The benefits and harm of masturbation for humans

Pros and cons of masturbation.

There are topics that are not customary to talk about in society, but they are tightly included in our everyday life. It is proved that about 95% of the population on our planet are engaged in one thing, but do not dare to advertise it. And as you already guessed, we will talk about masturbation. Despite the fact that this lesson is more often attributed to men, women are also engaged in such things, even if there is a permanent partner. We will not talk about what masturbation is, because we think that everyone knows about it, but better compare the positions of supporters and opponents of masturbation: you have the benefits and harm of masturbation.

, The benefits and harm of masturbation for humans

The harm of masturbation for men and women

The disadvantages of masturbation from the point of view of psychology: isolation, alienation, a sense of inferiority in society; irritability due to inferior satisfaction of needs;The attitude of religions to masturbation for the most part is a negative and believing person begins to feel guilt for a sinful act.decrease in the emotional background in contact with a real partner;

Physiological The consequences of masturbation:

  • The head of the penis can become less sensitive;
  • squeezing of blood vessels and seeds due to the lack of the correct distribution of pressure on the penis;
  • If the involuntary erection of a man regularly ends with masturbation, then the process of transmitting a nerve impulse is disturbed, for which the spinal cord is responsible and a person begins sudden headaches;
  • The hygienic aspect plays a large role in women due to the characteristics of the structure of the genitals, you can easily catch the infection.

The benefits of masturbation

Psychological Pros of masturbation:

  • Savings of time – a person does not have to waste time finding himself a suitable partner and persuade him on sex;
  • the disappearance of depression;
  • improvement of memory;
  • Saving money – the costs of putting your appearance in order are significantly reduced, expenses for dates and the like are disappeared.

Psychological advantages of masturbation: time saving – a person does not have to spend time finding a suitable partner and persuading him to intimate; disappearance of depression; improving memory; saving money – the costs of putting their appearance in order are significantly reduced, the costs of dating disappearsetc.

Medical The consequences of masturbation with sexologists are also illuminated from the position of pluses:

  • improving the work of the cardiovascular muscle;
  • Strengthening the immune system. This is due to the fact that in people who are actively having sex, including masturbation, the amount of antibodies in the blood is growing by an average of 20-30%;
  • The dream is getting better;
  • For men, this serves as a useful prevention of prostatitis;
  • The color of the skin is aligned.

As you can see, the consequences of masturbation can be both positive and negative. In any case, the desire for self -satisfaction is currently recognized as quite natural and, used in moderation, will relieve stress and relax. Psychological pros and cons of masturbation depend, of course, on a particular person and the weaknesses of his psyche.

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