Disadaptive masturbation. How to retreat to adaptive?

On maladaptive and adaptive masturbation.

, Disadaptive masturbation. How to retreat to adaptive?

Masturbation is an important part of a person’s intimate life that can help everyone “deal” with their body, find out what they like and what is not, to determine especially sensitive erogenous zones (these are not only intimate zones, t.To. Such zones can be the back, chest, hands, inner side of the thigh), the stimulation of which can contribute to the receipt of greater pleasure during the prelude.

Types of masturbation

According to the ability to “transfer” and adapt to sexual intercourse with a partner of the practices that a person uses to enjoy alone with himself, sexologists identify:

  • Adaptive masturbation
  • Disadaptive masturbation

As a rule, this separation affects the intimate sphere of girls.

Adaptive, or conditionally correct masturbation forms those skills that can then be used in sex with a partner to obtain an orgasm. Disadaptive, however, accustoms our brain and body to enjoy those ways that are impossible or very difficult to realize during sexual intercourse. As a result, sex with a real partner can turn into unpleasant, awkward episodes, t.To. The usual technique of pleasure will be not applicable.

The cause of maladaptive masturbation may be an episode in childhood or in adolescence, when a child accidentally enjoys stimulating an erogenous zone, the most common cases include:

  • Squeezing a thick blanket between the legs
  • Clushing on the rope
  • sitting on the edge of the chair
  • a ride on the bicycle

Also, many begin to receive “wrong” orgasm in adulthood, as a rule, with a long absence of a sexual partner. A conditional replacement may be a shower nozzle or vibrators. Our brain gets used to the temperature of the object (for example, to a cold vibrator or to a cool shower stream), to a certain frequency of frictions, which are often very difficult to realize with a warm, real partner.

, Disadaptive masturbation. How to retreat to adaptive?

Disadaptive masturbation accustoms the body to feel pleasure alone with itself in a special atmosphere – while watching porn, while taking a shower, before going to bed.

Sexologists distinguish between two types of maladaptive masturbation: myocompression – from compression of the muscles of the Bolestrus and the subspecies of the myocompression, when the girl stimulates the clitoris, squeezing the object between the legs.

How to retreat from maladaptive to adaptive masturbation?

You can get rid of the maladaptive methods of masturbation with the help of new neurons that carry out information about “correct” ways to gain pleasure. That is, you need to smoothly reconfigure your body, gradually introducing new practices of masturbation. You can’t start sharply masturbating “correctly” – the brain will simply not understand anything and pleasure will disappear completely. It is necessary to smoothly introduce new elements, for example, with masturbation by compressing the legs before the peak of pleasure, you need to push them apart. It is then that the brain will remember these new stimulations, which also lead to the achievement of orgasm. So, with each masturbation, it is possible to increase the number of elements of adaptive masturbation and gradually reduce the elements of masturbation maladaptive, preferably, before the onset of orgasm, and then get rid of them completely.

Thus, maladaptive masturbation is not a sentence of an intimate life with a partner. As you know, the orgasm is in the head, so it is necessary to “retrain” neurons in the brain to adaptive types of pleasure. It is worth remembering that the process is not fast, but the results of it are worth.

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