9 ways to do joint masturbation

9 ways to do joint masturbation.

, 9 ways to do joint masturbation
When it comes to masturbation, it is most often assumed that this is only a solo game. Regardless of how this happens: quickly receiving pleasure in the bathroom or a long game in bed, usually only one person participates.

Although masturbation alone is a great way to know how and what exactly is enjoyed to you, it can open up from the other side if a partner joins you. There are 9 ways that will help to strengthen pleasure!

Advantages of mutual masturbation

Masturbation is important for a good intimate life, so it helps you feel more sexually attractive, allows you to study and try new on your conditions.

If you masturbate with a partner, albeit irregularly, there will be even more benefits from this, because you become more frank and open. All this leads to an improvement in the quality of your sex. What other pluses have mutual masturbation?

Guaranteed pleasure
Everyone knows where and how best to caress themselves in order to experience an orgasm, so there will be no problem with the fact that one was pleasure, and the second was left “without sweet”.

Helps to find out about the body of a partner
You may think that you know the body of a loved one well, but most likely you still have something to strive for. With the help of mutual masturbation, the partner will show what and how he likes in sex. This is the best “textbook” that you can use.

A way to show a partner you like
Mutual masturbation also makes it possible to share with your partner what you like, how you will enjoy it when it is not there. This is a great way to learn more and learn more in practice, and not just share your desires in the process of conversation (although it is also important to communicate). With the help of joint masturbation, you can find new erogenous zones, which you did not suspect.

The ability to become closer
Masturbation for many is still a forbidden topic. And those who do not consider her ashamed can perceive it only as a solo. Therefore, mutual masturbation is an opportunity to share and see something more personal than sex. And this is a fantastic way to establish proximity between partners.

Expanding the boundaries of sex
Sex is not only the penetration of the penis into the vagina. In fact, this concept is much wider, and includes many things. Mutual masturbation helps add diversity to intimacy, find new ways to enjoy.

How to move on to joint masturbation

This is natural to experience excitement due to the presence of another person when you masturbate. First you can try to do, covered with a blanket. At the same time, you are already taking a step to the meeting, but still retain some privacy of action.

Another variant – masturbate when turned off. In the dark, it is not clear what you are doing, and the feeling of awkwardness from the presence of a partner will be less.

To get used to joint masturbation, it will take some time. But Support and positive attitude partner will help to speed up this process.

Do not forget that it is necessary to get consent to each other to joint masturbation. And also it is worth taking care of the stop-signals to stop the game if something goes wrong.

9 methods of masturbation together

Do not look at each other

If you are still embarrassed, it is not necessary to look at each other. You need to settle so that you cannot see what the second person is doing. Then, when you begin to masturbate, describe what is happening to you with words and moans. This is a great way to tease each other and get even more excited., 9 ways to do joint masturbation

Teach each other

In turn, tell and show each other how you like to caress yourself. The partner will be pleased to watch you and find out how he can make you well.

Do as I do

Determine which of you will be the host and who repeat. The leading partner begins to gently touch himself wherever he likes: nipples, stomach, hips, genitals. Try to use as many sensitive points as possible than during solo masturbation. The follower must repeat the movements of the host as accurately as possible.

If one partner reaches orgasm faster, if you wish, you can stop and change roles. Or after its “finish” help to get a discharge to the second.

Follow the instructions

Everything is simple here – one partner caresses himself as the second tells him about it. Then, of course, you change roles.

Observe the face

Sit or lie down so that you can see each other’s faces. Leave a short distance between the bodies so that it is convenient to masturbate. Do not talk and do not look at what your hands do. Just observe emotions how the facial expressions of a loved one are changing in time masturbation. You will be surprised how valuable they can be for you.


Many people are excited by the situation when they are behind them or they are spent behind someone. Decide which of you will observe the other in time of masturbation at a short distance. For example, you masturbate in the shower, and the partner looks at you through a slightly ajar door.

Do not forget to get another person’s consent to such actions – it will be quite unpleasant if you find that you are spent secretly behind you.

Extend the game

Observation of each other’s masturbation can bring incredible pleasure and accelerate the onset of orgasm. Instead of coming to the finale, instead of faster, set the rule to masturbate only one person.

When one partner begins masturbation, the second stops, and vice versa. This will extend the game and guarantees great pleasure when you still get close to the finish line.

The use of sex toys is perfect here is perfect. As soon as you heard that the partner’s gadget turned on, your device is stopped. Or you can take turns using one toy for two, for example, Vibration massager.

Record your moans

Make an audio recording of sexual intercourse and then listen to it together during masturbation. Sounds will help to return at the moment when you were good. It will not be easy to stay at a distance!

Use sex toys

Partners lie down or sit down nearby and everyone simply masturbates with their favorite sex toy. A woman can use vibrator, And the man – Masturbator.

Another variant, Give commands: Turn on or off the toy, make the intensity stronger or weaker, remove the toy for some time and caress yourself only with your hand and so on. The main thing is not to forget to change places!

Even more interesting if you take toys, controlled by remote way: through a remote control or application. It all depends on your imagination. For example, change phones and choose a stimulation program to your liking.

There are many ways to enjoy masturbation – both alone and jointly! So meet in bed, get inspired and get your pleasure!

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