Masturbation during sleep: causes, symptoms, consequences and treatment of sexy

Masturbation in a dream: And this happens?.

How the human brain works during sleep – this is a big mystery of humanity. In addition to such a widespread situation as lunatism, doctors often diagnose sexony when a person masturbates and experiences an orgasm during sleep. Sexy is masturbation in a dream, that is, independent sexual stimulation of the genitals and erogenous zones to achieve orgasm. More details about what these are the phenomenon, what causes, symptoms and consequences hides, you can find out from the article below.

, Masturbation during sleep: causes, symptoms, consequences and treatment of sexy

What is sexy?

More than 90% of women and men around the world of different ages and social strata prefer to masturbate today. Some with the help of masturbation study their body and sexuality, others cope with growing excitement, and others, due to the lack of sexual life, suppress desires. But it also happens that a person leaning towards a yarn during sleep.

Sexy is an official medical term denoting a mental disorder, which is why a person during sleep can show various kinds of sexual activity. This is a kind of lunaticism, which can occur in both men and women. The main requirement for such a state is a deep phase of sleep without quick eye movements.

Sexy is in no way connected with such phenomena as night pollutions, orgasms and erections, they are observed exclusively during the usual sleep phase.

For the first time, such a phenomenon was investigated in 1996 by the American Academy of Medicine of Sleep, after which the sexy was recognized as a separate syndrome. Specialists identified 3 stages of development:

  1. A less dangerous form that does not cause concern and discomfort to the surrounding people.
  2. Cases are more complicated, causing moral harm to a person and his loved ones.
  3. The most difficult form is manifested by an unconscious entry into somnambulic contact with a partner.

There have been such cases when a person with such a syndrome in severe form caused harm to his partner and himself. This is due to more aggressive and gross behavior than in a conscious state. In any case, there are no events in the memory, all actions are perceived as an erotic dream.

, Masturbation during sleep: causes, symptoms, consequences and treatment of sexy

Causes of masturbation in a dream

Exploring the reasons why people are faced with the need to masturbate in a dream, it was revealed that everything lies in disturbances in brain waves. They adversely affect a person’s condition during sleep, as if he remained on remote control and does what he really does not want and is not characteristic.

The following reasons can contribute to strengthening the syndrome:

  • drugs and alcohol;
  • stress;
  • dissatisfaction with sexual life;
  • long abstinence;
  • different sleep disorders and insomnia;
  • internal prohibitions, suppression of aggression and desires, childhood injuries.

Some experts suggest that sexy can be caused by the characteristics of the human sexual constitution, increased sexuality and temperament.


Clear definitions of what symptoms such a syndrome manifest is actually not. But there are typical situations with which sexy is not limited, for example:

  • independent caresses of the genitals;
  • stroking, stimulation of erogenous zones;
  • sexual intercourse;
  • manifestation of sexual violence and aggression.

All manifestations occur exclusively at night in an unconscious state, and in the morning a person does not remember anything, and if excerpts of events appear, then it was just a dream. Most often, during masturbation and other sexual actions in a dream, a person does this with open eyes, which makes it possible that he understands and realizes everything.

Possible consequences

How dangerous the sexy syndrome is? This issue has long been studied by specialists, scientists and doctors, after which it was clearly established that a person suffering from sexuality has serious negative emotions. Most often these are the following consequences:

  • negation;
  • anger;
  • disorientation and confusion;
  • disgust;
  • a feeling of shame or guilt.

In addition, sleep disorder is reflected in overall well -being, provoking a decrease in activity and performance, the development of depressive states and insomnia. A negative trace remains in relations with loved ones and sexual partner.

Do I need to treat sex

In any case, sleep disorder and sexual behavior require consultation of specialists, studying the causes and symptoms. There can be many methods of treatment, it all depends on the etiology of the doctor who will do this. Today, psychiatrists, neurologists most often bear responsibility for therapy.

, Masturbation during sleep: causes, symptoms, consequences and treatment of sexy

The first thing that is required is a change in lifestyle, rejection of bad habits and stressful situations. Next, you need to adjust the relationship with the partner, the patient needs understanding and support. If required, doctors can prescribe a course of taking tranquilizers of the general principle of action. As a prevention, a dream is recommended in a separate room.

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