How to get more pleasure from masturbation

How to get more pleasure from masturbation.

Masturbation is a great way to relax and relieve the accumulated voltage. If there is no partner with whom you could have sex – it’s time to do it with your most beloved person. That is, with oneself. Let’s talk about how to get more pleasure from masturbation and turn it from ordinary self -satisfaction into real pleasure.

Experiment with different types of stimulation

Typically, men during masturbation concentrate on a penis, women on the vagina. To expand the range of sensations, study your own body. So you can open various erogenous zones that previously remained deprived of love and affection.

It can be testicles, chest, inner thighs, anus, or even just a plot behind the ear. It is possible that the additional stimulation of these zones will make masturbation more exciting.

How to get more pleasure from masturbation: sex toys

Do not be neglecting sex toys. Women can use vibrators, men – artificial vaginas. In sex shops, you can purchase goods for any wallet and taste. Even if you get the most inexpensive sex toy, masturbation will bring much more pleasure with it than without it.

Use gel somasic

Gels allow many times to strengthen the sensations from touch. In addition, lubricants make both affiliate sex and masturbation more comfortable. With their help, you can avoid skin irritation from intense movements. The skin on the genitals is more sensitive and thin.

Gels will serve double service: they will enhance sensations and prevent rubbing or small scratches. It is better to use a water -based lubricant gel, they are easily washed off, do not leave traces and cope with their functions perfectly.

How to get more pleasure from masturbation: pornography and stories

Erotic videos are another method to enhance the sensations from masturbation. Choose a video of the subject that excites you to the greatest extent.

There are people who fundamentally do not accept pornographic videos. Then it is quite possible to dwell on a different type of pornography – namely, erotic stories.

They also allow you to strengthen the pleasure of masturbation. Who knows, perhaps, and you yourself can further become an author of exciting stories.

Variety in positions

Some are convinced that various positions were invented only for affiliate sex. This is not quite. The process of masturbation can also be carried out in different poses, and this will definitely add more excitement.

The main thing is again, to determine which provisions are the most exciting for you. For example, if you do it lying or sitting, then try the pose while standing. There are those who like to engage in masturbation most, standing on all fours.

Provide heat

Soft heat will make masturbation much more pleasant. Men can enhance the sensations from masturbation if they press the member to the surface of the abdomen.

Natural bodily heat improve blood circulation and will allow you to get more pleasure. Women can, for example, use a heating pad, holding it between the legs. The main thing is that the temperature is not too high.

Relaxing atmosphere

Sometimes everything that is needed for good masturbation is relaxation. In particular, a pleasant environment is important for women. Turn on relaxing music, light aromatic candles. Accept the bathroom. Distract from trouble and worries. To relieve stress, you can drink a glass of wine.

How to get more pleasure from masturbation: masturbation in the bathroom

By the way, many may like to masturbate in the bathroom, directing a shower to the genital area. First, select the appropriate temperature, and then direct the stream of water to the most sensitive area.

In men, this is usually a penis;Women have a clitoris or vagina. Men with the help of a shower can extend self -satisfaction. To do this, direct the stream of water to the head of the penis, and make the stream a little more stiff. In general, water masturbation will delay the onset of orgasm, extend the pleasure.

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