Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation.

Mutual masturbation can make a piquant diversity in your intimate life. You can use masturbation as part of the prelude or make it a full sexual game.

Mutual masturbation is practiced by both same -sex couples and traditional. Masturbation serves as a separate source of pleasure, helps partners find out each other and become closer. Such fun throws the veil of shyness, making your intimate life rich and bright.

Where to begin?

Start with ordinary prelude, kisses and hugs. Continue with light touch to the genitals of a partner through clothes. Use everything that starts you – Porn films, music, hot shower or erotic lingerie. Do not neglect sex toys. For mutual masturbation, vibro -bundles or massagers for the whole body are perfect.

Mutual masturbation is available in many poses. One of the most pleasant and effective for achieving orgasm is the pose «Standing». Partners, kneeling on the bed or full -length on the floor, are located opposite each other. Thus, during masturbation, you can kiss and caress erogenous zones. If a woman masturbates a man, then he can lie on the bed, and at the same time, partners can kiss. If a man masturbates a woman, he can also kiss her breasts in parallel.

How to give pleasure to a partner?

For a woman to experience a powerful orgasm, a man should remember several important things. Do not press hard on a sensitive clitoris. The pressure should be moderate. No need to highly spread the labia to «get to» to the clitoris. Direct impact on «open» The clitoris will cause only painful and unpleasant sensations. Just cover the clitoris area with your palm and start circular movements. For a change, you can change the direction of your movements. When the girl is excited enough, you can penetrate it with one or more fingers, and make penetrating movements. Let the girl move her hips, so she can strengthen her sensations. The movements of the hand of a man and a woman must match. When a woman approaches orgasm, do not stop movement, but do not enhance the effect. Blood rushes to the genitals, making them damn sensitive. Just continue at the same pace, and you can even slightly loosen the pressure.

How to give pleasure to a man?

Grasp the man’s penis with your palm below the head, while pushing the foreskin as far as possible, but so that it does not hurt. Slide your hand over the penis, but periodically change the speed and type of movements. You can also change the strength of the girth, alternating light mudding and a tougher and more pleasant girth. Your fingertips can stroke the head. Stroke the scrotum with your free hand. For more comfortable sensations, use a lubricant or saliva.

, Mutual masturbation

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