How to choose your masturbator Tenga?

How to choose your masturbator Tenga?.

Using advanced technologies and innovations, the Japanese company Tenga sex toys is one of the popular brands that create toys for male pleasure. The assortment of restrained sex toys for men includes everything: from disposable masturbators for beginners to more durable.

Tenga “Deep mouth”

This masturbator has a silicone channel, which has many protrusions, and the tank for the lubricant provides perfect sliding and allows you to maintain the entrance always slippery and wet. Thanks to this, this masturbator is able to imitate the sensations of oral sex. Besides, “Deep mouth” It has a one -sided valve and an air hole that help create a vacuum that further helps to simulate oral caresses. Want a more pronounced relief? Try an enlarged version of the masturbator “Deep mouth”. Experiment with the closure and opening of the hole to adjust the degree of suction. The masturbator is designed for one -time use, so adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations, or use a condom.

Tenga Air-Tech

Updated male masturbator, which is able to compete with the masturbator “Deep mouth”. An amazing air control system, structured in the form of a spiral relief, allows the air to go out, creating amazing sensations of suction, while shock -absorbed chambers soften each movement, giving the penis an amazing spectrum of sensations. The main difference between the first model of the masturbator and this version is that this masturbator has a washing sleeve and is designed for reusable use. The main thing is do not forget to use water -based lubricant.

Tenga eggs

Tenga eggs made of soft elastic material are very easy to use. Just open the egg and lubricate the inside with a lubricant, and you can proceed to use. When you open the masturbator for the first time, you will be surprised at its incredible elasticity. Its material is incredibly soft, so it easily spreads along the barrel and a penis head of any size. Each egg has a unique internal relief and different stimulation style, from twisting textures to a cooling effect. Although Tenga eggs are disposable toys, you can wash them with warm water (hot water will melt them) and dry thoroughly.

Tenga Flip

The Tenga Flip masturbators series has a minimalistic design, as well as a simple and intuitive control. Instead of trying to reproduce the appearance of an intimate zone, Tenga created a masturbator with an incredibly stylish design. Each masturbator of this series has various internal textures. Some folding masturbators such as Tenga "Flip Hol", suitable for people with erectile dysfunction, since there is no need for their use in erection.

Tenga 3D and Spinner

Textured for pleasure and made of incredibly flexible antibacterial elastomer, male masturbators Tenga 3D have a unique internal unaristic relief. Turn yourself Tenga 3D masturbator “Spiral”, having a ribbed inside and spiral relief, dense tightening and ergonomic shape. Tenga Spinner has a unique structure and allows you to easily carry out twisting movements when you move up and down. Inside the masturbator has a pronounced relief surface. Whatever option of the masturbator you choose, just add a little water -based lubricant and enjoy.

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