Is it possible to use an erective ring with a condom?

Is it possible to use an erective ring with a condom?.

Many people use sex toys because they make diversity into sexual life and are a pleasant addition to both masturbation and sex with a partner. The erection ring is one of the most popular sex toys, because it is easy to use, and the effect of it is incredible. For all those who use condoms, we have good news: erection rings can be used with them.

First, let’s figure out how the erective ring works. It is put on a penis and tightly adjacent to its base. During the erection, the ring to a certain extent delays blood in the penis. Thanks to this, the erection lasts longer, and many men also experience a more intense orgasm. That is why the rings for the penis are also used for erectile dysfunction.

At the same time, you should not neglect safety during sex. Condes, when used properly, provide the most reliable protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. But many seem strange or even impossible to use a condom with an erective ring.

What to pay attention to while using an erective ring and condom?

1. Follow the right order

It is important that the erective ring is worn over the condom. This means that first you need to put on a condom on a half -erected or erect penis. If the condom sits well, you can carefully put an erective ring on it. Thus, the ring fixes the condom and holds it in place.

2. Use the lubricant

You can use a little lubricant so that the erective ring is easier to slide along the condom. Be sure to use water-based lubricant so that it does not affect latex or sex toy material. The use of the lubricant also prevents damage to the condom by the ring.

3. Choose not too tight ring

The erective ring should not be too tight. Otherwise, the condom can become porous due to pressure and stop reliably protect you. Too tight ring for a penis can also be dangerous for your penis. If your penis has changed color or numb, you should immediately remove the ring.

4. Choose not too free ring

The erective ring should also not be too free, otherwise the desired “Wow”-The effect will not happen. In addition, because of it, the condom can easily slip, because of which it will not provide reliable protection against infection or pregnancy. The ring should be dense, but not too tight.

5. Do not use ultra -thin condoms

Ultraton condoms, of course, are good, but you should refrain from simultaneously using an erective ring with them. Despite the fact that high -quality thin condoms can withstand a lot, it is better to use classic condoms of standard thickness in combination with a ring for penis.

6. Do not refuse sensual vibration

Vibrating erectational rings can also be used without problems together with condoms. You should be careful only with rings with uneven or sharp edges – they can damage the condom.

Do not refuse to simultaneously use the erective rings and condoms. With their proper use, you will be protected from sexually transmitted infections, and you can without fear of getting intensive and long -term pleasure.

, Is it possible to use an erective ring with a condom?

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