What to do if a condom has broken, and the probability of getting pregnant

What to do if a condom has broken, and the probability of getting pregnant.

, What to do if a condom has broken, and the probability of getting pregnant

Good day, dear readers! Today we’ll talk about the situation in which, for sure, almost every man was found. The condom has broken during sex – you know such an embarrassment?

Probably no one will argue that the sensations at this moment are incomparable with nothing. The real emotional “cocktail” of panic, fear, despair and anger at the unfair producer of contraceptive. We need to understand how to behave in such a situation, what to do if a condom has broken? The answers to our questions will undoubtedly be useful to all guys who care about their health and responsibly suitable for family planning.

Condom today is considered the best mechanical protection tool for safe sex. Latex products are the choice of the predominant part of the population, but due to production marriage, the trust of young people has decreased over the past few years.

, What to do if a condom has broken, and the probability of getting pregnant

Often the reason for the rupture of the contraceptive is its improper put on. Regardless of which factor provoked such an “accident” during sex, it is necessary to take all the necessary actions in a timely manner in order to prevent unprofitable pregnancy and other adverse consequences.

The condom has broken: what measures should be urgently taken

If a condom has broken during sex, the first thing partners usually experience is an undesirable pregnancy, therefore::

  • Damage to a contraceptive before ejaculation reduces the likelihood of fertilization. First of all, it is necessary to adequately assess the danger of the incident.
  • Additionally protect yourself and reinsure, applying to condoms of spermicidal pharmacy lubricant will help. Even if the product is torn, the substance will be able to affect the activity of spermatozoa.
  • The chances of pregnancy are largely dependent on the awareness of the woman and her further actions.

The first thing to do is to do is to determine the period of the menstrual cycle. If the condom has broken, and sperm leaked to the genitals, the probability of great. But is it possible to prevent conception in such a situation? Only emergency contraception means will help to avoid undesirable fertilization. If the contact took place with an unverified partner, in the near future it is also necessary for the girl to be checked by the doctor for the presence of STD.

Emergency contraception – protection against unwanted pregnancy

Postcoital drugs aimed at preventing the merger of male and female principles, consider the most reliable ways. Such medicines are sold in the form of tablets in any pharmacy. Famous and effective, proven in millions of women, is postinor.

However, to achieve the desired result before their use, you must carefully read the instructions. The use of the drug without observing a number of rules will lead to their inefficiency and the occurrence of side effects. All emergency contraceptives contain a considerable dose of female hormones, which, with frequent use, can harm the female body.

In most cases, emergency contraceptive products are maximally reduced by the probability of getting pregnant. If a condom has broken, you need to drink one tablet of the drug in the next three days after unprotected sex. After 12 hours, you need to repeat the reception by drinking another 1 tablet.

, What to do if a condom has broken, and the probability of getting pregnant

How not to become infected if a condom has broken during sex

If we are not talking about married sex, but about sexual contacts between barely familiar people, then in addition to the likelihood of an unscheduled to become parents, it is worth noting that the condom that has broken is always a risk of catching some disease. Both partners risk getting infected with HIV, hepatitis and other serious diseases.

Therefore, it is necessary:

  1. In the near future after the incident to process the genitals and perform antiseptic douching. Miramistin, chlorhexidine are suitable for this.
  2. Visit a specialist and undergo appropriate diagnostics.
  3. All the necessary tests for checking sexual diseases will have to be repeated after 6 months, since some infections have a long incubation period.

In the case when the condom has broken, the main thing is not to panic. To become infected with an ailment or to get pregnant, indeed, the chances are high, but observing all preventive measures, it is possible to significantly reduce the likelihood of negative consequences.

Additional contraceptive measures for women

To prevent risks in time, when the guy has a condom, many women resort to the use of folk methods. It would be incorrect to asserting one hundred percent effectiveness of such funds, but they have been used for more than one decade.

It is quite advisable to tell our readers about them:

  1. Urination method. Going to the toilet for little need, the main volume of sperm will come out of the vagina. But you need to take into account: in order to get pregnant, one sperm is enough, so you can not count on the effectiveness of this method.
  2. Washing with soap immediately after unprotected sex. If the condom has broken, but the guy did not finish, with the help of substances in the composition of soap, you can influence the pre -ejaculation. After the recently occurred ejaculation in a strong fluid, male seed may be present.
  3. Douching by permanganate solution is necessary to change the vaginal pH of the medium, which reduce the activity of spermatozoa.
  4. The use of local spermicidal agents, the most common of which is pharmacetex, Erotx, Benatex. They are introduced directly into the vagina before sexual intercourse.

, What to do if a condom has broken, and the probability of getting pregnant

In order not to encounter the problem of a spoiled contraceptive, you should seriously approach the choice of a condom, it is worth purchasing products in reliable places. Proper dressing and using a lubricant will help maintain the integrity of the contraceptive.

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