Does the masturbation of calories burn?

Does the masturbation of calories burn?.

It’s just that my heart knocks so much after orgasm

Today you have already done this? And more than once? Well done, it’s just wonderful! Get one or two orgasm in the evening, which could be more pleasant. You relaxed, felt your body and enjoyed. However, in the process of intensive work with your hand or toy, you may have a thought: “Wait, I’m breathing heavily… This is the burning of calories?” Seriously how many calories masturbation burns?

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, Does the masturbation of calories burn?

Sexual experts say that they often ask them this question. And each time they find it difficult to give an accurate answer. Because… Well… such research was simply not conducted. However, you can rely on the data of experiments with a waste of calories during sex. And then draw approximate conclusions.

So, on average, in one minute of sexual contact, women burn three (3) kilocalories per minute. By the way, in men this number exceeds 100 kilocalories, after all, it is worth recognizing that often all the main work falls on their shoulders… Well, so easy.

Then it should be noted that during masturbation you are not as actively moving as during the proximity with a partner. Yes, the reality is such that solo sexual games are far from the Olympic loads. And in order to use calories, you need to increase and maintain such a frequency of heart contractions over a long period of time. This is not running, not swimming, and not even fast walking, you have to put up with it. However, masturbation is very good for health. Both physical and mental.

It’s good if masturbation does not burn calories, then what is its benefit?

From time to time masturbate everything. And this is completely normal! Self -satisfaction even in family framework has many positive factors. Thus, masturbation causes the release of endorphins (good mood hormones, which acts as a natural relaxant and analgesic), encourages the production of oxytocin (which improves sleep) and improves blood circulation. And it’s just very, very nice.

So, in the end, who really worries, how many calories are spent at this time?

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