40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical

40 ways of female masturbation, which will definitely lead to ecstasy.

If the men are not nearby, and sexual discharge is simply necessary, you can resort to different methods of masturbation. We offer 40 simple and unusual techniques, how to masturbate a girl in order to definitely achieve an orgasm. Not only fingers are used, but also various improvised products, vegetables and fruits, water, special sexy toys. Also below you will learn how to strengthen orgasm from masturbation.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical

Common types of masturbation

The most common ways how to masturbate the pussy provide for the use of only their own hands. To begin with, prepare morally and emotionally for action, then use moisturizers – lubricants and lubricants, and then take up practice. You can caress yourself with several techniques:

  • fingers – slingshot, light vibration, sorting and delay;
  • hand – one, two palms, the technique “Alien hand”;
  • Hand with a fist.

Make sure that during the game with your fingers with your pussy you have clean and cut nails, otherwise the risks of skin injury and infection are increased.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical


How the girls masturbate with one fingers, each knows. But not everyone has tried existing techniques and methods. We recommend trying the following:

  • slingshot – Make the letter V from the index and middle finger, move it on the outer labia so that the fingerracks touch the clitoris;
  • Light vibration -the pillows of the fingers must first stroke the clitoris, and when it reaches the excitement, start moving your fingers on the left-to law, barely touching the clitoris and constantly increasing the pace;
  • Schtering – pleasant sensations will be brought to orgasm if you use all the fingers at once, fingering the external labia and clitoris;
  • delaying – the effect of the vacuum delivers no less pleasure, so take the clitoris in your fingers and carefully pull it up, release and repeat the actions.

Make sure your hands are wet, use a cream, a special lubricant or an exciting lubricant. Constantly change your body position to accelerate the achievement of orgasm.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical


Not only fingers can become a source of pleasant sensations that bring to sexual discharge. Use your hands if you want maximum tactfulness. You can masturbate with one or two hands, try the following techniques:

  • With one hand -Apply a lubricant, start with stroking your palm on the labia and clitoris, move from top to bottom, now perform circular rotational movements, vibrations with the movement of the right and left, increasing the pace and the degree of exposure;
  • with two palms -Fold two palms, place the ribs on the labia, and now move one up and down, the other down and up, as if sawing yourself, while increasing the pace until the discharge;
  • “Alien hand” -Sit on the hand that will be involved in caresses, wait 10-20 minutes until it gets asleep, and then proceed to the caresses of the clitoris so that the feeling arises that someone else was touching you.

Remember that the clitoris has a huge number of nerve endings. Try to start with delicate barely tangible touches until excitement begins to increase. And only when you are at the peak of excitement, you can increase the degree of exposure to erogenous zones.


Self -satisfaction is also possible with a fist, it allows you to control the degree of friction with the clitoris and labia. First, tune in, moisten your fist, and then put it either on the clitoris or between the labia. Gradually build up the degree of pressing the thumb joint to the clitoris, while the index can be moved alternately along the lips.

Pay special attention to the methods of movements with a fist, you can experience a variety of pleasant sensations by stimulating the vagina vertically, in a circle and horizontally. Along with this, insert your fingers inside the vagina, stimulate the point G (tubercle on the front wall inside). The main condition of a strong orgasm is a change in movements and the increase in the pace.

Masturbation using fruits and vegetables

Atypical masturbation is also popular among girls who are bored with classic methods. Different fruits and vegetables with soft and supple pulp, a dense and ribbed surface are used. What can you try to experience paradise pleasure:

  • strawberry;
  • peeled banana or its skin;
  • peach or apricot;
  • cucumber;
  • zucchini;
  • eggplant;
  • corn;
  • carrot.

The main requirement for the process of masturbation is to comply with safety measures and hygiene rules. If you want to use vegetables and fruits, first rinse them well under running water. Make sure that the products do not break, otherwise they will be extremely difficult to get out of the vagina.


Extremely unusual and delicate sensations will give you a large strawberry with a tail. First, clean it of possible pollution, then use it in sexual games. Drive it on the labia around the clitoris, when you get excited, you can play strawberries with the clitoris, fiddle it and stroke it.

As soon as you understand that they are already close to discharge, take the strawberry from the clitoris to the vagina. Stimulate the entrance, strict the area near the urethra. Now, holding on the ponytail of the berry tightly, you can gradually introduce it into the vagina. And although it will not enter deeply, its texture features will allow you to enjoy an unforgettable pleasure.


It’s no secret that pleasant sensations during caresses are due to perfect gliding. If there is no lubricant or exciting lubricant at hand, use the banana. We offer 2 methods of caressing:

  • fruit – The banana itself is soft, smooth, long in shape with a bent tip, so use it as a dildo, leading gradually into the vagina;
  • The skin – It will provide maximum sliding, rub the clitoris and labia with the inside.

You can introduce a purified banana into the vagina in a condom or without, its delicate pulp is ideal for vaginal masturbation. And in the skin – this is an ideal alternative to the phallus, thick, durable, curved.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical

Persian or apricot

Persian or apricot has the same features. If you use an unpeeled fruit, its rough surface will give special sensations from contact with labia and clitoris. Start with minimal touch, and then build up the pace and intensity. If you remove the peel, you will receive an orgasm after a juicy pulp of a peach or apricot in a couple of minutes.


If you are a lover of all sorts of condoms with balls, a pimpled surface, a great alternative for caresses will be corn. You can get the optimal size of the vegetable for yourself, its thickness. Corn movements on the labia and clitoris cannot be compared with anything, and when you begin to enter the vegetable into the vagina, the orgasm will not be long in coming.


If you like fisting (uterine masturbation) and deep penetration, you can throw off the idea with a cucumber, having tried large -sized zucchini as a dildo. Its rough surface will provide excellent stimulation of the vagina and even the cervix. You can sit on it, enter in a missionary position, playing in parallel with this fingers with a clitoris.


Eggplant is more delicate in masturbation, since it is smaller, smooth on the surface, flexible. If you apply a lubricant from above, the sensations will be as gentle and pleasant as possible, so it can be used as an alternative to traditional sex. They can also stroke the labia, fuel the clitoris.


An excellent alternative to the phalloimitator will be a cucumber with its pimpled and rough surface. Start with stroking and neat touching the labia, then you can play with the clitoris, as soon as you get excited. And only then gradually insert the cucumber into the vagina, move it as if it were a phallus, and with your fingers of the second hand you can continue to play with the clitoris. Such double masturbation will lead you to a stormy finish.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical


Carrots are a leader among all food products that women prefer to achieve orgasm during masturbation. Firstly, it is smooth, dense and unlikely to break, its movements will be accurate and intense. Secondly, if you use two carrots of small thickness, you can arrange a double penetration-into the vagina and anus.

Water element

Every woman thinks sooner or later about how to diversify masturbation in new ways in the desire to experience special sensations and orgasm. And everyone knows that only contact with water will lead to the fact that the whole body will shudder with a voluptuous tremor. To do this, you can practice in the following ways:

  • with the help of a shower;
  • a stream of water from under the crane;
  • In a jacuzzi.

For such practices, special lubricants and lubricants, hygiene procedures to follow safety measures are not needed. In addition, you can finish from such caresses without even using hands and other items.

With the help of a shower

The source of fast and delicate orgasms will be the head of the shower. To do this, unscrew it, turn on the water and stream direct the water dispatcher to the clitoris, labia. Gradually change the pressure of water, vibration power and supply direction. To do this, take a shower to experience delicate tickling sensations, and then gradually approach intensive sensations.

Play a stream of water from a shower in circular, vertical and horizontal rhythmic movements. The pressure of water can be loosened and increased to irritate the nerve endings of the clitoris.

If you want to play with fire, use only a hose, directing a whole stream of water without a dispersion on the vagina. Try to ensure that the intensity of water contacts with the clitoris is progressive.

Straight jet from under the crane

If you do not have a shower, and instead there is a bath, you can enjoy water -watering water according to the same principle. To do this, lie in the bath, move in so that your vagina is below under the crane. Now bend your knees, spread them as much as possible. Gradually turn on the water so that it falls on the labia and clitoris.

Move your hips, spread your hands large and small lips, so that a stream of water caresses all corners of a secret corner. Make sure that the water is at room temperature, and the degree of pressure is increased gradually as you are excited. You can slightly increase the temperature of the water to enhance the blood flow, and then return to the previous temperature regime.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical

In a jacuzzi

If you have a jacuzzi at your disposal, this will be another excellent way of sexual discharge. To do this, lie in a jacuzzi, place the clitoris opposite the jet with water supply. And due to the fact that here it is not a single stream, but a diffuser, consisting of many small streams, the sensations will be at a height. Soon you will begin to feel that contact with water and vibrations cause increasing excitation, and an orgasm will not force itself to wait.

What is at hand

The most interesting methods of self -satisfaction provide for the use of unimaginable objects and various improvised means. Some of them contribute to direct caresses, others can be used even in clothes without contacts. What should the girls seeking your feelings:

  • Toothbrush;
  • lipstick;
  • small soap dish;
  • ball deodorant;
  • Washing machine on the functions of selection;
  • cushioned furniture;
  • pillow;
  • things rolled into a roll;
  • pencil;
  • rice in a condom;
  • tampon;
  • candle;
  • Fitball with “horns”.

All these items must be used carefully, following the rules of personal hygiene. The key to success in such a case is fantasy, emancipation, sexual excitement.


If you wield a toothbrush with a ribbed pen, entering rhythmically into the vagina, as well as stroking the clitoris, you will get an unforgettable pleasure. It is better to insert it into the vagina neatly, slowly, alternately with the stimulation of the clitoris with a brush hairs. Gradually increase both strength and the frequency of caresses.

If at your disposal an electric brush for brushing your teeth, you are a happy owner of an alternative to the vibrator. When you bring a working unit to the clitoris, the sensations will be unrealistic, as if someone bite him. The correct effect will provide an orgasm in a couple of minutes.


You can pamper at home with yourself with a simple lipstick. Since she has a smooth surface, lubricating with cream or lubricant, you can stroke and tug the clitoris, external labia. And if it is an oblong bottle, like a liquid lip gloss, it can be put into a vagina gradually.

Small soap dish

If you have a small soap dish at your disposal, you can play with her participation. First, bring yourself to a state of excitation, heat the clitoris and vagina, and then strok it on the outside with a soap. It’s good if soap is inside it, and each time you move, it will tap on the soap dish, create the vibration effect.

Ball deodorant

We bring to your attention another unusual experiment at home in the shower. After caressing with your hands or water, take a ball deodorant, grease it with intimate lubricant or a means of washing the genital organs, and then enter the vagina slowly. In parallel with this, place under a stream of water to caress it clitoris.

Washing machine (on the functions “Superet”)

Imaging the work of a vibrator that promises a quick and powerful orgasm can be a washing machine operating on the functions of “Excit”. In this case, it will be enough to sit down on the edge of the machine when it starts frantically shaking from the work of the centrifuge and enjoy the shocks on the clitoris.

The edge of the upholstered furniture

Original sensations can be experienced with anything, if you sit on the edge of the bed or sofa, spread your legs to the sides and imitate friction movements. In parallel with this, caress the nipples first, forcing the uterus to be excited, and then lower your fingers into the groin area.


If the sexual desire rose to the peak, and there is no partner nearby, the pillow will be an excellent substitution. Lying on the stomach, place the pillow between the legs with the ribs up to the groin, click it and begin to move the pelvis back and forth, like a rider on a man. Friction and pressure with a pillow will increase blood flow, and if you add the game with your fingers, the finish will be completely close.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical

Courage of a roll of things

By the same principle as with a pillow, you can play with any other things. For example, rolling clothes, a blanket, a dense blanket, put it between the legs and fir on top until the clitoris begins to react. In parallel with this, other items for masturbation described above can be used.

Pencil between the labia

Use a simple pencil to satisfy your sexual appetites. First, lubricate it with cream or lubricant, even vaseline can be used. After that, have an imitation of the toy between the labia so that the pencil is perpendicular to the entrance to the vagina. Squeeze the hips to the maximum, drive the top-down pencil.

Rice in a condom

If there is not a single suitable device for masturbation at hand or they have already bored with all of them, we offer a novelty among ideas – rice in condom. Take a condom, pour rice groats in such quantities inward so that you will be arranged by the size of the alleged unit. Dense, smooth thanks to latex, such a dildo will deliver an unforgettable pleasure.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical


To quickly make a small phallus for sexy games, use a swab, put it in a condom. Then, gradually and gently, enter it either into the vagina, then in the ass or play two at the same time. Do not forget to stimulate external erogenous points, because shallow frictions contribute to a strong clitoral orgasm.


Smooth and oblong shape of the candle allows us to close as possible in sensations to traditional sexual intercourse. And if you want extreme and thrill, you can even set fire to a candle, watching everything during masturbation.

Fitball with “horns”

Fitball jumping is not only a type of gymnastic exercises, but also the opportunity to influence the crotch. It’s worth a try if you have such a ball supplemented with two handles with “horns”. First jump on the ball, stimulating the clitoris with these handles, and then they can be inserted into the vagina. Amortization will enjoy strong pleasant waves throughout the body.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical

Unusual methods of masturbation

For those women who are looking for something breathtaking and outside the fantasies, we offer extraordinary new products of techniques, namely:

  • vibration massager;
  • cellular telephone;
  • horsehair;
  • Valerian and cat.

When considering such methods, think through all the rules of safety, personal hygiene and expediency in the principle of such bold experiments.

Cellular telephone

Take your mobile phone, put it inside the condom. Now in this form you can gradually enter it into the vagina or even the ass. At this time, call yourself a mobile phone from a hospital, enjoying vibration. Such intensive irritation of the nerve endings of the vagina will lead to a powerful orgasm.

Vibration massager

If you have a similar device at your disposal, feel free to use it to stimulate the clitoris. But remember that the risks of irritation are very high, if you unnecessarily apply the massager to the genitals, so delicately move them along the labia, barely touching the clitoris to quickly finish.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical


An unforgettable sensations can be tested if you caress your crotch with horse hair. But first, worry about hair purity, grease the labia with a lubricant. Play hairs, stroking their lips, clitoris and an area of anus.

Valerian and cat

Take the bottle with valerian, slightly lubricate the sidelines with the solution, after which your cat will immediately move to the smell. You will only need to take a convenient position, spread your legs to the sides, allowing the cat to do everything for you.

Using sex toys

For self -satisfaction, special toy devices are also intended, designed taking into account the physiological characteristics of the female body. These are different types of vibrators, phallimitators and “butterfly”.

, 40 ways of female masturbation: from unusual to simple, the most interesting and atypical


With such a toy you can finish over and over again, using in completely different places. There are external vibrators for touching the clitoris, internal for introduction to the vagina, stimulation of internal erogenous points.


“Butterfly” is the same vibrator, but it stimulates both the crotch and the clitoris at the same time. It can be fixed with your own hands during caresses, or you can fix it on your body with special belts, wearing even through panties. A powerful stimulator makes you experience fast and bright clitoral orgasms.


Imitation of a male penis, which provides for traditional use – introduction to the vagina. On sale you can see double phalloimitators for penetration both into the vagina and anus.

How to strengthen an orgasm?

What types of caresses and methods of self -satisfaction you do, the degree of pleasure and the finish will always be different. Hence the logical question – how to strengthen the orgasm? We offer 2 effective methods – to change posts for masturbation, as well as the situation.

Change the pose

Turn on a pornographic video, stay alone with you. Try absolutely all available poses for masturbation:

  • lying on the back;
  • sitting on the edge of the chair;
  • sitting on any sex in the pose of a rider;
  • on the knees, moving, as in traditional sexual intercourse;
  • standing, throwing one leg up;
  • on the go with a vibrator inside and much more.

Change the situation

The atmosphere also affects the degree of excitation, emancipation and readiness of a woman for bold experiments with her body. Do not get hung up on the bed and missionary position with your hands between the legs. Try to play with you in the bathroom or shower, on the couch, on the washing machine and even in crowded places using the internal vibrator.


Masturbation is a completely normal and even useful process that allows a woman to study her body and erogenous points. In the course of practice, use different methods and techniques, starting from caresses with your hands, ending with toys and any objects at home. How to do this with a description, we have already told.

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