Dangerous mistakes for female masturbation | Informative

Dangerous mistakes for female masturbation.

, Dangerous mistakes for female masturbation | Informative
Obtaining physical, sexual discharge on your own, without participation in the process of a partner, is the norm. There is not a single person who has not masturbated at least once. There are many myths about the dangers of masturbation.

Myths about female masturbation

Hair grows on the palms The most funny myth. There is absolutely no causal connection between self-satisfaction and growth of hairline.
You will bring a fungus If the hands are clean (and objects used for masturbation) then there is no danger of the disease.

Is the danger of female self -satisfaction real?

Masturbation is a healthy phenomenon that benefits a woman not only in sexual, but also in emotional, moral terms. A healthy personality is a person who knows, appreciates and loves his body. Adequate self -esteem is hindered by the problem of awareness.

Previously, the topic of sex was under the “taboo”, manifestations of self -satisfaction were perceived as something shameful, dirty, which did not contribute to self -knowledge in any way. Now the abundance of false information deforms consciousness and leads to complexes: an abundance of ideal bodies in glossy magazines does not contribute to normal self -esteem of ladies with extra kilograms, porn films are misleading as an orgasm should be. As a result – not everyone understands that the world on the other side of the screen and gloss is just a production that has nothing to do with real sensations. To know yourself with the help of self -satisfaction is more than correctly, it is necessary for every woman. However, errors should be avoided., Dangerous mistakes for female masturbation | Informative

Delusions associated with masturbation

  • 1. It is not necessary to consider masturbation shameful In such cases, a complex of guilt develops, which in severe cases leads to a significant deterioration in the emotional state and as a result – to depression. More than 73% of women are engaged in self -satisfaction. Someone does this less often, someone more often, but this is normal and not ashamed.
  • 2. Consider masturbation vital Turning self -satisfaction into a kind of religion, paying tribute to God’s owned daily – it is dangerous for health. Frequent (it should be clarified: often – this is several times daily) vaginal sex with a partner leads to relaxation of the vaginal muscle, which leads to the release of the female genital organ of squelching (“farting”) sounds during sexual intercourse. Anal – to relax the sphincter. It is enough to receive sexual discharge 4-6 times a week.

Possible consequences of too frequent masturbation

If a woman satisfies herself more than 4 times a day, negative consequences are possible. More often the following consequences are distinguished:

  • Neurasthenia – due to constant overweight and tension.
  • Deterioration of vision is the result of irritable impulses transmitted by the brain.
  • Damage to the urinary system – in the form of the so -called urinary incontinence.

If self -satisfaction has not passed into the form of obsessive psychosis, then there is nothing to fear such serious consequences. You can only harm yourself with unsuccessful examiners.

Masturbation errors that can harm health

The use of vegetables and fruits as phalloimitators. Bananas, cucumbers and carrots in themselves are not harmful to the body, even with such an interesting method of taking “inside”. However, the elementary rules of hygiene require the use of exceptionally pure substitutes for a member. In addition – fresh and strong. You should not succumb to the gloomy impulses: “No, this good one, eat it, and this banana has already blackened, and I’ll take it”, so that later, by douching, not to wash out the “porridge” of overheated, sluggish, etc.D. Mersiciency.
., Dangerous mistakes for female masturbation | Informative
Using improvised vegetable products, it is necessary to use a condom. Not in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, but for lubrication, the necessary vagina and protection against chemicals (it is no secret that modern vegetable growing develops in such a way that the entire Mendeleev table can be far from edible in cucumber), harmful to the tender microflora of the vagina.

Using creams. Cosmetic creams violate the microflora, you can’t categorically use them instead of a lubricant. Vaseline or saliva are not suitable for these purposes. The first negatively affects delicate skin, can even cause abscesses. And saliva contains too many bacteria that can cause an infection. And it is also important to understand that the symptoms may not appear immediately, but many weeks will have to fight them.Injuries. If inappropriate objects are used in the process of masturbation, injury is possible. Sharp corners, uneven edges can scratch the delicate skin of intimate places. It is important to use special sex toys, and not improvised means to get pleasure. Well, if the injury has occurred, then you can not treat it yourself. Be sure to see a doctor.Fucking items. Self -made phallus can remain only in the anus. If the sex toy does not have a limiter, it can be loaded very deeply.

But the main thing is that getting it will then be very problematic. Only a surgeon can cope with this task. Every year, thousands of people with objects in the anus turn to different hospitals. Their extraction is a painful process, and then for a long time you have to take care of the seams in such a piquant place.

Masturbating is not prohibited. This is a useful process that helps relieve tension. But you can not make mistakes that can harm health.

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