What are the chances of getting pregnant from intimate lubrication during sex.

Pregnancy from male lubrication – reality or myth?.

, What are the chances of getting pregnant from intimate lubrication during sex.

Nature always takes care of its creations. Sex is a simple way to get sweet sensations and vivid emotions, but this process would be painful and not particularly pleasant if partners did not stand out for the natural lubricant, which facilitates the sliding of the penis in the vagina.

Usually this lubricant appears already in the process of preliminary caresses. And if lovers are undressed, then she can easily get to the genitals of a woman. In the case of interrupted sexual intercourse, male lubrication is in the depths of the female vagina. But is it possible to get pregnant from this liquid, because it is not a sperm?

What is a male lubricant?

This is a special substance that is produced in the special glands of the male body and is excreted through the urethra. In another way, such a lubricant is called “pre-ejaculation”. Most often it stands out when a man is excited, but sometimes lubrication can appear with large physical exertion.

Outwardly, they will like liquid mucus – almost transparent and not having a smell. The stronger the man is excited, the more lubrication is produced by his body. This useful fluid performs the following important functions:

  • eliminates the possible discomfort of both partners when the penis is introduced into the vagina;
  • prevents rubbing intimate organs in the process of frictions;
  • improves the quality of sperm, adjusting the optimal acidity of the medium in the urethra;
  • Positively affects the amount of ejaculate;
  • cleans the urethra of the residues of natural discharge.

In the lubricant itself, when it is produced in the body, there are no spermatozoa. But further, when the liquid passes through the urethral canal, it can absorb a small amount of sperm. Spermatozoa can also be in a bending if a man has recently experienced an orgasm.

Thus, it turns out that interrupted sexual intercourse does not guarantee protection from pregnancy, even if the partner controls himself well and ends only after extracting the penis from the vagina. Of course, the chance to get pregnant in such a situation is quite small, but it is, and you should not forget about it.

Pros of interrupted sexual intercourse

Not all couples are ready to spend money on contraceptive funds that are usually expensive. There are few condoms at all, and oral contraceptives cause fears, since these are still hormones that have a significant effect on the female body. And interrupted sexual intercourse is free, safe and very simple. This method of protection from pregnancy has its advantages, which for some play a decisive role:

  • The sensations in the process of intimacy are not dull, as it happens if condoms are used;
  • No need to spend time preparing for intimacy;
  • The method does not require monetary investments and is available to every pair;
  • Sometimes, with interrupted sexual intercourse, an orgasm is unusually powerful and prolonged;
  • can be combined with other methods of contraception;
  • there is no need to calculate safe days in which conception is impossible.

Cons of interrupted sexual intercourse

The main drawback of this method is a high risk of getting pregnant. The probability of becoming parents is approximately 40%, and this is a fairly large figure to count on the desired result. There are other shortcomings:

  • There is no protection against sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Pregnancy can occur even with timely extraction of the penis – from lubrication in the vagina;
  • It is difficult for a woman to relax from the understanding that there is no one hundred percent protection against pregnancy;
  • A man cannot fully finish due to psychological and physical stress;
  • The need to constantly control yourself during intercourse can lead to a decrease in libido and problems with an erection in a man;
  • There is a risk that the partner will not have time to extract a member from the vagina at the time of orgasm, and sperm will enter the female body.

Sometimes it makes sense to resort to this method of contraception. For example, interrupted sexual intercourse is suitable for couples who do not yet plan to have children, but, in principle, do not mind becoming parents in the near future. At the same time, both should be sure of each other’s health.

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