What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

Seven alternatives of intimate lubrication.

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

Inflation in the world is growing every year. Intimate goods are getting more expensive. The price tag for condoms beats records. Luburbicants do not lag behind contraceptives, their cost tangibly hits a pocket. Another story happens to those who are all right with money: you need to have sex right now, but the pharmacies have already closed. Then you have to use improvised means. Let’s talk about what can be used as a lubricant. Let’s get down to business right away.

1. Gel for ultrasound

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

Everyone at least once in their life did an ultrasound study of internal organs. You go to the couch, the nurse lubricates the electrodes of the scanning device with a colorless gel and presses to the body. The same composition is used for electroencephalography, during cosmetic procedures.

The composition of the gel is practically identical to what is used for layout of pharmacy lubricants:

  • Water. Universal solvent.
  • Glycerol. Gives the composition to viscosity.
  • Propylene glycol. Softens the skin.
  • Carbomer. Thickener.
  • Conservatives.

If we look at the packaging of budget lubricants from Contex, we will see about the same components. The composition has a couple of disadvantages:

  1. High pH. Alkali does not affect the acidity of the vagina.
  2. The formation of fungi. Glycerin creates a favorable environment.

But these shortcomings have both an ultrasound gel and a pharmacy lubricant. But the price of the first is about 10 times lower. A good option several times if temporary difficulties with finances have appeared.

The most popular brand in the world is Mediagel. It can be purchased in stores of the Medtekhnika chain, but the seller will definitely ask you why the common person needed a medical gel.

In order not to come up with excuses, order a lubricant in any large online store like Ozon. When you get the goods, be sure to check if an allergy will appear. To do this, apply a little composition to the part of the mucosa and wait half an hour. No redness and itching? It means everything is OK.

You need to understand that the “ultrasound” composition is not created for sex at all. Therefore, it slides worse and dries faster than pharmacy analogues.

Suitable for use with condoms. Does not destroy the structure of latex.

2. Aloe Vera gel

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

Gel created from the viscous juice of aloe vera. Beautiful lubricant. But only if there is no extra chemistry inside inside. It is good when the lubricant consists of the main component by 95 % or more.

The fluid provides skin moisturizing, has antiseptic properties. This means that the mucous membranes will not dry out, and most pathogenic bacteria will be destroyed. But the same thing can happen to lactobacilli from the vagina. Therefore, you can not use a gel from aloe vera constantly.

There is another underwater stone. Allergies may have contact dermatitis on the skin if there is sensitivity to plant components.

If aloe vera grows in a pot at home, you can make a lubricant from it. To do this, it is enough to take the largest leaves, cut in half and scrape all the pulp with a spoon with a spoon.

3. Olive oil

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

A bottle of yellowish oil is in almost any kitchen. It can be used as a lubricant, if you have to have sex, but there is no lubricant at hand. Just remember that the oil corrodes the latex condoms. They stretch, tears appear.

But there are contraceptives that will not suffer from contact with oil. They are made from polyurethane.

Olive lubricant has a thick consistency, it does not hold well on the surface of the skin. With a viscous composition, you can completely ruin clothes and bedding. After intimacy, you will have to spend in the bathroom an hour to wash off the oil film from the mucous membranes.

Oil – an excellent environment for the propagation of pathogens. Bacteria can easily get from the anus to the vagina. Therefore, one should not abuse a natural remedy.

4. Paste

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

In Soviet times, it was tight with chemistry. I had to glue the wallpaper using natural means. People bought potato or corn starch in grocery stores, mixed with water and received glue.

This life hack can be used to make lubrication at home. Here is the prescription:

  • 4 teaspoons of corn starch;
  • 1 cup boiling water.

We fall asleep to the bottom of a glass of white powder, pour water with a thin stream and stir the composition continuously so that lumps do not appear. After 5 minutes, the mixture will become a whitish-proceeding and viscous.

. Only the composition gets dirty and remains on the skin. Therefore, immediately after sex, you need to take a shower.

5. Coconut oil

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

Hard composition until you warm it well. It is used in everyday life as massage oil. It is important that the contents of the jar are clean, without adding sugar and other ingredients.

Like all oils, coconut causes latex condoms. An impromptu lubricant is able to become a source of infection of a fungal infection.

Lubrication disrupts the natural acid-base balance of the vagina, which does not affect female health in the best way. Useful bacteria die, and the population of harmful is growing.

6. Vitamin E

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

This tool can be found in a girl’s cosmetic bag. The oil composition in cosmetology is designed to moisturize the skin. In general, safe lubrication, but like all oils, destroys latex. Therefore, there is a risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Vitamin is simply applied to the mucous membrane, evenly distributing on the surface. The base provides smooth sliding. But it is poorly laundered. If you decide to make love on silk bedding, after the “session” it may become unusable.

7. Natural yogurt

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

Yogurt with sugar, flavors, preservatives and other chemistry will not work. The ideal option is a natural sour-milk product with lactobacilli.

The composition is quite viscous, but does not provide good sliding. Therefore, it is only suitable a couple of times if there is nothing more. As a result of friction, clots of the improvised lubricant may remain in the vagina, which is difficult to clean.

On the Internet, this version of lubrication is attributed to miraculous properties. Say, yogurt even has a therapeutic effect, it fights the thrush. It’s all about lactobacteria.

But in the Lactobacteria family there are more than 6 types. It is far from the fact that “useful” microorganisms will take root in the mucosa microflora. Rather, they will violate the natural balance, which will lead to dysbiosis.

On this we will complete our top. We will talk about the signs and criteria by which you can independently understand what can be used as a lubricant, and from which it is better to stay away.

Harmful options

While preparing an article, we found a lot of advice on the forums, which can be applied when it was very confused. Let’s talk about these options:

  • Petrolatum. Mineral oil and paraffin cocktail. Sticks to the mucosa so that you can’t do anything. In girls, the development of bacterial vaginitis provokes.
  • Children’s cream. Creates an ideal environment in the vagina for the development of candidiasis, that is, thrush. What is suitable for external use is not useful for mucous membranes.
  • Culinary fat. Margarines are created from chemicals that can launch the development of oncology. This option is better to refuse immediately and forever.
  • Saliva. Favorite lubrication of porn actors. Not so simple. Inside is full of bacteria from the oral cavity. Especially if there are problems: caries, gum inflammation.

These lubricants will do more harm than benefits. Do not risk your health. It is better to look for something less dangerous and toxic.

The correct composition

, What can be used as a lubricant: TOP-7 options

The first thing where the analysis of the gel needs to start is its composition. The basis should be antiseptic: do not create conditions for the propagation of pathogens. Here is a list of components that are harmful to health:

  • Parabens. There are in many cosmetics. These are preservatives. The main drawback is carcinogenic properties. Especially harmful to women because they cause cancer breast diseases.
  • Tokoferola Acetate. Alcohol component. Strongly dries the skin. Contraindicated for applying to the mucous membranes. Therefore, it is better to avoid lubricants with similar elements in the composition.
  • Mineral oil. It is made from oil industry products. Creates a film on the skin through which water and air do not penetrate. Real paradise for bacteria.

We called the main harmful chemistry. Glycerin and propylene glycol are also not too useful. Although they are contained in most pharmacy lubricants.

The basis

The chemical properties of the lubricant depend on the basis. The main danger that can occur during sex is the destruction of the condom. This creates the risk of developing unwanted pregnancy. But not only. Viruses and microbes immediately begin to penetrate through the barrier. From banal herpes to HIV – human immunodeficiency virus.

Partners with intimate proximity will exchange harmful microflora and pick up some STD-sexually transmitted disease.

So that this does not happen, you need to know how the basis affects the Latex “elastic band”. There are three options:

  1. Water. A neutral environment that does not affect the materials of the contraceptive. Can be used without fear.
  2. Silicon. Quite destructively acts on latex. Causes stretching and tears during movements.
  3. Oil. Warming lubricants are extremely aggressive. They can only be used for massage and handjoba, footjob.

The water base seems perfect. But she also has a drawback – it dries quickly. Literally 5 minutes pass and you need a new “dose”.

The best lubricant is natural. She “works” only when having vaginal sex. If a couple like anal fun, you can’t do without an additional lubricant. It is important to look at the composition and refuse to use oil -based products.

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