Lubricant with glycerin. Harm or benefits?

Lubricant with glycerin. Harm or benefits?.

It is believed that glycerin in lubricants is harmful and the ideal environment for bacteria growth. Immediately note that this is not so. Glycerin does not create a favorable environment for the development of diseases. The fungus itself causes a fungal infection, therefore, if you do not encounter sex (or not infected) with an infection, then there are no reasons for concern. By the way, the infection will develop in any, so to speak, environment and glycerin is not to blame here.

At times, when using a lubricant, you can notice that he "warewells" And cute ladies confuse this with thrush. The appearance of white traces indicates that dirt was brought, or your microflora did not make friends with the ingredients of the lubricant and it is not worth assuming that this reaction was provoked exclusively by glycerin. Otherwise, we recommend that you use a silicone -based lubricant. This ingredient does not serve as an occasion for such an unpleasant effect.

Glycerin can cause allergies, like any other element, whether it be vitamin E or chamomile extract. Most of the cosmetics that we encounter throughout life contain glycerin: soap, body creams, faces, cosmetics, shower gels and much more. The reaction is always individual and extremely rarely associated exclusively with one glycerin. Especially for those users who have allergies to glycerin, manufacturers have created their own lines of intimate cosmetics.

Glycerin in the lubricant serves to make water thick, no matter how strange it sounds. It must always be remembered that if it is not glycerin, then the manufacturer added some other thickener, such as Carragan or guar gum.

Lubrication containing glycerin (and in general all lubricants) undergo clinical trials by the manufacturer and are specially created in such a way as to satisfy the maximum number of consumers, minimizing the likelihood of unpleasant reactions of the body. In addition, glycerin contains respected and long -proven firms, as well as premium brands guaranteeing the safety of their products.

There is another myth: glycerin dries the mucous membrane, "Throwing water" From the mucosa itself. Glycerin in the composition is used as an emulsifier, with the help of which various non -mixed mixtures are mixed. The concentration of glycerin in the lubricant is small to become active as to start drying mucous membranes. Glycerin is part of our water system and our natural moisturizing factor will not work without it. The upper layers of the skin are moistened by the fact that moisture gradually evaporates, and glycerin holds it, preventing it from evaporating. That is why it is added to almost all cosmetics.

Based on all of the above, we note that you should not make a monster out of a glycerin, which creates problems. And we note that at the moment there are no official studies that would accuse glycerin of all gynecological troubles. Be attentive to your health and listen to the sensations!

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