before masturbation and after perform hygiene procedures;
  • You can disrupt the quality of sleep;
  • Orgasm can increase the tone of the body, interfering with falling asleep;
  • After a difficult day and against the background of fatigue, it is more difficult to get excited and finish.

In most cases, men who feel an erection and increased sexual activity in most cases are preferred in most cases. In women, on the contrary, it is observed at night, so they have caresses in late evening or at night.

When to masturbate better

Masturbation is a completely normal sexual practice, acting as an alternative to traditional sex with its impossibility. Women masturbate if they do not have a partner or do not receive an orgasm from vaginal sex, and men against a background of high sexuality or in the absence of a woman.

When to masturbate better – an individual question for each person. Sexologists and psychologists recommend doing this when there is a need for orgasm and sexual discharge. It is desirable that time and circumstances contribute to relaxation, solitude, normal excitement and unhurried caresses. Each person decides when it will be more convenient for him to engage in self -satisfaction in order to get a maximum of pleasure.

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