Masturbation techniques for women and men

Options for hot masturbation.

, Masturbation techniques for women and men

Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and improve sleep. This is an opportunity to have a good time alone with yourself and your body. Practice allows:

  • Improve well -being.
  • Understand one’s hidden desires.
  • Remove the accumulated voltage.

A single game is as good for health as possible. She has no shortcomings. Let’s talk about masturbation techniques for girls and guys.

Female pranks

, Masturbation techniques for women and men

Dams have much more opportunities for pleasure. Their high emotionality and sensitivity allow you to feel every touch. 5 types of orgasm are available to representatives of the fair sex.

No Type of orgasm Masturbation method
1 Cliter Cliter stimulation with fingers. Vibrators and other devices can also be pleasure during a single game. With orgasm, you will feel a pleasant tingling all over the skin
2 Vaginal Using fingers or sex toys to get into the vagina during self-satisfaction. You will feel the impulse in the depths of the body, and the walls of the vagina will pulsate
3 Anal Use of vibrators and phalloimitators. Before the finale, girls feel a strong urge to urinate. Abbreviations occur around anal sphincter
4 Combined Both hands are used to play with the crotch. Mix of sex toys and fingers is possible. During the massage of the clitoris and the vagina, the ladies receive an explosive orgasm that causes convulsions or ejaculation
5 Erogenous Rubbing, pinching, compression of the nipples, inner thighs. There are other zones: lower back, buttocks, earlobes. Stimulation of erogenous zones can cause pleasant sensations throughout the body

Do not forget about the point g. This is a plot on the front wall of the vagina. It is located at a depth of 2-3 centimeters. Mucosa in this place with folds. Easily felt by fingertips.

Where to begin

Masturbation does not have to lead to orgasm. But if you are in the mood and want a tide of endorphins, there are several things that you can do to help your body:

  • Catch the mood. The state of the psyche can be of great importance in whether you will have a good solo session. Turn off the light, light the candles and listen to relaxing music for upbringing.
  • Add lubricants. When you are excited, the vagina emits a natural lubricant, making masturbation more pleasant. But sometimes this is not enough. So hold a tube of lubricant at hand to get more pleasure.
  • Turn on your imagination. You can start by just thinking about the handsome man who was met last week. Let your mind fantasize about people or situations that cause a pleasant tingling in the area of the spine. Disconnect control and self -censorship.
  • Take your time. You do not need to rush with the start of stimulation. Play with nipples and stop a moment to enjoy the feelings that you experience throughout your body. The readiness indicator will become completely wet vagina. This signal says that it’s time to go down below.

In addition to the genitals, there are erogenous zones. It will not hurt to give them a drop of attention. Caress the hips, gently run your palms on the pubis. Squeeze your chest, trying to cause a slight pain with tense nipples.

If you always use the same devices from sex shop, take a break. It is fun to play with vibrators and dildos, but this is not the only option. Some people, for example, love to stimulate themselves, directing a stream from the shower to the clitoris or rubbing Vulva on a pillow.

Turn on erotica or pornography. It is nice to allow the mind to wander in the wilds of fantasies, but you do not always need to use the imagination. If you want to light a fire of passion, read a depraved book or watch sexy videos.


The visible part of the clitoris is a section the size of a pea, usually covered with a hood. It is located in the upper part of Vulva, where two small labia are found.

The clitoris head is too small, but the structure itself is much more complicated and vast.

The erectile organ is filled with thousands of nerve endings, which makes it the most sensitive part of the genitals. This is why most girls experience an orgasm, stimulating the clitoris.


Despite the common myths, it is difficult for many women to end with the help of only vaginal stimulation. Penetration into the vagina with fingers or a sex toy can give great pleasure, even without the ending.

But if you want to finish brightly, experiment with stimulation of point g. Press the sensitive area rhythmically. Over time, feel a powerful call to urination. No need to block it. Relax. Then you experience a jet orgasm.


Who said that anal orgasms are available only for men with penis? You can still complete masturbation with a bright ending, indirectly stimulating the point G through the wall separating the rectum and vagina.

Remember: you need to use a lubricant, because the anus is not lubricated naturally.

Combo and erogenous zones

Many girls report amazing orgasms while stimulating vaginal and clitoris.

A combined solo game enhances a sense of pleasure, forcing all the nerve endings of your genitals to work. Touch the erogenous zones and rub them. So you can find the most responsive parts of the body.

Poses for warming up

Masturbation should not be boring. You can use different poses to raise a solo session a step higher on a scale of pleasure.

Here are just some of them.

Lying on the back

, Masturbation techniques for women and men

Suitable for clitoris stimulation. The pose may seem old -fashioned and simple, but when it comes to the caress of a pea, there is no better position.

Lying on your back, putting a pillow under your head, spread your legs and bend them at the knees. Start rubbing the clitoris. You can move slowly or fast, hard or soft – it all depends on personal preferences.


, Masturbation techniques for women and men

Ideal for vagina. If you want to experience an explosive orgasm, try to sit down. Position helps to find point g. Although scientists doubt its existence, practice shows that the supersensitive zone exists.

Sit so that the heels are close to the back of the hips or touch them. Then begin to enter your fingers or toy in the vagina, moving deeper.

Caress Vulva using a complex of movements: from stroking and circular, to internal and external.

Face down

, Masturbation techniques for women and men

When it comes to the anal game, the situation face down your path to great enjoyment.

The pose gives the space necessary in order to put your fingers or toy in the ass with one hand, and rub yourself with the other.

Stand on all fours, then put your face on the bed or floor so that the buttocks are on top.

Bring one hand behind your back to reach the anus, while put the other hand between your legs so that you can touch the clitoris.


, Masturbation techniques for women and men

For combined masturbation and caresses of erogenous zones, try to become a rider.

Put your favorite dildo or vibrator on the bed and go down until you reach the sensations that you like. This is either a feeling of penetration or clitoris touching. There is an option with a chair, as in the picture.

You may have to use your hands to hold the toy. Control rhythm by adjusting the speed of squats. Rub the clitoris or play with nipples at the end of this solo session.


Masturbation, looking in the mirror, is a great way to explore the body and determine the techniques that make you the most.

Sit in front of a full -length mirror with a tube tube. Apply a lubricant to the whole body – chest, stomach, inner thighs and vulva. Then begin to slowly drive your hands in these erogenous zones.

Squeeze, pull, pinch, rub – do what you like and pay attention to the appearance of bright sensations.

Exacerbation of feelings

During a solo session, you should not immediately proceed to the stimulation of the genitals. In games with a partner, you can use petting. But it is also nice to go with preliminary caresses alone. In our case, this is a viewing of visual and text content.

Sexual reading

Erotic stories allow you to enable imagination. With their help, you can reveal your sensual and sexual nature.

Choose your favorite erotic story from our collection. You like traditional sex? Or want to feel like a strict mistress? You will find what you like and will be the first step towards hot masturbation.

Porn video

Now it’s easy to find a frank video on any topic. Whether it is a demonstration of passionate sexual intercourse between spouses, or a hot scene of lesbian games. The main thing is not to be afraid of your desires. Interested in the topic of incest? Look at the video and decide on your feelings.

You can repeat everything the same as the actors do on stage. A member can be replaced with a vibrator. And the role of clamps for the nipples are suitable for ordinary clothespins, or invisible hairpins.

Exciting audio

Listening to sexual sounds can be as exciting as reading erotica or watching porn. Audio gives free rein to the imagination when you are lost in the details of history.

Try to listen to sounds synchronized with binaural rhythms. These are pulsating signals that can cause excitement. But they will cope well with the task of audio stories.

Male passions

, Masturbation techniques for women and men

We can think that we live in a liberal society, and in many respects it is. But try to discuss masturbation with someone you don’t know so well. This will certainly lead to awkwardness.

The topic is quite popular. Many synonyms appeared in the Russian language describing the same process. They are also called euphemisms:

  • masturbate;
  • FAPAP;
  • strangle the goose;
  • drive bald;
  • pull the shutter.

You need to understand that masturbation is not a sin. Against. Each guy was engaged in self -satisfaction during the puberty period. And many married men continue to steal the “distort” in the bathroom.

The more masturbation techniques you know, the more you enjoy. Let’s tell the details and give tips.

Try new poses

When you change the pose, sex with a partner gives more pleasure. Why limit yourself if only masturbation is listed in today’s menu? Try masturbate lying down, sit down, get up or lean against the wall.

You can learn to have fun in a position that you did not like before.

Use your left hand

If you really want new sensations, try to massage the member with your left hand. If you are left -handed – right.

It’s complicated. At first it will be inconvenient. But difficulties are unlikely to stop you on the way to a powerful orgasm. Moreover, this skill will come in handy in the future, when you have to massage the erogenous zones of the partner.

Move the pelvis

Tension and relaxation of muscles adds sensuality. Usually you squeeze the penis and move your hand. Try to do the opposite. Fix your palm motionless. Squeeze and unclench your hips as if you are having ordinary sex.

Such practice enhances the intensity of orgasm. After all, the brain thinks that in front of him is an object for possible reproduction. So, receptors are aggravated, the barrel becomes firm.

Hold the orgasm

Feel that you are approaching the finale? Stop massive the penis. With your free hand, slightly pull the scrotum. It will not let you end too fast. After starting to polish the penis again. The cycle must be repeated 3-4 times.

You will experience incredibly vivid emotions. Such an exercise will help to avoid the problem, which the people are called “speed shooting”.

Massage the prostate

We do not say that you need to go to sex shop for phalloimitator right away. You can start with a light option. With one hand, squeeze the penis with one hand, and with two fingers with the other, massage the point between the scrotum and the anus.

Somewhere in that area there is a prostate. Its massage is good for health.

We talked about masturbation techniques for men and women. Gave a guide to proper preparation for solo session. Using our tips, you will experience a bright orgasm.

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