Masturbator-Roth for men. What is this? Reviews

Masturbator-Roth for men. What is this? Reviews.

Is there a man in the world who would not like oral sex? Well, very hardly. But far from always there is a partner nearby who is ready to deliver such a joy. Fortunately, producers of piquant products took care of this – they offer everyone who is lonely, a wonderful invention – masturbator mouth.

What is a masturbator mouth?

This is such an intimate toy for male self -satisfaction, which has the form of a female mouth. Their design is very natural, so the sensations from using such a masturbator are more than realistic, such as if the male genital organ actually caressed a hot female mouth.

And all because the creators worked well on the inner part of this sex toy, ensuring that it be as realistic as possible.

To whom such a masturbator is suitable? Representatives of the stronger sex who do not have a permanent partner, but who at the same time care about their health and appreciate exquisite pleasures.


There are several varieties of such an unusual device. The first is a tube when the ajar female sponges crown the oblong pipe, tightly wrapping the penis.

There is also a similar option, but with vibration, which is very realistically imitating the one that is created by a female throat – according to user reviews, this masturbator gives completely enchanting.

The lips of the pornstars are essentially the same tube, only lips completely imitate the lips of a well-known star from the film for the most adults.

Many men like to masturbate not just with a mouth, but with their heads – and such toys are also offered to them, and the heads of the face are well drawn at the head, so you can calmly fantasize that the head of a real living woman is moving on the genitals.

Inside, such toys are also as realistic as possible, manufacturers even took care of the relief of the language.

Finally, there are special masturbators with a pear – this additional device provides the effect of absorption and makes the process of self -satisfaction with delightfully bright, not every craftsman will be able to provide such incredible sensations live.

The most common option in terms of size is compact, when the length of the tube is 10-15 centimeters, and its diameter is 3-4, but there are also larger for men that nature endowed very generously. There are materials for every taste – from latex and silicone to thermoplastic rubber and cyberc.

Masturbator Roth: Rules for use

It is very important to use the masturbator-cutter correctly. So, reviews of experienced users suggest that it is very important to use a pleasant sliding lubricant – even if the level of excitement of a man is very high, this does not cancel the need for it, because, unlike a female mouth, the toy does not distinguish any natural lubrication. Best if the lubricant has a water base.

You should also not immediately break into a deep throat-as with a living woman, you need to act carefully and slowly, because due to the too high degree of excitement, you can damage the sexual sex.

Gradually, when the toy heats up and is developed, it will be possible to act more actively, but even slow movements are very pleasant due to the special relief of the internal part of the masturbator: representatives of the stronger sex in their reviews always note it especially.

And, of course, after use, you should carefully rinse the toy both outside and inside, so that it lasts longer. This is done using warm soap water. Before hiding the masturbator until the next time, it is dried.

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