Is it possible to get pregnant from a man’s lubrication?

Is it possible to get pregnant from a man’s lubrication?.

You can get pregnant from a man’s lubrication if, when the smagma moves on the urinary channel, sperm got into it. This can happen in the case when, after ejaculation, a man after some time aroused again and proceeded to sexual intercourse.

When it comes to planning a family and conception of a child, many suddenly realize that this is not so easy. A lot of tests, consultations with doctors, sex on schedule, use of special poses, diet. And pregnancy does not come and does not occur.

Despite the fact that the amount of sperm is large, and the woman intends to assumes the situation facilitating the achievement of her goal with sperm, the desired process does not start.

Therefore, the lubricant cannot pose any threat, because even if we talk about the presence of sperm in it, they will clearly not be enough. Or is it not quite?

Is it possible to get pregnant from the lubrication of a man purely theoretically?

First, it is important to understand the purpose of the lubrication and its composition. It is clear that sperm, in addition to water and microelements, contains the main “weapon” – spermatozoa.

It is they using the acidic environment of the vagina that activate their movement, form something like a corkscrew and quickly move towards the egg. Lubrication has completely different tasks.

Firstly, the acidity helps to activate the tail of the sperm, but with prolonged exposure leads to their death.

In order not to start the impact even in the urethra of the penis, they will be pre -electa (the so -called man’s lubricant) stands out and passing through the channel cleans it, if they say in simple words.

Secondly, the pre-ejaculate facilitates the introduction of a penis into the vagina, acting as a lubricant. Thus, nature made sure that sexual intercourse was the most painless and easy.

But we perfectly understand that the girl stands out for her own secret and if everything is in order with Nm, then the male lubricant does not play a special role.

No sperm in the lubricant itself! That is, in the formation of pre -ejaculate, the genetic material does not turn on. But there is one but.

If a man recently had ejaculation, for example, from pollutions, masturbation or previous sexual intercourse 20 minutes ago, then a small number of sperm can remain in the blade channel.

When moving along the channel, the pre -ejaculation will take them with them, which will subsequently lead to the vagina and as a result of the appearance of a pregnancy chance.

The risk is sooo small, but we cannot say that it is not. Perhaps in one case conception will happen to a million, but how can you be sure that you are not the very happy?

Is it possible to exclude the risk completely?

Immediately after the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant from a man’s lubrication, the second question arises – how to remove spermatozoa from the urethra so that the lubricant could not move them to the vagina of a partner? There are even tips on this topic on the forums.

For example, go to the toilet on a small one or wash a member with soap thoroughly. It is strange that someone believes in such recommendations, because there is no benefit from them.

More precisely, there is, hygiene and the liberation of the bladder, this is a very good method of improving the quality of intimate life, only there is no effect on sperm in the urethra.

Those who believed and hoped often fall into ridiculous situations. It seems that he went to the toilet and washed with soap and pulled out before the end, but the girl still became pregnant. Well, damn it like that..

But there is nothing unusual in that. Spermatozoa lingered in the penis, luck was on their side and they did not die for a certain time, and then, with the help of the pre -ejaculate, as a comfortable bus, reached their purpose right to their purpose. And after 9 months they have already pleased loving parents.

Is it possible to get pregnant from a man’s lubrication if you get it to its appearance?

Not everything in the world is controlled. The pre-ejaculate is produced by the berop glands and has nothing to do with the testicles, so it is impossible to somehow feel the appearance of lubrication.

Moreover, it is developed even at the time of excitement and before the introduction of a member in the vagina already takes place, that is, to make sexual intercourse before the appearance of the pre -ejaculate is simply unrealistic.

Thus, it turns out that at the time of the beginning of love making a certain number of spermatozoa can already be on the head of the penis. It’s like a poisoned arrow. You must understand the risks.

I repeat, the chances of getting pregnant from the lubrication of a man are negligible, literally one by a million, but to treat pregnancy as a lottery and hope for what will be carried away a little not seriously.

The use of a condom is mandatory in all cases when partners are not ready for pregnancy.In extreme cases, you can limit yourself to petting or choose another type of sex without penetration.

In order not to suddenly encounter an incredible story in your life and not to abort, it is worth taking care of the exclusion of trouble in advance.

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