Masturbation is a sin or not: versions of different religions

Is masturbation and handwritten sin?.

Statistics confirm that masturbation (Tratimna, Malakia, masturbation) is a common phenomenon among modern youth. Massness caused reasoning and debate, masturbation is a sin or just a bad habit? But only a position based on the Bible and other sources of religion can be considered the truth in the last instance. The opinion of the Bible, the attitude of Islam, as well as the position of doctors will be presented below.

, Masturbation is a sin or not: versions of different religions

The opinion of the Bible

In Christianity, the attitude to masturbation has always been negative. Despite this, the term “masturbation” originates from the Bible. It tells that a man named onan was punished by God for “shed a seed on the ground”, and he received death as a punishment. But later his acts were considered in a different way, the fact is that he did not want to give the heir in principle, although he was demanded by Levirat’s law.

Christianity also perceives the handwritten as adultery and fornication, as written in Paul in the message to the Corinthians. When a person masturbates, he fantasizes about sex, for an unmarried person, this was equated with fornication, for a married man – to adultery. The sinfulness of masturbation is described in the Book of the Wisdom of Jesus (Syrakhov’s Son), in the book of Wisdom of Solomon.

According to the church

In the Russian Orthodox Church, masturbation is more often interpreted as “handwritten” and “malakia”. It is reckoned with sins “against oneself”, in terms of severity it can be compared with the physical proximity of the persons of the same gender, that is, the fornication is unnatural. Lust lies in the root of a godly action, namely, the desire to satisfy the flesh does not matter in what ways.

Sex, according to the Church, is a sacred sacrament that can take place between legal spouses who have received a blessing from the Church. And handwritten is a consequence of the fact that a person is not able to curb his body, which means he lives according to his laws and aspirations. To please yourself, pornography is used, sinful thoughts, etc. P.

The negative consequences of masturbation are as follows:

  • artificial replacement of marriage;
  • alienation from the wife/husband;
  • cessation of sexual relations between spouses.

The Church considers handwriting a direct road to corruption, sooner or later it pushes a person to other sins, adultery. It must also be understood that sin is what is equivalent to both the man and the woman. An exception is considered children and adolescents who are not aware of what they do against the background of hormonal differences.

All the ministers of the Church note that the Bible says – the adultery of the Kingdom of God does not inherit.

Testimna in Islam

Tratimna is a masturbation of men and women in Islamic law. Almost all theologians consider it to be unreasonable if you follow the Holy Scriptures. Shafiya’s imam and separating this point of view, insisted that masturbation is prohibited by God and the Qur’an. Allama Alusi also talks about this in the ayat: “And there are various opinions on the issue of masturbation. Most of the Ulam speak out for his ban. Masturbation is included in the ayat: “Those who wish to be criminals” “”.

Also, a negative attitude towards handwriting is described in the collections of hadiths. According to the Prophet Muhammad himself, those who have demolished themselves with their own hands will be damned, Allah will punish everyone who caressed intimate places with their own hands. At the same time, according to the theologian of the Hanafite Mazhab, masturbation was allowed in 3 cases – a single person who was afraid of adultery or with the aim of weakening his sexual tension.

What doctors say about masturbation

Almost 95% of modern medical specialists relate positively to masturbation among men and women. Perennial studies have confirmed that with a competent approach to self -satisfaction, the process may be healthy. But all doctors unanimously insist that masturbation should be moderate and only in case of natural physiological needs.

The benefits of masturbation

Several information acts as arguments for:

  • Masters releases endorphins that contribute to the sensations of happiness and improve mood;
  • For women, masturbation acts as a sedative, it helps to fall asleep, calm down the pain during menstruation or postmenopausal sexual intercourse;
  • For men, masturbation is the prevention of stagnant processes and prostate cancer, and for women to prevent urinary tract infections;
  • For virgins, this is a great opportunity to cope with sexuality, avoiding early and illegible sexual relations;
  • Masturbation protects against sexually transmitted diseases from unwanted pregnancy.

, Masturbation is a sin or not: versions of different religions


If you abuse masturbation, practicing it often, you can face several negative consequences:

  • psychological problems -frequent masturbation provokes the corresponding brain reactions that grow into neurasthenia, which is why a person becomes closed, nervous, alarming;
  • habit – if more onhanism supplants sex life to a greater extent, this produces an appropriate habit, after which true pleasure and discharge will be achieved only by self -satisfaction;
  • addiction – Sooner or later, such a habit will develop dependent, and the brain is reconfigured to the need for frequent self -satisfaction, the tendency to orgasm will require more and more strength.


Masturbation is a sin or not, to solve every person to solve. Much depends on religion, moral values, human priorities. Religion does not largely support this method of sexual discharge, in turn, medicine does not contradict, and sometimes even favors this.

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