ASMR Masturbation: What is it, how to try to feel the sounds of a girl

ASMR Masturbation – Try the effect on yourself!.

Many people had similar situations when different weak and specific sounds caused a sense of pleasure, relaxation, goosebumps in the body. Such emotions can be compared only with head massage. ASMR Masturbation is a new form of sexual self -satisfaction, closely related to the reaction of the brain to such sounds. What is it, how literally the abbreviation is translated, whether such masturbation is normal or is it a fetish, you can learn from the article further.

, ASMR Masturbation: What is it, how to try to feel the sounds of a girl

What does ASMR mean

What is the ASMR not many know, although the popularity of this phenomenon is rapidly increasing. ASMR is literally translated as an autonomous sensory media -engine reaction to various quiet sounds, for example, a whisper, tapping on the keys, a rustle of brush on paper, the sounds of water murmur. The human brain reacts to them, as something very pleasant, experts call this phenomenon a “brain orgasm”.

The main influencing tool is the ASMR triggers-incentives that ways to have such a positive effect on a person. Most often triggers are:

  • Conversations in a whisper;
  • scraping or tapping sounds;
  • blowing;
  • The sounds of manipulations with paper – turning over, the sound of a pencil on paper or brush;
  • light touch on the head or imitation of such an action;
  • any personal memories;
  • a sense of focus on any business and lesson;
  • sounds of food;
  • Sounds of sex and much more.

Another specific term is also considered – asmporters, that is, those people who bring the audience to the “orgasms” with a special conversation or manipulations with different objects. The main source of communication between the two parties is the Internet, social networks and videos.

What is ASMR masturbation

Initially, scientists and various experts discussed such a phenomenon as ASMR and reaction of the human brain to different specific sounds. As it turned out later, many experienced people in matters of masturbation began to use this feature in their sexual experiments. So a new concept appeared – ASMR Masturbation.

We are talking about excitement when listening to different triggers, somehow associated with human sexual fantasies, against the background of which he masturbates and receives a completely different, powerful orgasm.

Almost everyone who regularly practices this type of masturbation, note the following positive effects:

  • complete relaxation;
  • goosebumps throughout the body;
  • Stress relief;
  • improving sleep quality;
  • reassurance of nerves;
  • increasing the sensitivity of erogenous points;
  • rapid sexual arousal;
  • Easy way to achieve a powerful orgasm.

ASMR Masturbation is performed by both men and women when watching a video where the emphasis is placed on different sexual sounds – flipping, friction, sounds of lubrication, penetration, oral caresses and many other things.

As a rule, ASMR Masturbation is observed only in experienced and most sophisticated experimenters, who were bored with the traditional ways of excitement.

How to try ASMR masturbation

To try ASMR masturbation, a person needs to first “test” his brain for the presence or absence of reactions in relation to different sounds. Therefore, you can stimulate your brain with the following options included in the top:

  • Cleaning a soft microphone with a brush;
  • driving fingers on shaving foam;
  • Zen-householding, where they play with sand;
  • Contact of nails with cardboard and paper;
  • Drawing with chalk on the board.

If, after watching the videos on the Internet with similar ASMR triggers, unusual sensations arose, a sense of relaxation or even a slight excitement, it means that asmr masturbation is possible. Next, you can create a secluded comfortable atmosphere in complete silence, find on the Internet a video with ASMR masturbation, where the emphasis will not be made as a sexual process, how much on sounds and try to caress yourself.

The most exciting for most masturbating people is the sound of penetration of the penis into the vagina, the sounds of contact of the hands with the female genital organs or male masturbation, when the hand slides with concomitant sounds along the member stem. They also experience an incredible feeling of excitement when they listen to the sounds of smacking and sucking, as if imitating oral affection.

Is it a fetish

Many experts, sexologists and psychologists are concerned about the massive popularity of the phenomenon and masturbation of this form. In its specificity, such a hobby is very reminiscent of fetishism, besides, not all people are pleasure in such a strange way of self -satisfaction.

In the countries of the abroad, ASMR has already been nicknamed subculture with followers and new inventors. Only those bloggers that succeed in the NLP technique (neurolinguistic programming) can drive the audience into a state of almost trance.

As for masturbation for different sounds, psychologists and sexologists see a certain danger in this, which lies in the risks of developing dependence on this method of self -satisfaction.

From this we can conclude that you can try different methods of masturbation can and even good for health (sexual and emotional discharge). But to get involved in such experiments when different sounds will not be the only way to excite, otherwise it threatens with a compulsive disorder of sexual behavior.

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