7 “How” to diversify masturbation

7 “How” to diversify masturbation.

, 7 “How” to diversify masturbation

Surely, you yourself know how to give yourself pleasure, and you even have a favorite pose and a method, but you should not get hung up on one. Try to diversify your masturbation! To do this, we propose to try out some methods that you may appeal to your liking.

1. First, consider the easiest and easiest method with improving your sex toy. To do this, you can use a vibro -ring by attaching it to your dildo. Thanks to this, you will receive new sensations from the old toy.

2. In the presence of a powerful vibrator in order to obtain new effects and sensations, wrap it in a towel or any fabric pleasant to the touch, and hold such a home -made vibrating pillow between the hips. Vibration will spread to a more extensive zone. The effect will be amazing!

3. Do not forget about penetrating toys. For convenience, you can lie on its side, and start with the stimulation of the clitoris. When the excitement is already strong, use a sex toy.

4. You can masturbate and while in water, which brings a special feeling of excitement. In such cases, it is necessary to use waterproof toys created specifically for this.

5. Use several erogenous zones. The most optimal pose for this is lying on the side, placing his hands to the necessary erogenous zones. Do not forget that you can use various sex toys, for example, anal plug or clitoral vibrator. There is another option – to use a multifunctional toy.

6. Put the dildo on a flat surface. For greater convenience, there are phallimitators with suction cups, the use of which in this version is very practical. The main plus of such toys is that your hands will be free and can be involved in another erogenous zone.

7. Try experimenting with temperature. For example, use lubricants with warming and cooling effects. The effects of this will be different, as well as the degree of excitement, so that they can be alternated.

, 7 “How” to diversify masturbation

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