The condom was torn. What to do and what a danger is

The condom was torn. What to do and what a danger is.

, The condom was torn. What to do and what a danger is

Why is a condom? What to do if it happened? Simple tips that help maintain health and safety with unforeseen difficulties in bed.

Why condoms are torn?

The reasons can be as a product or in incorrect use. Consider the most common causes of latex damage.

Expensed goods

The user should always look at the date of manufacture. After the expiration date, the condom is prohibited to use.

Inappropriate storage

The rubber product cannot be stored in sunlight and in heat. Violation of these conditions makes latex fragile, which is why the rupture of the condom occurs.

, The condom was torn. What to do and what a danger is

Incorrect opening of the packaging

The use of scissors, teeth or other sharp objects can lead to damage to thin latex. If the condom is not even a significant anguish, then in the process it will become larger.

Simultaneous use of two condoms

Many people believe that by wearing two condoms at once, they increase protection, but this is far from the case. In such a situation, the likelihood that the latex product will remain in the body of the partner grow.

Violation of use and storage — These are the main reasons for such situations. But if this has already happened, it is important to understand what it threatens and what to do.

If the condom is stuck inside

Due to the negligence of the sexual partners, the cond can remain in the vagina. At this moment, you should not panic or use improvised means. You can always get a rubber product with fingers.

A woman should sit down, bent her legs at her knees and straining the muscles of the pelvis. With the help of fingers (large and index), extract a condom. Either the partner lies on his back and presses his legs to his chest, opening his partner the opportunity to get a condom

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