The best masturbation lessons for girls in the public domain

Masturbation lessons for girls: Learn and enjoy.

Masturbation has long ceased to be something forbidden and shameful, on the contrary, sexologists recommend this way to cope with growing excitement and study the erogenous zones of their body. We are talking about independent stimulation of the genitals with hands or improvised means to enjoy and orgasm. But how to learn to masturbate a girl so that the process is pleasant and useful? For this, the article will name the main rules and lessons of masturbation in video format.

, The best masturbation lessons for girls in the public domain

The main rules of masturbation for girls

Few people know that masturbation is officially recognized as a normal process that is permissible for both men and women. Moreover, there are even a certain instructions for masturbation, in which the main rules of such a lesson are called. We are talking about the following points:

  1. Hygiene – Before the start of masturbation, you need to take a shower or bath to wash the genitals, hands. It is also important to disinfect all those objects that will be involved in the girl. The same manipulations are carried out at the end of masturbation.
  2. Comfort – Only the conditions that have relaxation and arousal will help to achieve the proper result. A woman needs to retire in a quiet room with a muffled light, take a convenient body position.
  3. Relaxation – Everyone knows that excitement in women occurs in their heads, so before masturbation you need to forget about any problems, troubles and deeds. Stress, neurosis, poor mood or depression, all this will interfere during caresses, preventing the enjoyment and onset of orgasm.
  4. Moisturization – Any contact with sensitive erogenous zones can be either pleasant and painful. To avoid unpleasant sensations, on the genitals, hands and improvised means involved in the process, apply grease. It can be a lubricant from a pharmacy or any alternative products (cream, butter, gel for intimate hygiene, etc.).
  5. Sextoys -The best tool for sexual stimulation of the genitals will be a vibrator, dildo or any other device from a sex shop. They are developed taking into account all the physiological features of the structure of the female genital organs, demonstrating high efficiency in use. It is only important to adequately select the forms and sizes of stimulants in order to enjoy their use without risks of injuries.

, The best masturbation lessons for girls in the public domain

How to masturbate a woman can be understood from different proposed techniques and methods or in the process of independent experiments and studying the reactions of her own body. The main thing is not to hide on one thing and follow the 5 described rules described.

The best video tutorials of female masturbation from experts

Any technique of masturbation can be either pleasant if you adhere to the nuances and tips, or useless if it is wrong to approach this process. For inexperienced ladies and beginners in such a case, special lessons of female masturbation in video format are offered, where all the subtleties, secrets and life hacks will be described. We offer to get acquainted with the most valuable and informative video tutorials.

Kamin – “Masturbation. Secrets. How right. Data”

Scientific fact – 50% of adolescents who are engaged in masturbation, are ashamed of this! It’s all about improper perception, insufficient awareness and imposed stereotypes. In the video, erroneous facts about masturbation will be named, and arguments are also given why these are wrong judgments.

The author of the video is debunking the following myths:

  • Masturbating is harmful;
  • Women do not masturbate;
  • They are stupid from masturbation;
  • This is a sign of a mental disorder;
  • Masturbation affects orientation;
  • masturbation for only one;
  • people have not masturbated before.

At the end there will be one exact judgment – masturbation is not required. This is a purely personal business of everyone, whether it is necessary to masturbate or not.

Tatyana Finaeva – “Female Masturbation.10 rules and life hacks “

The main topic of the video is that in general such female masturbation and teaching it. The author also offers 10 valuable tips, which should definitely apply in practice. Namely:

  • Find the clitoris head;
  • Allow yourself to masturbate;
  • Touch yourself and your body;
  • breathing during sex and masturbation;
  • sexual fantasies;
  • Make sure not to be distracted;
  • Practice different techniques;
  • Do not be afraid of new sensations;
  • Do not get hung up on an orgasm;
  • Try the vibrator.

All of the presented tips and instructions can be practiced not only during masturbation, but also sexual intercourse with a partner.

Thesex – “Erogenous zones. Female masturbation “

The video project is represented by Tatyana Shevchuk, who is the head of the Grace aesthetic gynecology clinic, as well as its assistant Julia Gayvoronskaya, the founder of the G-BLOG project -Thex. Experts will talk to an intimate topic – sex with themselves, female masturbation, why is it necessary or not necessary to masturbate, how to teach a partner to bring a woman to orgasm.

The main objective of the course is to help women reveal their sexuality, find erogenous points that will help to achieve orgasm in the future during intercourse with a man. Having an artificial analogue of the female vagina, experts will show important points for influence, as well as which toys can be used during masturbation. A visual demonstration of the use of different types of masturbators will help women to correctly explore themselves.

Pavel Gulyaev – “How to caress, stimulate, masturbate the clitoris”

In this video in English, you can see visual ways to stimulate the female genital organs with hands. This is the stimulation of the clitoris and external genitalia at the initial stage for the growth of excitement and awakening erogenous points. Next, the introduction of a finger inside the vagina to find a point g. At the end, methods of simultaneous stimulation of both the clitoris and the vagina are represented, which guarantees the female orgasm.


Female masturbation is not only a source of orgasm, but also a way to activate all erogenous points. Only by examining your body, you can learn the proper stimulation of the genital organs in order to always receive maximum pleasure from any sexual contacts and experiments in the future. Learning to masturbate with the above video courses in an article for women.

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