What lubricant and oil to use for sex

What lubricant and oil to use for sex?.

What lubricant and oil to use for sex?

, What lubricant and oil to use for sexAny sex turns into everyday life over time – So nature arranged. Cooling feelings of a partner, unwillingness of intimacy – All this is the first sign that in your sex life there are difficult times that require urgent assistance.

And do not hope that you can live together and without «Sparks» in bed. You can live, but this «spark» Sooner or later, someone else will light.

And why bring to this when you can use the advice of this article and return the former passion to the kisses of your favorite lips.

The quality of sex is determined not only by the skill of partners or the size of the penis. The disposable atmosphere and the consciousness, configured for sex, can also help achieve bright and unforgettable climax.

So what kind of oil to use for sex

The best means of influencing a person is the smell. His invisible agents – Molecules – able to penetrate deep into the brain, affecting its various areas, including those responsible for excitement and sexual desire. Essential oil – a substance that effectively spreads smells.

You can enhance spread through the lamp. For example, Fill the room with the smell of jasmine, and a woman to turn into a female starred on sex. A Smells of Indian patchouli or ginger will give male excitement hardness and resistance.

The most remarkable in oils – This is their versatility in application. They can affect the brain not only through the nose, but also through pores on the skin.

Make an erotic massage to your partner, and he will later thank with his passion and wild desire. You can not be a professional masseur, so that the usual stroking and rubbing oils to relax a person and help him sexually be excited.

Essential oils from Neroli, chamomile or lavender – Excellent and proven means of general relaxation. Rose or jasmine – Pink and jasmine oil corresponding – have an exciting effect. This also includes Ilang-ylang, patchouli and sandalwood oils.

The action of essential oils does not bypass the duration of sexual intercourse, – preventing premature ejaculation and reducing the time of the next erection. In addition to oils mentioned earlier, cloves and basil have the ability to influence male potency. Oil from these plants effectively cope with male «problems».

What lubricants to choose for sex

Speaking about effective and inexpensive assistants in sex, you should definitely talk about greases.

The main function of lubricants (differently lubricants) is understandable by name – it is lubricated and adding sliding where natural discharge is not enough, or they are absent by definition. As a rule, in modern products, manufacturers combine several effects, thereby allowing the use of lubricants in a variety of situations.

Anal lubricants give the appropriate sex security and comfort – adding the missing sliding, lowering the painful vice and relaxing the muscles of the anus. This is especially true for beginners of anal pleasure and when using intimate toys.

Lubricants for oral sex Along with mandatory taste effects, they can lower the sensitivity of the larynx and allow you to make a deep blowjob. Who knows, maybe throat stimulations of the penis – This is what your man will especially like. Well, the pleasant taste and aroma of your favorite fruits or berries will add new sensations to both partners.

, What lubricant and oil to use for sexAntiseptic effect – Or a healing effect – Not only creates additional protection against sexually transmitted infections, but heals microcracks and micro -carriers on the mucous membrane, relieves irritation

Prolongators – This is another way to extend sexual intercourse. Reducing the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the male organ, the prolongator pushes the time of the first ejection of the seed. Combine this lubricant with essential oils described earlier, and the partner will receive great pleasure, completely satisfied and received, so necessary for her, orgasms.

As you can see, make your sexual life bright and unforgettable, return the fire of pleasure and passion to it – Simple and can afford any person. Do not postpone orgasms for later – Buy oils and lubricants for sex in our online store according to the most favorable conditions!

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