How to strengthen the sensations from masturbation to a man | Practices

How to enhance sensations from masturbation to a man.

, How to strengthen the sensations from masturbation to a man | Practices
Masturbation is a pleasant process that is in the life of almost every man. And it can be diversified, complemented with new sensations. Special accessories will help in this.


A special device for getting pleasure is equipped Special relief. Masturbator gives sensations similar to vaginal, anal or oral sex. There are options that are completely different from the usual caresses. But in any case, use allows you to relieve stress and experience something new.

There are many types of masturbators, for example, Sex doll – This is also a masturbator, but full -size. There are much less models, the most popular fit in the hand. And it is with the palm of their palm that they are directed, move.

Each masturbator is unique, the sensations with it are special. And it is worth trying such a thing to diversify intimate experiments.

Automatic masturbator

There are masturbators that do not require the effort of a man when using. The motor is located inside, and when diving, movements occur. Massage, light compression, progressive vibrations are brought to orgasm in a few minutes. The owner only needs to choose modes and speeds to enjoy.

The use of automatic sex toy cannot be comparable to sex or hand movements. This is a new experience that also allows you to train endurance. With such a sex toy, if desired, you can learn to delay the moment of the finals, then with a woman to withstand in sex much longer.

Exciting cream

A special cream is designed to enhance the sensations of a man. It is applied to the penis, rubbed into the skin before masturbation. After that, more blood flows to the genitals, each touch seems more intense. Even familiar touches seem to others, and it is pleasant and unusual.

Exciting can be lubrication. Then it is simply added to the process, it and Sliding improves, and adds new sensations. You can use it with hands caresses, and when using sex toys., How to strengthen the sensations from masturbation to a man | Practices

Cooling lubricant

Lubrication with a cooling effect is also a way to try something new. She calls lung, It’s hard to cause in other ways, but it’s nice. Simple application to orgasm will not lead, you will need active stimulation. But it will be very interesting.

Each composition causes cold, but it The intensity is different. Some funds are not very noticeable, others give very strong experiences. This is also due to susceptibility. Therefore, before buying, it is recommended to read reviews to find the best option. But it is important to understand that it is impossible to freeze with such a lubricant, its action is point and temporary.

Erective ring

Most often, the erective ring is used in pairs to control the duration of sexual intercourse. It allows you to delay the finish line, extend sex with a partner. But it can be used for masturbation. If I want a long experiment, With the ring it will turn out. It is ideal to apply it at the beginning: put on the maximum erection, and then approach orgasm several times, but delay it. And when the decision to finish finally finally, then remove the ring.

With a ring, independent games can be very bright. But it is important to remember that More than 20 minutes It is not recommended to wear it, so as not to disrupt blood circulation.

Anal stimulant

For the most daring men, anal sex toys will serve as an ideal item for masturbation. Prostate massagercan cause a very stormy orgasm. At the same time, with regular use, the development of prostatitis will also prevent.

Anal traffic jams They will give a feeling of fullness. Using them and at the same time stimulating the penis, you can expand sensations, make them voluminous and memorable.

And the anal balls and Christmas trees use many centuries of geisha, and it is worth adopting their experience. The device is immersed in the body, reach a very strong excitement and at the time of orgasm is pulled out by a confident movement. This is the most sensual way of masturbation, but not everyone is solved to try it.Sex toys are developed so that a person can get a maximum of pleasure in sexual life. Many of them use both masturbation and paired. Any of the above things will come in handy during sexual intercourse with a partner. But the main thing is that during masturbation will give interesting impressions.

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